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Jet Fresh Flowers Dist, Inc

Jet Fresh Flowers was established by the Black family in January ??8 with the idea of creating long-lasting relationships, and going above and beyond to make our customers happy. We are one of the few remaining family-owned and operated businesses with four generations of floral industry knowledge and experience. President Mike Black has nearly 34 years of experience as a retailer, wholesaler, importer, bouquet maker, floral buyer and floral logistics coordinator.
A&M Flower Growers

Our mission is to bring the best of California to you. We are dedicated to doing our best at growing, harvesting and shipping our product lines. We have extensive knowledge of growing flowers which affords us the ability to offer our customers consistency and outstanding quality year round.
(805) 933-3693
A-Roo Company LLC

Founded by Robert Gilbert in 1965, A-ROO Company is the floral industry?? largest supplier of conical shaped packaging in North America.
AAASA Corporation S.A.

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Abax Roses

Quito, Ecuador

Above All Flowers

Above all Flowers works with high quality companies in the field of market facilitation, product sourcing, consulting and advisory services. David Kaplan is the owner and President. David has been in the flower business for over 33 years. He has been importing high quality flowers from Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Holland, Thailand, and other parts of the world as well as buying and selling USA grown flowers since 1978.

local 401-247-2833 cell: 401-486-0525
Absolute Roses

Cayambe, Ecuador

Accent decor


Association of Floral importers of Florida

Agricola Circasia LTDA C.I.

Bogota D.C.. Colombia

Agricola El Cactus S.A.

Agricola el Cactus is a family-owned company that produces and exports top-quality flowers. It is a hands-on business managed by its owners, one of whom has been involved in the flower business for over thirty five years. Founded in 1987, Cactus has at present two production farms: one in the Savannah of Bogota, just few miles west of the capital and another one in a beautiful valley in Boyaca. Cactus leading products are Carnations. Other products include Roses and Limonium. The company also produces smaller quantities of Asiatic Lilies, which are destined for special customers??orders.

Agricola La Montana E Inversiones Montenael

Bogota D.C., Colombia

agricola santa rosa de amboasi s.a


Agrifeg – Anne Flowers

Since 1992, our company has dedicated itself to the production and export of fresh cut roses on the best quality. Our variety assortment and profound care of the growing, selection and shipping processes guarantee customers of receiving some of the best roses the market has to offer. Located in the town of Cayambe-Ecuador, and with the beautiful snow capped volcano of the same name as background, our 17 ha farm is blessed with the perfect weather conditions for production of cut roses.

Agrirose CIA LTDA

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Agrocoex S.A.

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Agroefecto / Alpa Roses

Alpa Roses has been in business since Oct. 2007. The owners have a combined experience of more then 30 yrs in the floral industry. We export to over ten different countries including USA, Germany, Russia, Italy, Canada, Holland amongst others. We have experience catering to mass marketers, supermarkets, high-end retail shops as well as the traditional wholesale florist.
(593) 9 99718496
Agroflora / Queen Roses

Select Group, with its farms Agroflora and Queenroses, is the pioneer of the flower industry in Ecuador. Having begun production of Ecuadorian roses is not only an honor, but a commitment to stay as market leaders and produce flowers of the highest quality. Our organization has a clear understanding of the current market, the ability to present solutions for each customer and to offer options for pre-sales volume for all floral festivities.


Bogota D.C., Colombia


Agroganadera Espinosa Chiriboga S.A. is an Ecuadorian flower plantation specializing in roses that was established in 1999 as a means to enter the Fair Trade market and thus improve the quality of life of its stakeholders, the employees. The farm is situated at 10,000 feet in the Andean region of Ecuador in the Cotopaxi province which is known as the home of one of the world?? tallest active volcanoes.
593 3 2 719879
Agromonte S.A.

Agromonte has been in the flower industry since 1984, producing top quality carnations and mini carnations. Combining expertise with top of the line technology and a privileged location, we are able to provide our customers with the best service and quality flowers . Our carnations are well known for their long stems, big flowers and durability. Our operation allows us to offer different packing possibilities and more than 60 varieties.
(57 1) 592 2080
Agrorab CIA LTDA

A few kilometers from the city of Pujil?, on the slopes of Cotopaxi volcano, coinciding with one of the best resorts in the world, is the production plant AgroRAB Cia. Ltda. This company started with the production of flowers and the goal of becoming a competitive business that offers the best quality products and keep its commitment to excellence with their customers. Our mission is to develop the highest quality of flowers through the use of technology and variety selection, achieving a balance between productivity and agro-industry, environmental respect and social development, all driven by a highly qualified team.
(593-2) 2527726
Agrosanalfonso S.A. Dba Glamour Roses

see Glamour Roses

Agrosuba C.I. LTDA.

Bogota D.C., Colombia

Albin Hagstrom Ferneries

Growers Alliance member: From 1928 to present, our company has seen both good and tough times. We hope that every product we grow and sell shows the level of commitment that Albin Hagstrom and his son Raiford, Sr. put into every spray of foliage. Now into our fourth generation, we look to the future and are hopeful that this website can be a vehicle to educate and expand the knowledge of our customers on the broad range of greenery available.
Alkavat CIA LTDA

Valle Verde produces first-class quality roses, providing our clients with a rose that they can feel confident with. Our roses exceed all quality standards, with a minimum bud size of 6.5cm, a thick sturdy stem and a guarantee of at least 10 days of vase life.

Alma Roses


Alpha Ferneries

Growers Alliance member

Andean Fields

Colombia Farm representatives.

Arbusta Cia.Ltda

After being more than twenty years in business we are proud to present an organization focused in growing high quality flowers. With more than 50 production hectares, we place our products all over the world. We supply rose, carnation and lily varieties that will fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers.

ArizonaEast, LLC

ArizonaEast was co-founded in 2005 by two brothers with a passion for plants, a penchant for business and a positive prediction about the future of succulents. Their father began a wholesale nursery dubbed Desert Dan’s forty years prior, and they spent many a (not so lazy) summer day cleaning terracotta pots, affixing plastic to greenhouses and, most importantly, learning a love of plants and appreciation for hard work that would lead them to start their own wholesale agricultural business as adults. In just over a decade, the fresh approach and millennial perspective of co-founders Brian Vitale and Joe Vitale have made ArizonaEast a force to be reckoned with in the burgeoning succulent industry. The company’s Northeastern growing facility has made water wise desert plants available to independent garden centers and plant retailers throughout the Eastern United States and beyond.
(856) 457-4141
Armellini Air Express

Armellini AirExpress offers a reliable domestic airfreight reservation service for the cut flower industry. Our program allows you to ship product from Miami International Airport (MIA) or Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) to all major gateways throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition, Armellini AirExpress can consolidate your shipments at our cooler facilities in MIA and deliver to the airlines of your choice. Pre cooling is available upon request.
(305) 507-7643
Armellini Industries

Armellini Express Lines provides specialized refrigerated truck load service from 48 states. We run 100% team service and all our truck drivers are Haz-Mat certified. We provide 24/7 dispatch service with GPS position updates every 15 minutes while moving your freight. Online tracking is available for every load. All tractors are equipped with Qualcomm Omnivision to provide instant communication between our drivers and dispatch.
888.235.4723 / 772.287.0575

Association of Colombian flower growers
Bartels Roses / Bartels Stek

Bartels Stek is a family business located in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, since 1934. Innovation is vital, especially for a breeding and propagation company. It is our continual product innovation, offering added value for professional flower growing that has made us what we are today. Bartels Stek specialises in a range of vegetatively propagated products intended for use in (summer) bouquets.
+31 297 382100
+31 297 326535
Bellaflor Group

Owned by a Swiss-American family, BELLAFLOR - GROUP consists of several plantations located, near Quito in the Ecuadorian Andes. In state of the art facilities we grow the largest selection of high-end cut-flowers. In our trial areas we search continuously for new improved varieties.
305-677-3814 | (593 2) 2-393-253 | (593 2) 2-390-541
(593 2) 2-390-528

BellaRosa is a business dedicated to producing and selling natural, fresh-cut Premium roses at an international level. Our processes are designed to guarantee a high level of quality for our product while at the same time implementing production methods respectful of our people and the environment.
(593- 2) 243 9985

Founded in August of 2011 and based in Los Angeles, California, BloomNation is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and send unique floral creations by local artisans across the country. Whether you are looking for a traditional dozen red roses or a one of kind design, BloomNation lets you discover and send your perfect gift, at any price point, in more than 2,900 cities across the country. With our epic customer service and growing community of floral artisans, BloomNation is the easiest and more reliable way for people to send flowers online.
Bouquet International offers fresh, high quality, farm direct flowers from around the world.

Bouquet International offers fresh, high quality, farm direct flowers from around the world. You can expect consistently high quality, fresh flowers week in and week out from Bouquet International. Companies often buy from us for the first time because of our reputation as a respected company, but we become their primary resource for fresh flowers because of their favorable experiences with us.
800 307 0314
305 407-1762
As The World's Largest Balloon and Coordinating Gift Supplier®, we are ready to fill all of your balloon and gift needs.

If you are new to burton + BURTON®, click here to go to our registration form as you will need to establish a login in order to view pricing and place orders.

We invite you to visit our showroom located at our company headquarters in Bogart, Georgia. Our Bogart Showroom is open during regular business hours. Driving Directions are available. We also have permanent showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas. Click here for our trade show schedule.

325 Cleveland Road
Bogart, GA 30622-1766
C. I. Agrícola de Las Mercedes S. A.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C. I. Flores Santa Fe LTDA

C.I. Flores Santa Fe counts with 24 hectares of standard carnations; planted with the most select color varieties and a wide range of novelties to complete our fashionable pallet. Because of our size we can always offer our clients fresh products and a person to person service.
(571) 522 36 31
(571) 522 36 12
C.H. Robinson

Does time-sensitive freight leave you feeling frenzied? Use our domestic and global air services for worry-free shipments. Whether you need same day shipping or other customized air services, we'll help you achieve on time deliveries.
1-855-229-6128 / 952-683-2800

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Agricola El Redil LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia


Alexandra Farms is a small, cozy, nostalgic garden rose farm located in the incredibly fertile savannah of Bogota, high in the Andes mountains of Colombia, where the weather is perfect for rose growing: warm days and cool nights. We only grow Garden Roses and color hydrangeas. They are all hand cut, graded and packed. Perhaps a better name for our roses however is Nostalgic Roses because they have an old world feeling to them either by their cup and quartered shapes or their fruity or flowery fragrance.

C.I. Ayura S.A.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Best Farms S.A.

Best Farms is a family company with over 20 years experience producing and exporting high quality roses. In 33 hectares we cultivate more than 60 varieties of roses, from reds to all kind of colors and the newest novelties available in the market.


Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Colblumen S.A.

Colblumen grows tropical flowers and foliage in southwestern Colombia’s Cauca Valley, a place renown world wide for its fertile soils. We produce in open fields surrounded by sugar cane plantations, where pest are predominantly controlled by biological methods. This situation helps us in our commitment to sustainable agriculture. Colblumen advantages: We offer tropical flowers all year round. Although production fluctuates along the year it never stops.

C.I. Colibri Flowers S.A.

Located in the savannah of Bogot? and with a total cultivated area of 37 hectares, COLIBRI FLOWERS has been offering the highest quality carnations, spray carnations and roses since 1987.
(57) 1 891 1980
(57) 1 891 1970
C.I. Discovery Farms

Bogota, Colombia


Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Fantasy Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Fillers Colombianos LTDA

We grow a bunch of fresh roses varieties of different colors with the best quality standards so you can have the opportunity of choose according to your needs.

C.I. Florandina S.A.

FlorAndina exotic flowers are grown under unique conditions on cooperative farms in Western Colombia . They are the highest-quality flowers on the market today.
(574) 448 45 55
(574) 448 45 55 Ext.108
C.I. Flores Carmel S.A.

FLORES CARMEL was established in 1988. The Company?s facilities are located at 2.100 meters (6.900 feet) above sea level in Rionegro, Antioquia. We have an average temperature of 17? C (63? F), ideal for growing flowers. The farm is ten (10) minutes away from the Jose Mar?a Cordoba International Airport, an excellent location for handling and delivering cut flowers, keeping the cold chain intact.
(574) 537 1800 ext 117
(574) 537 1970
C.I. Flores Colon LTDA

Our companies have been producing fresh cut flowers since 1984 and importing and distributing in Miami since 2000. For the last 23 years, Colon Farms has been producing Carnations. Minicarnations and Roses on the Sabana de Bogot?. Our farms have more than 55 hectares of greenhouses and more than 100 varieties of Carnations, Minicarnations and Roses. More than 600 employees work, cultivate, harvest and classify fresh flowers following social, organic and green guidelines.

C.I. Flores Condor De Colombia

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Flores De Aposentos LTDA.

Aposentos Farms is a premier grower situated in the lush Savannah on the outskirts of Bogot? , Colombia . For over 20 years, Aposentos has been producing and exporting the finest carnations, spray carnations and roses available in South America and the world. Aposentos Farms counts on the production from over 60 hectares of fresh cut carnation, spray carnation and rose. As one of the top growers of cut flowers in Colombia , we are constantly leading the industry in terms of new varieties, availability, social advancement, environmental responsibility and service.
(571) 6129811
(571) 6129388
C.I. Flores De La Campina S.A.

C.I. FLores de la Campi?a S.A. is located in El Carmen de Viboral, a small town near Medellin, in Colombia, South America, at 40 minutes far to Jose Maria Cordoba Airport In Rionegro. We are 300 people who work for the sustenance of 300 families. We have been in the floral market for seventeen years and today we export our products to companies in: Puerto Rico, United States, Rusia and Europe. In Colombia we are considered as one of the most important Oriental Lilium growers. We carry dazzling Gerberas, big red Roses, Very nice green spider and the most astonishing Mini callas.
57 310 895 4716
C.I. Flores de La Vega S.A. (Vegaflor S.A.)

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Flores De Oriente S.A. C.I.

Flores de Oriente S.A. C.I. was founded in 1979, since then, we have been committed with the production of the best quality flowers. A wide assortment of spray chrysantemums, lisianthus, aster hanna, sunflower, aster matsumoto, asiatic lillies, molucella, tinted chrysantemums and bouquets are produced year round.
(574) 539 04 44
(574) 539 10 65
C.I. Flores De Suesca S.A.

Flores de Suesca has specialized in the production and exporting of high quality fresh cut roses. More than 25 years of continuous dedication with our clients have greatly contributed to our success over the time. We feel proud to offer you beautiful roses with large firm buds, exuberant green foliage, bright colors, and unbelievable vase life. The agility, quality and kindness are our daily goals.

C.I. Flores El Colmenerr S.A.

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Flores El Pandero LTDA.

Flores El Pandero is the leading producer of Gypsophilia in Colombia. Founded in 2002 In Zipaquira, Colombia as a family business with social consciousness working along the lines of sustainable development. Our expertise, commitment, quality and service mark the difference in the market.
Mb.: (57) 313 816 75 25 - 310 244 88 99
C.I. Flores La Conejera

Flores La Conejera Ltda., is a company that produces and commercializes a top quality standard carnation, founded more than 20 years ago, that has over 18 hectares of constant production. We are members of Asocolflores ??Colombian Flower Exporters Association ?? which compromises everyday with the well-being of our workers, their families and their needs. We are at the vanguard of the market, and that is how every year we try to obtain the best varieties at your disposal in the degree and quality that the final consumer demands, always thinking in the satisfaction of whom buys our product.
571 8572390 - 571 8574041
C.I. Flores Las Palmas LTDA

Bogota, Colombia

C.I. Flores Los Sauces S.A.

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Flores Prisma S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

C.I. Flores Tairona LTDA

We are C.I. Flores Tairona, founded in 1984. Actually, our principal economical activity is the production, trade and exportation of fresh and cut flowers. Our Company uses different designs in the commercialization of our flowers and in this line of production we have been recognized for the elaboration of bouquets, Consumer Bunch, proconas and branches in bulk with more high standards of quality that the worldwide market demands.

C.I. Florimex Colombia LTDA

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Greenex

Greenex was founded in February 2005. We are a leading Colombian foliage grower, committed with the highest industry standards and consistent quality. Our variety of cut greens and innovative pre-made products together with our unsurpassed expertise in growing, harvesting, and post harvest techniques has made us successful in today's highly competitive greens market. We gladly invite you to experience our diverse line of products, and our premises of fairness, consistency, and respect.
(574) 5628759 EXT 113
C.I. Hydrangeas Grower


C.I. Inverpalmas LTDA

Inverpalmas has been growing and exporting high quality flowers since its establishment in 1983. Our primary goal is to produce and export the newest varieties of flowers at the highest possible quality while providing its customers with excellent service.

C.I. Inversiones Almer LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Invesiones La Montana S.A.

Our farm, INVERSIONES LA MONTA?A is located 1 hour north of Bogot? in the small town of Gachancip?. Having grown ROSES for the past 7 years we have gained plenty of experience and are well positioned and well known for our sustainability and reliability.
(57 1) 6102082 ??6102224
(57 1) 6102082
C.I. Jardines Bacata S.A.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Jardines Del Chaparral

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Matina Flowers LTDA

At Matina Flowers, we are the rose specialists. We grow high quality roses for the most demanding markets in Russia, Europe, and the USA. Matina Flowers has become well known for its bright and sharp color, outstanding foliage, large-head, and long-stem roses.
PBX (571) 6103161 ( 571) 6360929 ??(571) 6360939
(571) 2563008
C.I. Mega Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Montecarlo Gardens

Montecarlo Gardens was created in 2004, looking forward to be an excellent service option in the Flower Industry around the world. We aim to support our clients with their Marketing Needs and High Quality Standards, being the top one-stop option for them.
(57) 4 562-7874
C.I. Plantaciones Delta- Delta Group

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Rosas Colombianas S.A.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Rosas de La Vega S.A.

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Santini Flowers LTDA

Our company started in the year 2007 in Marinilla ??Antioquia, (a small town located 25 miles from Medellin, with a year round temp of 62?F) . We specialize in the production of Hydrangeas, Ruscus and Minicallas in different varieties and colors including hydrangeas white, blue, baby green, white jumbo, jumbo pink, and green antique also tinted hydrangea

C.I. Teucali Flowers LTDA

We are a team of 320 people dedicating our lives to grow, harvest and export the best quality roses and carnations to the world. Our flowers must be grown inside greenhouses, irrigated constantly by the fresh waters of the nearly River, provided with abundant sunlight, and constantly cared for in order to accomplish full production meeting world class standards.

C.I. Vuelven S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

C.I.Agropecuaria Cuernavaca S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

Cal Air Cargo

Cal Air Cargo, Inc. was established in 1988 and is the leader in providing transportation solutions for flowers and floral related products. We offer cost effective transportation with discounted airfreight rates. Cal Air Cargo specializes in shipping flowers, floral related products, and greens on commercial airlines featuring pre-booked and "must-ride"service.
California Flower Shippers

California Flower Shippers, Inc. is the longest established wholesale flower shipper in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area). Since 1972, California Flower Shippers, Inc. has been serving the floral industry as a highly respected wholesale flower grower and shipper. California Flower Shippers, Inc. is a family-owned business that takes pride in its reputation for quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Owners Gene Zanardi and LeRoy Franzoia firmly believes in providing California flowers fresh from the fields to you!

(650) 965-0155 / 650-965-0886
California Parjarosa

California Pajarosa is the leading luxury cut-rose grower in America. Prominent florists, wedding planners and designers have relied on us for over 30 years to supply spectacular roses that delight the most discerning clients. We take pride in our incredible selection of rose types and colors, in our sustainable practices, and in being 100% American grown.
Calla Co

As your cut calla specialist, CallaCo offers a rainbow of fresh cut callas from our exclusive Callafornia Callas breeding program.The experience of over 4 generations and over 80 years of breeding and production by our parent company, Golden State Bulb Growers, goes into every fresh cut calla lily sold by CallaCo. CallaCo?? year round California colored calla lily production assures consistent quality and availability. Fresh cut callas from CallaCo have extraordinary vase life and are well known for their brilliant color tones.
(831) 728-5392
(831) 728-2422

Camflor has been growing quality flowers for the past 15 years. Our major emphasis has been on providing you ??he flower buyer??with quality year round availability. In our years in business we have established our reputation with quality, variety and freshness.
Carlos Floral

Carlos Floral Inc. is a service oriented wholesale flower grower dedicated to bringing our customers a wide variety of fresh, premium quality flowers at the best possible prices.

Cary’s Flower farm

Burr Oak MI.


Is a new complete logistics solution for the flower industry driven to a level never offered before. Consolidated Floral Solutions is an outsourcing service company. CFS, strategically located in Miami, natural port of entry for almost 95% of all fresh cut flowers coming South America mail source of supply for the North American market
786 437 6571
Choice Farms Corp.

Choice Farms is the first call for many of America?? top wholesale florists and that?? because we have the planet?? best daily availability of fresh-cut roses from Ecuador and Colombia. Our customers are able to purchase most or all of the colored or red rose varieties they need with just one time and money-saving phone call! Choice Farms carries over 100+ red and colored varieties on a daily basis and we feature the newest and most popular roses that your retail customers demand. 2003 NW 70th Ave Miami Fla 33122.

CIOPORA is an international association of plant breeders. Top priority of CIOPORA is the constant development of systems of protection which both, international state organizations and single states, have provided for the protection of the intellectual property concerning ornamental and fruit plants.
+49 (0)40-555-63-702
+49 (0)40-555-63-703
Colour Republic

USA | 1301 NW 89 Court | Miami, FL 33172 Suite 218
+1 (305) 463 9000
ECUADOR | Calle C S2-265 y Av. de los Establos, Santa Lucia Alta (Cumbaya)
+593 (2) 6023 040
Concord Imports
Wholesale products and general merchandise distribution is our passion! offers 50,000 dollar store items. Our range of dollar store merchandise is enormus making us the real one stop shop.We supply to dollar store owners, grocery chains, drug chains, convenient stores, general stores, gift shops, flower shops and specialty stores. In addition to our strong US presence, you can find our wholesale products and general merchandise all over the world. We are leaders in international export, and offer tons of items made in the USA.

Dedication and desire to source better quality wholesale dollar items for less than the competition is our goal. Understanding the wholesale industry inspires us to offer a higher level of service including fast, affordable, and reliable delivery. Our wholesale website is a utopia for wholesale items, general merchandise, and of course desirable dollar store merchandise . The site updates every 24 hours with new arrivals, wholesale gifts wholesale houseware, wholesale stationary, wholesale party supply, every day items, wholesale health and beauty and much more… Almost everything under the sun or at least all the everyday popular items found at your local dollar store . Recently, wholesale wholesale products are expanding internationally given the current global market conditions. dollar store and discount stores are popping up everywhere in Europe, Asia , and most Latin countries. Our expertise in International Export enabled us to become a bridge for developing countries and their love for dollar stores. In a high growth economy, affordable and better quality wholesale products are an Entrepreneurs and storeowner’s best friend.
Contact Us
Phone: (323) CON-CORD
Phone: (323) 588-8888
3151 Fruitland Ave
Vernon, CA 90058

Conectiflor S.A.

"Listen to your customer"........That is what Jan Spek Rozen always keeps in mind. On request of our wholesale customers as well as our retail customers we have restored order in the in transparency of the many rose varieties offered. Even the professionals in the rose trade were confused which varieties to grow and advice their customers. That is why Jan Spek Rozen has introduced the new quality label Spelarosa?

Consumer Affairs Knowledge is Power! Consumer news, reviews, complaints, resources, safety recalls.

Continental Farms

N.W.89th Place Miami Fla.33172

Continental Floral Greens

Continental Floral Greens was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1954. Larson and Nuria Everett selected this location as the gateway to the U.S. Floral markets for Latin American greenery (Comador) and as a home for their expanding family. Starting with air and bus service, they later added tractor/trailer deliveries and other distribution locations to serve their growing customer base.
Continental Flowers Inc.

With over 30 years in the industry, we are a premiere grower and distributor of fresh cut flowers. We grow and import over 100 varieties of flowers from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Brazil. We are proud to always be among the first flower growers to introduce the newest floral varieties.8175 NW 31 Street Miami, FL 33122
Coop Farms

With over 50 years of combined growing experience, CoOp Farms offers you sustainable, fresh flowers at great prices directly from Ecuador.

Creative Floral Solutions Inc
Bringing the farm to your doorstep

We are your "total solution"! We eliminate the daily hassles of direct farm purchasing. We place the order, get it en-route to Miami, track it, and make final connections for you! If there is a problem....we correct it so you don't have to. This way you get back to what is important....managing your business!
Cross Farms LLC

Why we are different and why we are way more tuned with your needs than you imagine??Afraid you will not get exactly what you ordered for that important wedding order? Traditional Importers don?? know how to handle pre books on off-holiday season. Talk to us, our business is 100% pre books. We specialize in orders no traditional importer can commit to.
(866) 276 7710
(305) 233 4756
Cultivos Sayonara LTDA

Antioquia, Colombia

CULVAR S.A.-San Agustin Flowers

Quito, Ecuador


Decowraps was founded in February 1999 in Miami, Florida, home of our global headquarters. Decowraps' objective has been to supply the floral industry with the most innovative packaging products. As a result of global sourcing, vertical integration, and superior personalized customer service Decowraps has become a leading supplier of distinctive packaging options for all levels of fresh flowers and potted plans.
Denmar S.A.

Throughout our thirty years of experience in the flower industry, the HOSA Group has focused on nourishing the flowers we grow, caring for the people we work with, and protecting the natural resources that sustain us. We are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable, personalized care and offering a wide variety of exquisite fresh-cut flowers that range from classic roses to innovative bouquets.

Dependable Packaging Solutions

Dependable Packaging Solutions (DPS) is Florida's largest privately owned distributor of corrugated products and packaging supplies including stretch wrap, tape, bubble wrap, poly bags, edge board, strapping and labels. Dependable Packaging also offers a wide array of janitorial and office and warehouse safety products as well as a full catalog of nearly 100,000 office products and furnishings, storage racks, bins and systems, making DPS the total solution for everything you need for your workplace.
(305) 624-8338
(305) 624-8929
Diamond Line Containers

We are a manufacturer and importer of floral containers and floral supplies. We distribute our product through wholesale florist and/or floral supply distributors. Here you may view our catalog or our product by item. Each item may be enlarged by clicking on the item to show detail.

Almost 75 years we supply packaging for flower and plants. Every day, almost 200 of our colleagues are here for you to help you sell your products packed in the most efficient way. Adding value with packaging and decorations to your flowers and plants. Custom made to your needs. Offering you ethics, quality and flexibility and not to forget: the best packaging solution possible at best price.
Direct Farms

Our companies have been producing fresh cut flowers since 1984 and importing and distributing in Miami since 2000. We care about the well being of our employees, we are environmentally friendly and we care about the total satisfaction of our costumers.

Direct Flowers of Miami
Floral Company that sells to Supermarkets throughout the United States.

Flowers Importer/ Distributor of Handmade Specialty Bouquets throughout the United States.
Dos Gringos
3260 Corporate View Drive Vista Ca. 92081

Very cool Company
Dramm & Echter

We are part of a vertically integrated family of companies. We are a shipper of multiple California flower varieties. Our southern California coastal weather gives us several climatic advantages. These include high winter production and quality as well as cool summer temperatures that give strong stems and long lasting flowers. Our customer base consists of bouquet makers and wholesale florists nationwide. We are known for high quality products, custom packing, and multiple choices of transportation.
(800) 854-7021
(760) 436-2974
Dream Farms Corp


Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange represents a legacy of floricultural excellence more than a century in the making, providing the largest selection of superior flowers and plants ...

Eagle-Link Flowers
The Largest online wholesaler of fresh cut flowers and a florist supplier of roses, chrysanthemum, carnation, perfumed roses, tropical flower, fillers and foliage

Eagle-Link Flowers Exports Flowers of Premium Quality to Our Clients Worldwide. Fresh cut flower like Roses, Spray Roses, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Lilies & Fillers; for Major Floral Outlets, Supermarkets, Wholesale Markets like Auctions, Florists and Flower Shops, weddings and Events Planners, Resorts and Individual Customers

Eagle-Link Flowers
Eco Fresh Bouquet

Eco Fresh Bouquet's floral hydration stem sponge-wrap® system has been touted as an unequivocal "game changer" in the floral industry. For the first time, an ecologically sound solution for hydrating flower stems of Hand-Held Bouquets with a professional, polished look along with a flawless performance exists.
Applications run throughout numerous sectors of the industry; online/retail, grocers, wedding, event, CSA's, farmer-florists, bouquet makers and national shippers. A cost-effective way to differentiate from the competition, build revenue, satisfaction, loyalty and confidence, while meeting the growing needs of customers which provides surety that each bouquet with arrive fresh and beautiful, every time!    |    Brooklyn, NY    |    718-644-2446    |
Ecuadorian Spirit / Rosas Del Ecuador / Colors from Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

El Rosedal

Tabacundo, Ecuador

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Equiflor Corp / Rio Roses

About Us Founded in 1986, Equiflor Corporation is a U.S. privately owned and managed fresh flower grower, importer, distributor and marketer of Roses, Carnations and Specialty Flowers from the major growing regions of the world. From our state-of-the-art distribution center close to the Miami International Airport, we distribute our nationally branded fresh cut flowers via a network of wholesale flower distributors across the U.S. and Canada.

Equiflor Corp / Rio Roses

About Us Founded in 1986, Equiflor Corporation is a U.S. privately owned and managed fresh flower grower, importer, distributor and marketer of Roses, Carnations and Specialty Flowers from the major growing regions of the world. From our state-of-the-art distribution center close to the Miami International Airport, we distribute our nationally branded fresh cut flowers via a network of wholesale flower distributors across the U.S. and Canada.
Eternal Flower

Quito, Ecuador

Eufloria Flowers

Eufloria Flowers has been a premier grower of varietal roses for over seven generations. Our flowers are of rare quality and performance, and are consistently recognized as the most beautiful roses throughout the industry.
Euro Flowers
The home of the most reliable dealers of the most beautiful flowers in Mississauga. EuroFlowers is a Mississauga florist that has been serving Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Etobicoke and Toronto for over 20 years.

Situated at the foot of the Port Credit lighthouse, we love serving our regular

walk in clients as well as delivering our bouquets throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

The love and passion we have for flowers has helped us assemble some

very captivating flower species and breeds you can hardly find in any other floral shop.

The attention we give to these beautiful flowers are extended to you whenever you

come to visit us. If you want the type of flowers that will light up your home

with exotic colours, we're your number one choice in Mississauga.

In all our years delivering flowers in Mississauga, we're extremely proud of

our track record in meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.

We'd love you talk to you about your floral requirements!

Euro Flowers | A Mississauga Florist

Ever-Bloom is the largest Gerbera grower in the United States, with over 240 varieties of Gerberas, Germinis, and Gerspiders produced throughout the year. The facilities are state-of-the-art and planting, growing, and packing methods are leading edge in the industry, setting the highest quality standards. Every flower is the perfect result of a happy marriage between art and science... and the tireless dedication of the Ever-Bloom team to their craft.
Excellence Flowers LTDA

Our premium roses, grown near Bogota, Colombia have long been admired for their unequaled beauty, petal size and colors. We are devoted to producing beautiful, long-lasting roses that reflect the advanced technology we employ as well as our commitment to our clients, our staff, and the community. We believe that at the heart of an Excellence Rose lay the enterprising spirit of the Colombian people.
(571)315648 6590/91
Exotic Farms

Distributors for farms.


Association of Ecuadorean growers
(593-2) 292-3646 a 648
Fantasy Farms, LLC

Fantasy Farms LLC is grower, importer and distributer of fresh cut flowers. We offer a wide variety of products from over 50 farms in countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Our company provides high quality products and a diversified portfolio that will allow your company to fill your needs in just one place.


Growers Alliance member: Quality, Variety and Innovation make our products truly different! From Bulk Foliage from around the world to ColorFresh Foliage to Fabulous Foliage Bouquets - FernTrust has the answer to help you sell more!
Fiore Farms

Welcome to Fiore Farms, an importer and distributor of fresh cut flowers with a Sales, Marketing and Procurement operation established to support our customers as well as our farms. Our team of seasoned Managers, Account Managers, Marketing and Procurement professionals will strive to provide you with superb customer service and satisfaction. 7270 NW 12 Street Suite 330 Miami, FL 33126
866-465-9926 ext: 101
Fiorella Roses

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Fiorentina Flowers

Cayambe, Ecuador


Florabundance, Inc. was incorporated in August of 1994 by a group of quality California cut flower growers. The goals of the company were simple: to provide a fresher, high quality floral product to the retail floral trade. By cutting the time from cut to receipt and by providing an extensive product line, the company was destined to succeed in providing the growing customer base with the products needed and demanded by the general public.There have been many milestones over the course of the last ten years. The company has grown through acquisitions, a strong internet presence, new marketing programs, and through the tireless efforts of a skilled and educated staff of professionals. Florabundance looks to quality growers around the world to continually expand the specialty flowers available to our customers. Our aim is to form a team with our growers, employees, and customers. We are in business to assist in everyone?? success and to foster the positive emotions that are only natural when everyone comes through for the consumers looking to bring more beauty and joy into their lives through flowers.
Floraculture Interantional Magazine

Global industry publication

Floral Source

Florasource, Ltd. is an independent plant brokerage firm. We are dedicated to supplying nurseries with innovative and traditional high quality young plants for growing on. We, as well, supply the design, landscape and construction trades with applied horticultural products to support a sustainable existence.

Floral Tab
At Floral Tab, we are improving the floral industry by providing the best modern technology to local flower shops and consumers.

With Floral Tab, consumers can order from anywhere in the world and send that special arrangement to any location. This platform provides a wide variety of floral arrangements from many different florist to help you find that perfect bunch of flowers to bring a little sunshine to someones day.
(415) 840-7359

FloralShip understands that your time is important, and shouldn't be wasted. So stop sitting on the phone, calling your supplier to find that they don't have what you're looking for. Buy more efficiently, Let Floralship streamline your buying process!!
FloraMart® is the most complete “one-stop shopping” facility in the floral industry. Our full service permanent showroom is open year round to the wholesale floral trade.

Conceived as the Floral Supply Center of Excellence in coordinated marketing and purchasing.

World's Largest Federated Trade Center under one roof.

Home of FloraColor®, product colors that match or coordinate because they are planned and developed with that in mind.

Consolidation of planning from Vertically Integrated Companies that LISTEN to their customers and markets.

Shopping made easy, one stop, easy selection and easy to manage. One call can do it all!

Planning ahead and delivering now.

Pete Garcia Company
5154 Peachtree Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30341 USA
Florana Farms S.A.

We are a flower company with clear objectives and non-questionable quality. Leading in the production with an efficient and stable distribution, makes as a profitable and trustable group always providing excellent service. With the idea of diversifying our production and providing a wide range of alternatives to our clients, Florana Farms S.A. decided in 2007 to start with the production of tropical flowers and foliages. Currently, we offer 50 super premium varieties of roses; although, we are expanding and will have soon another 20 extraordinary varieties thanks to the constant surveys made to our customers helping us deciding in what varieties to grow. Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of tropical flowers and foliages.



FLORECO, INC is an importer of fresh cut flowers, specializing in roses from Ecuador , with over 170 varieties available to you. Founded in 1996, we are a growing company tied closely to our farms and completely dedicated to customer satisfaction

Florecot SA


Floreloy S.A.

Cayambe, Ecuador

Flores Aurora LTDA C.I.

26 years of experience in the production and exportation of fresh cut flowers..... Our farm is located in the Sabana of Bogota where the climate provides the perfect growing conditions with long hours of sunlight. We have 33 plated hectares of roses( 12), carnations (14), and mini carnations (7).
(571) 634 7014
Flores Colombianas C.I. LTDA

Founded in 1967, Flores Colombianas, which in English means Colombian Flowers, is Colombia?? first and oldest fresh cut flower growing and exporting company. Located in the northeastern-most corner of South America, in the heart of the Colombian savannah, the Flores Colombianas farms are located just outside of Bogota. The company produces over 70 kinds of flowers in more than 130 hectares of greenhouses.

Flores De Bojaca LTDA

Bogota D.C., Colombia

Flores de la Campina

C.I. FLores de la Campi?a S.A. is located in El Carmen de Viboral, a small town near Medellin, in Colombia, South America, at 40 minutes far to Jose Maria Cordoba Airport In Rionegro. We are 300 people who work for the sustenance of 300 families. We have been in the floral market for eighteen years and today we export our products to companies in: Puerto Rico, United States, Rusia and Europe.
574 566 6115
Flores De Los Andes LTDA C.I.

Grupo Andes Farms is a privately owned organization that has been working in the cut flower business for over thirty five years. We have developed a line of products that include a large assortment of Premium Roses, Premium Alstroemeria and Premium Rose Bouquets.

Flores De Tenjo LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Flores Del Cotopaxi S.A.

Cayambe, Ecuador

Flores El Caprio (Grupo Capiro)

FLORES CAPIRO was founded, in March 1982, by a group of people who dreamed of conquering world markets with flowers. Today, the group exports top quality fresh-cut flowers grown on its six farms Capiro Palmas, Capiro Tablazo, Capiro Gualanday, Capiro Llanogrande, Capiro La Ceja and Calla, located on the most productive regions of Colombia, close to the city of Medell?n.
57 4 4489310
Flores El Cipres LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Flores El Pino LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Flores Esmeralda LTDA

Antioquia, Colombia

Flores La Conchita S. EN. C.

Bogota, Colombia

Flores Rionegro

Antioquia, Colombia

Flores Sagaro S.A. – Las Flores S.A.

As a leading company in the flower industry in Colombia, FLORES SAGARO S.A. has been committed for more than 30 years in producing the best quality flowers in the region. A wide assortment of roses, carnations, mini carnations and alstroemeria are grown year round.
(571) 676 6300
(571)676 1269
Florespa CIA. LTDA

Pifo, Ecuador


We are a leading importer and distributor of a wide variety of fresh cut flowers of consistent quality. Our goal is to keep ahead of the industry's trends by updating our portfolio to include the most innovative developments in the business. In order to meet the high standards set by our customers, FlorExpo has developed a strong bond with everyone involved in our organization. We are very excited and eager to pass along the knowledge and experience acquired at our farms through several years of hard work and dedication.
Floricola Las Marias FLORMARE

Cayambe, Ecuador



Flower Village CIA LTDA

Quito, Ecuador


630 NW 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503.487.1158

What we do:
When it comes to design, function and cost, FlowerBox kicks glass! Its smart design includes streamlined packaging, allowing the FlowerBox to be shipped and stored flat. It is literally a snap to put together, and just as easy to fold back down to be stored between uses. The wide array of colors makes it easy to match a FlowerBox to the color scheme of a flower arrangement or the theme of an entire event. The clean lines and vibrant color of a FlowerBox help to save on flower costs, and the added boost of color and style makes even a small bouquet seems bigger. Made of earth-friendly materials, FlowerBoxes can be recycled, so you can feel good about recycling your FlowerBoxes instead of letting them collect dust for eons to come.
866-396-1185 | Local 503-487-1158
Fresca Farms

Fresca Farms is a flexible company which can create custom consumer bunches and bouquets that meet your specific needs. The following are the advantages of working with Fresca Farms: We offer full service to our customers ??Fresca Farms will be your one stop shop for your floral needs. We have standing orders available with extremely competitive pricing. We offer our partners custom packs as well as wet packs to meet the needs of your clients. We are farm-related. We pride ourselves in supplying a large selection of novelty flowers. We employ an in-house agronomist in our Miami distribution warehouse to ensure you receive only the highest quality flowers. We are strategically located near most truck lines, offering you later cut-off times and accommodating last minute orders. Here are just a few examples of unique product available through Fresca Farms: Moon Series Carnations, 120cm Roses, vast variety of Hydrangeas. 3095 NW 77th Ave Miami Fla. 22133
Freya Roses

Tabacundo, Ecuador

FTD Marketplace
G&G Cargo

G&G CARGO SERVICES is a Freight Forwarder and a Service Company specialized in the logistic and transportation of perishables products. G&G CARGO SERVICE, S.A. was established in 1994, in QUITO - ECUADOR. Jorge Garces, President - CEO and his family wanted to offer a personalized and professional service to the American, European and Asian Flower Importers.
G&G Cargo Service

G&G CARGO SERVICES is a Freight Forwarder and a Service Company specialized in the logistic and transportation of perishables products. G&G CARGO SERVICE, S.A. was established in 1994, in QUITO - ECUADOR. Jorge Garces, President - CEO and his family wanted to offer a personalized and professional service to the American, European and Asian Flower Importers.
Galapagos Flores S.A.

Galapagos Flores is a world class pioneer company with 14 years of experience producing and exporting first quality cut-roses with more than 80 varieties. Our flowers are distributed to more than 15 countries worldwide. ??We make the most beautiful and creative bouquets, with roses, gypsophila, summer flowers, and greens. ??Success in commercialization has been achieved by flower quality, service, and an excellent record of meeting our sale agreements on time and with the specified quantities.
(593 2) 236 5993
(593 2) 236 5992
Galleria Farms

Established in 2000, Galleria Farms is a leading grower, importer and distributor of premium, fresh-cut flowers.
We are a solution and service provider for innovative floral products that can be found nationwide in major supermarkets,
mass market retailers, bouquet manufacturers and wholesale florists.

2601 Nw 104th Ct
Miami, Fl 33172

Business Phone Number


Business Fax: 

305 -591 -0177
(305) 591-0045
(305) 591-0177
Gallup and Stribling Orchids

Gallup & Stribling's home farm occupies 48 acres along the central California coast just south of Santa Barbara. With more than 1.5 million square feet of greenhouse space, it is a state??f??he??rt breeding, growing and distribution facility.
Gardaexport S.A.

Cayambe Ecuador

Gardens America

Gardens America is a family owned business with family values that extend to all of our exceptional staff. Since we started in the floral industry in 1969 with one farm, we have grown exponentially because of our uncompromising eye for detail and our commitment to the success of our floral partners. We partner only with growers whose products are exceptional and whose personnel work with us to ensure our clients get the quality and consistency they deserve. The excellent product we acquire combined with our skills and service in sales and marketing has made us an industry leader in the world of cut flowers. We currently work with and manage over 30 growers world-wide who produce over 50 product lines in our portfolio.

Our products can be viewed on our website, and in 2014 clients will be able to order directly from our website via our very popular E-Commerce ordering system. Clients can order directly from our Miami inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will soon be able to pre-book directly with the farms, making our clients’ jobs even easier.

We constantly re-evaluate and explore better ways to make working with Gardens America an easy experience with tangible benefits that can be seen in the beauty and longevity of our blooms and the happiness of our clients.
Giftmart Wholesale

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The Giftmart Wholesale Co. was established in February 1992.  With 24 years active experience as an importer and wholesale distributor to the floral industry, we have been instrumental in bringing florists great quality gift items, angels,  sympathy keepsakes, vases, containers,  gourmet foods, and ribbon at affordable prices, and without the expense of case quantities.  Our unique style of packaging our products in small assorted collections of like items, allows the small and medium size shops to be able to offer brand new products found at the floral and gift markets. We introduce a brand new collection every 2 to 3 days, so our customers continuously have a fresh new display to offer their regular customers.

132 N. Front Avenue

Piggott, AR 72454


870-598-5970 Fax

Golden Land

Golden Land is a company established in 2000, produces, processes and exports high quality roses. The Floriculture is located in Tabacundo - Ecuador, a region blessed with perfect weather for growing roses. Golden Land has 75 acres of greenhouses that produce over 60 varieties of roses black and premium quality. We have a special care of the plants and roses during the growing, harvesting, post-harvest and packaging, to ensure beautiful and fresh flowers. Roses are cut, processed and packaged according to customer requirements. cares Golden Land Environment and constantly produces roses quality using the best technology.
+593 2 279-2101
+593 2 279-2097
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GRAGLIA FLOWERS EXPORT ITALY. We mainly sell Italian Ruscus, Pitto Nigra, Ginestra, Copper Beech, Grevillea, Lavender, Peonies, Ranunculus, Anemones and pretty much all Italian Products.

Michele Graglia
Green Valley Floral

Green Valley Floral is a premier grower shipper of fine cut flowers. Our family owned and operated nursery, in Salinas, CA, specializes in award winning hydroponic roses, gerberas and lilies.
800.228.1255 / 831.424.7691
Greenheart Farms

In the fall of 1979, Greenheart Farms, Inc. was established by Leo and Sylvia Wolf, David and Harriet Zeitlin, Henry and Connie Katzenstein, and Hoy Buell. The company started with just 36,750 square feet of indoor production and 42,000 square feet of outdoor production and produced only four vegetables: cauliflower, celery, tomatoes, and peppers.Since then, Greenheart has grown to become one of California's leading vegetable, revegetation, and rose transplant producers. With two facilities in California and another in the Desert Southwest, our nursery ranks as one of the largest in the nation.
Grupo Vegaflor

Tabacundo Ecuador

Gutimilko C.I.

 The Guadalusa Farm

Guadalupana farm is the production facility, located at La Union, a town 20 Km. from the Jose Maria Cordoba International airport in Rionegro, at an altitude of (8.530 feet) (2.600 meters) above sea level and with a medium temperature of 15 degrees centigrade (59 F) that combined with the relative humidity, quality of soils, rain cycles and light intensity, give us the ideal place to grow our flowers with highest quality standards and most impressive colors.

The farm is located in the east part of Antioquia, zone that has became, in a very short time, the second flower producer in Colombia.

Guadalusa is the main supplier and associate of C.I Gutimilko, the farm grows, flowers such as Hydrangeas (white, green, antique, blue, blue Holland, purple, minigreen and tinted), Callas Lilies (White, yellow, green), Minicallas, Ruscus, Birds of Paradise, among others that are grow programmed by season.

Gypso S.A.

Gypso S.A. is an independent grower of summer flowers from Ecuador. We have been exporting our product for the last ten years under labels of international wholesalers.
5932300647 / 648 / 649 /650
Hacienda Santa Fe-Flowerlandfarms

Located in a strategic site in the Andes Mountains, Hacienda Santa Fe has been growing exceptional flowers for worldwide markets since 1993. Our 120-hectare farm has 15 hectares currently in production, providing first-class, export-quality roses. At 2.830 meters above sea level, the farm takes advantage of its high altitude, which provides high levels of luminosity, warm days and cool nights for growing long steams and large headed roses, so much desired in today?? marketplace.
(5932) 2380-128 |(5932) 2380-590
(5932) 2380-589
Heraplant S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

Highland Profarm

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Hills Imports /Park’s Company

East Coast
Hill's Imports Inc.
675 California Rd.
Quakertown, PA 18951

Phone: 215 529-4600
Toll Free: 800-356-4902
Fax: 215 529-4700
Email: hillcomp at hillsimports dot com

West Coast
Park's Company
2509-2511 Grant Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94579

Phone: 510 481-8872
Toll Free: 800-747-6436
Fax: 510 481-5098
Email: jenniferw at hillsimports dot com
Hoja Verde S.A.

HOJA VERDE S.A. is a family owned business that supplies to selected clients roses of very high quality, since 1997. At the moment we have over 60 varieties of roses in production. The special attention given to the enviroment and the development of our human resources are the backbone of our solid and social responsible organization.
+(593 2) 212 7085 / 212 7056 / 212 7081
+(593 2) 212 7105
Holland America Flowers

Holland America Bulb Farms Inc has been a supplier to mass market retailers for almost 25 years. HABF will now offer its entire product line to the mass market, including premium cut flowers from Holland America Flowers LLC, an operating subsidiary of HABF, plus exquisite tulips & specialty flowers from HABF and cut greens from Holland America Greeneries in Woodland, WA.

Throughout our thirty years of experience in the flower industry, the HOSA Group has focused on nourishing the flowers we grow, caring for the people we work with, and protecting the natural resources that sustain us. 1617 N.W. 84th Ave. Miami, Florida 3312.
305 470 9991
305 397-2734
HPP Exhibitions
Established in 1984, HPP Exhibitions has already 30 years of experience in organizing trade exhibitions all over the world. It has organized more than 180 exhibitions in 35 countries. HPP Exhibitions, with offices in Holland, Ecuador and Ethiopia, promotes companies active in the fields of Floriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture, Food & Food processing, Intensive Animal Production, Construction and Textile & Fashion through international exhibitions all over the world.

Established in 1984, HPP Exhibitions has already 30 years of experience in organizing trade exhibitions all over the world. It has organized more than 180 exhibitions in 35 countries.

HPP Exhibitions, with offices in Holland, Ecuador and Ethiopia, promotes companies active in the fields of Floriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture, Food & Food processing, Intensive Animal Production, Construction and Textile & Fashion through international exhibitions all over the world.

We excel in creating high profile, highly targeted business to business exhibitions, where buyers and suppliers from around the world can come together to do business.

HPP Exhibitions business philosophy is centered on delivering business contacts and solutions that create added value for our customers. Our company values reflect this philosophy.

International developments have moved at such a fast pace over the last years that slowing down, even for a moment, will instantly put your company behind. Rapidly changing consumer demands, strong rising and falling economies, increasing cargo capacity facilities and upcoming new producing countries are reasons enough to carefully monitor threats and opportunities.

HPP offers a tool for keeping up to date on current developments in the Floriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture, Food & Food processing, Intensive Animal Production, Construction and Textile & Fashion Industry and an opportunity to adjust your current production, logistics and marketing strategies.

Our main objective is to provide an excellent service in the organization and execution of professional international trade exhibitions and work towards ecological and economic developments in a dynamic worldwide market.

In an increasingly digital age, nothing can replace the power of human contact for establishing and maintaining business relations.


Dick van Raamsdonk
HPP International Group B.V.
Hyperactive Farms

Hyperactive Farms has the largest selection of mini and open cut Callas, Hydrangea, Raunculus, Peony, Anemone and Cybidiums on the market today! 3400 NW 74th Ave Miami Fla. 33122
Inflowers Farms

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Ingueza Roses

Ing?eza Roses was established in 1997. Since then we have provided our select customers with only the best fresh cut roses produced in the Ecuadorian highlands. We are constantly testing new varieties from the best breeders, this allows us to always offer what the market demands. All of our varieties have 100% paid royalties. Every rose harvested in our farm is organically grown, with the well being of our appreciated workers and the preservation of our beautiful natural surroundings as top priorities. It is our commitment to satisfy each and every one of our customers with efficient service and top quality product.
+593 2 604 0708 - 603 7011
International Flower Exchange

International Flower Exchange, Inc. (IFE) was established in 1982 for the purpose of importing flowers for distribution in the United States, Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. The growth of the flower market over the past years has been explosive. Fueled by over 4,500 wholesalers, the flower market has grown from $153 million in 1983 to close to $1 billion dollars in 1999.
(305) 594-4954
(305) 477-9131
Inversiones Bellaflor LTDA

Since 2004 Inversiones Bella Flor is a Colombian company dedicated to the production of roses for exportation. We count on an excellent team that is highly qualified infrastructure and the best technological resources. This permits us to guarantee our quality in the selection of the rose, excellent classification, temperature, packaging an the transportation managing.
(57) 3204495570 - 3204495571
Inversiones Montanel E.U.

Ideal weather and climatic conditions allow us to produce very high quality fresh cut lilies at all times of year since we have no seasons. Our lilies are cut as buds. They are carefully packed in cardboard boxes. Sent to our local international airport, on a 20 minute drive from our farm. They may be handled and preserved in cold rooms, so by the time the final consumer gets them, the lilies are open and fresh.
(571) 5313831
Inversiones Napy S.A.

Producers of tropical flowers and foliage's.

J van de Put

J. van de Put Fresh Cargo handling offers 8 services: - Airfreight import services for the Netherlands - Airfreight import servies for EU-countries other than the Netherlands - Airfreight transit services for Eastern Europe and Russia - Airfreight export and re-export services - Container import services for the Netherlands - Container import servies for EU-countries other than the Netherlands - Container transit services for Eastern Europe and Russia - Container export and re-export service
J.A. Flower Service

Armellini Flower Service is a flower logistics. company that specializes in facilitating 'Farm Direct' transactions. Our goal is to institute and maintain superior service levels from growers farms to our customers facilities. Our use of state-of-the-art facilities and technologies provide constant information through the logistics' chain. Flower Service is constantly growing as a business leader while finding better, faster, and more accurate methods of performing our responsibilities without compromising our service.

Jan Spek Rozen B.V.

Jan Spec Rozen was founded in 1890 in Boskoop, The Netherlands. This rose breeder's varieties include: Amber, Myrthe, Nectarine, Orchestra, N-Tertain, Ceci, and Hearts, the new rose with a heart in the middle of the flower.
+31 (0)172-212120
+31 (0)172-214455
Jardines de Cayambe / Cayambe Premium

Quito, Ecuador

Jardines Del Rosal LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Jaroma LTDA

On 22 company-owned hectares strategically located north of Bogota, Colombia. Jaroma cultivates world class varieties of roses. A favorable climate allow Jaroma to harvest brightly colored cultivars with large heads, healthy foliage and sturdy stems that satisfy the most demanding international markets delivering beauty, freshness and romance to the final customer.
571 616 8795
Jaroma Roses

JAROMA ROSES is a company of 30 hectares strategically located north of Bogot?, Colombia?s capital city. JAROMA ROSES cultivates world class variety of roses in a favorable climate of excellent luminosity, in a clean environment, building a top quality rose where more than 450 friendly working colombians labor. JAROMA ROSES grows roses of excellent quality taking care of each detail in order to satisfy the demanding international markets, delivering fresh flowers to the final customer.

Johannes Flowers

Johannes Flowers is a family owned and operated business started in 1970. We pride ourselves in growing only the highest quality fresh cut flowers. We currently have 30 acres of greenhouses and 11 acres of field product. We only sell what we grow ourselves to ensure that the best quality product reaches our customers.
(805) 684-5686
(805) 566-2199
John A Puckett Ferneries

Check out John A. Puckett's Facebook Page! We offer quality greens at a reasonable price. We also specialize in custom mixed boxes! We have several mixes to choose from or you can mix it up yourself!

Cayambe, Ecudor

Joygardens S.A.

Tabacundo, Ecuador

KB flowers

Located on California's Monterey Bay, Kitayama Brothers Greenhouses are fortunate to call this area home. Not only is the mild climate ideal for growing agricultural crops, but the sandy fertile soil is perfect for growing beautiful flowers. In 1948 the four Kitayama brothers, Tom, Ray, Kee and Ted, began building a dynasty in the cut flower industry. With greenhouse facilities in Union City, CA and later in Brighton, CO and Watsonville, CA, the Kitayama's had over five million square feet of greenhouses in production. In 1995 the production ended in Union City, and it wasn't until 2002 that production was ended in Colorado. The Colorado facility continues to serve as the corporate headquarters.
Kendal Floral

At Kendal Floral Supply, our mission is to establish ourselves as the premier grower, leading supplier, and finest distributor of fresh cut flowers for the Western United States.
Kendall Farms

Kendall Farms has been a family owned farm since 1987 in North San Diego County in Southern California, USA. Over 115 varieties of cut flowers and foliage’s are produced on over 500 acres of hills and valleys. Some of these include Waxflower, Eucalyptus, Leucadendron, Protea, Leucospermum, Sunflowers, California Greens, Boronia, Kangaroo Paw and other filler flowers. All are available in field bunches, hand-tied bouquets, glass & wooden mason jar arrangements and consumer bunches. We ship to customers throughout the US and Canada as well as to other international markets. Kendall Farms is committed to exceeding your expectations.
Kents Bromeliad Nursery

VISTA, CA - The nation's largest Bromeliad Grower just got bigger. Kent's Bromeliad Nursery recently completed an acquisition of new greenhouse space. With the acquisition of more greenhouses, it now boasts more than 1,000,000 square feet of production area in Vista and San Marcos, CA.
Kenya Flower Council

Kenya Flower Council is a private organization formed by flower growers and exporters
(254) (0)20 2679268, 204 3077
Kohara Nursery Inc.

Kohara is one of the finest growers of quality assorted cut flowers nationwide. Many are seasonal and year round greenhouse grown. Our most produced cut flowers are Snapdragons, Larkspur, Sweetpeas and Flowering Kale which are grown year round. Seasonal cut flowers and greens: Chocolate cosmos, tweedia, lysmachia, kangaroo paw, dahlia, smilax and more.....................
Komet Sales

You need a system that allows you to buy and sell flowers.
It has to be simple, user friendly and fast. We can help.

Processing and maintaining recurring and one time sales has never been so easy, and the process can even be automated.

Enjoy direct communication with your vendors and see the progress of the fulfillment of your orders through our Vendor Portal.

Inventory Management
Keeping track of what you currently have on hand and identifying different types of inventory are just some of the ways Komet Sales simplifies this daily task.
+1 (786) 206-0554 / Toll Free: +1 ( 866) 382- 8918
Konst Alstromeria B.V.

Konst Alstromeria B.V. is a company specializing in the selection, breeding and propagation of Alstromeria plants for the professional grower.
Kordes International

As one of the worlds??largest rose breeders W. Kordes??S?hne remains unique as the only breeder currently competing across the complete range of rose types. Over the years this ability has allowed the company to create a diverse pool of proprietary genetic material that now forms the foundation of the Kordes crossing program. The primary focus of the company is the creation of new Cutrose variety types, where the characteristics of robust technical abilities combined with superb flowering are targeted. Kordes now benefits from the advantage over 120 years of breeding brings in a history highlighted by the landmark introductions of extended vase-life and increased yield potential to the cutrose world.
+31 (0)297-513010
+31 (0)297-513019
Kuehne & Nagel Inc.

Air logistic. process driven solutions that keep you in control

La Gaitana Farms S.A. C.I.

Since 1984, La Gaitana Farms has been growing top quality carnations and mini carnations. The quality of the products allowed expansion in the European and American markets. The company has developed a trademark with demanding customers in Holland, the U.K, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia, the United States, and Canada. The name became a symbol for a product with high value and freshness. La Gaitana Farms has introduced exclusive species and varieties. At our farm you will find products which are not to be found elsewhere.
La Plazoleta LTDA C.I.

Bogota D.C., Colombia

Lake Flower Shippers

Provides an enormous variety of fresh cut flowers & greens. Our warehouse is fully stocked on the most equisite types of flowers. Aswell as the most popular types of flowers.Our quality in the floral industry is greatly recognized. We take great pride in the freshness and quality we provide to our customers .

LAN Cargo

Our company is dedicated to worldwide air cargo transportation, offers clients a global, flexible and efficient service, with agile and concrete answers for their needs. When defining our company vision as becoming one of the world's 5 best cargo airlines, we are committing to deliver increasingly more value to our clients.

Rose breeder of varieties like: Avalanche+, Bella Vista+, Talea+. Kachita+, Kerio+, Amani+, Amsterdam

Liberty Blooms Inc.

Liberty Blooms, Inc. is a single farm consolidator and the exclusive American importer of Uniflor?? flowers from Colombia. Our alliance provides a powerful logistics approach system that allows you to buy directly from our farm and saves you the air transportation and importing hassle as we deliver your flowers directly to your trucks departing Miami.
305 228 0443
305 227 4711
Lynn Dale Ferneries

Growers Alliance member: Since 1970, Lynn-Dale Ferneries has been serving the floral industry. We take a lot of pride in saying we have been in business for 35 years. Lynn-Dale is a family owned business that is named after Lynn and Dale Puckett. A husband and wife team that have been married just as long as they have been in business.
(386) 749-2547
(386) 749-0060
Lynn Mayers Great Lakes Glads Inc.

Bronson MI.

Lynx Global

Welcome to Lynx Global Corp. Our services extend well beyond simply handling your goods. We provide cunning logistic solutions to an ever changing global business environment. We are committed to exceptional service utilizing the most efficient methods available in today?? modern world. We manage every detail allowing you to focus on your business. We invite you to experience all the benefits of working with us.

Magic Flowers

Since MAGIC LOWERS appeared on the market in 1992, each of our products has been recognized as the standard quality and presentation.
+5934 2640086
Marlenroses Eduador S.A.

Marlen Roses is a young company which started its activities in July, 2004. This farm previously operated for 7 years with approximately 450,000 pants and with little commercial varieties. These varieties have been renewed based on a detailed market's survery.
(593)32 712 510 / (593)32 712 433
Matsui Nursery

Matsui Nursery, Inc. was founded in 1967 by Mr. Andy Matsui. Over the past 42 years, Matsui Nursery has grown a number of diverse floral crops, including mums, carnations, roses, and many other fresh cut and dried flowers and foliage, always staying ahead of the market trends.
Maximum Nursery

Our commitment keeps Maximum Nursery on the cutting edge. The environment, our customers and our employees are our keys to success. Maximum Nursery Inc, the "oldest" grower of gerbera daisies in the United States of America has been in the forefront in producing high quality gerberas for over 30 years. This renowned quality is maintained by selecting topmost varieties and by utilizing the latest technology available worldwide. In addition to having developed unique boxing systems for shipping that have been adapted industry wide. Winfred van Wingerden, the owner of Maximum Nursery works diligently with Dutch propagators in establishing varieties that meet the following criteria: good stem length, long vase life, good flower size, desirable color and high production.
Mayers Glad Farms (Donald)

Bronson MI.

Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Mayesh Wholesale Florist is a direct shipper and wholesale supplier of high quality cut flowers from around the world including the United States.. From mixed boxes packed to your specifications to custom made bouquets, hand made wreaths and garland, Mayesh Wholesale Florist offers a unique array of services to floral designs and event companies..
Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Mayesh Wholesale Florist is a direct shipper and wholesale supplier of high quality cut flowers from around the world including the United States.. From mixed boxes packed to your specifications to custom made bouquets, hand made wreaths and garland, Mayesh Wholesale Florist offers a unique array of services to floral designs and event companies..
Mega Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Meilland International

Meilland is distributing worldwide under licence new patented cut rose varieties but also varieties for other uses (garden, landscaping, pot)
33 (0) 494 500 300
33 (0) 494 479 829
Mellano & Co

Mellano & Company is a third generation family-owned and operated floral business. Since 1925, Mellano & Company has provided the freshest, highest quality products straight from our family farms. Today we invite you to experience our expanding line of floral services. You can rely on Mellano to be your full line wholesaler, grower, shipper and importer of premium fresh flowers. Backed by our family traditions of service, you??l be assured of dependability, quality, and more convenience than ever.
Melody Farms, LLC

Melody Farms was founded in 1999 by The Vegaflor Group, a group of dedicated Colombian growers who wanted to provide the North American flower market with superb alternative in fresh-cut flowers. Our farms are located in Medellin and Bogota, Colombia growing premium quality pompoms, chrysanthemums, aster, sunflowers, and roses. Our farm network consists of 180 acres of planted land with the industry?? highest standards in regards of greenhouses, irrigation, product and variety selection and overall production techniques.
Melody Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Merinoroses CIA LTDA

In 1988, the Merino family decided to make its dream of becoming Ecuador?? first international biological flower farm a reality. The founders implemented their vision: offer an upscale product and personalized service to each and every customer and a warm working environment to all of our employees. This vision, combined with hard work and ample experience, represents the company?? greatest strength
(593-2) 279.2134 / (593-2) 279.2374
Misty Flowers

Misty Flowers is a full line distribution center specializing in novelty product from all over the world. Misty?? knowledgeable and experienced staff will ensure the accurate and timely handling of your requests. With our focus on helping each person to succeed, our goal is to develop relationships based on value, trust and quality. Address: 2605 NW 75th Ave Miami Fl 33122.
Monster Rose Farm
Flowers for wholesalers and grocery stores.

Flowers for wholesalers and grocery stores.
800 307-0314
305 407--1762

Mosflor Group is an Ecuadorian company devoted to both growing high quality roses and exporting fresh cut flowers from select farms, mostly towards Eastern Europe. Mosflor makes it possible to obtain the latest rose and carnation varieties, and a wide range of other type of flowers such as chrysantemum, alstroemeria, gypsohila, calla, lily, protea, tropical flowers, exotic bouquets too. All from the best farms in Ecuador and Colombia!
+593(2)395-75-84 / +593(2)395-75-63
Mountain Roses LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Mrs Bloom

One of the largest importers of Thai orchids.
Multiflora Corporation

Multiflora has been a leader in the floral industry since 1969. We pride ourselves on being the best source for unsurpassed farm fresh quality flowers, great customer service and dedicated sales support in every market across North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean.
Mystic Flowers S.A.

Since ?March, 1997, our fields have produced only premium quality roses in the grounds of Guachala, within the Cayambe zone, near to the equatorial line and surrounded with luxuriant vegetation and breathtaking landscapes, like the snow-covered Cayambe Mountain and the Andean Highlands. You will always find roses of Mystic Flowers to be rich in color, beautiful in shape and of long lasting freshness, in all of our vibrant new varieties as well as in the classic beauty of all time favorites.
(593-2) 380 1200 / (593-2) 380 1201
Naraanjo Roses Ecuador S.A.

From a place in the Ecuadorian Andes, we welcome to our customers and friends.?Naraanjo Roses own 19.5 hectares covered with 45 varieties of roses; we also hold a program of annual renewal, continued growth and a production capacity of 26 hectares.
(593 32) 266-100/101/102
Native Floral Group

Native Floral Group is a national cut flower bouquet company, with 9 production facilities strategically located throughout the US.  Our flower growing roots go back over 80 years. Native was the first to develop today’s regional bouquet model, allowing National programs to be produced and delivered locally. Native is growing and sourcing flowers from around the World, to create the most exciting bouquets in the industry.

At Native Floral our business is “Growing and Distributing Beauty”.

Natuflor S.A.

Natuflor S.A. is a company dedicated to the flower production in Machachi - Ecuador, and has been in the market for ten years. Our experience has developed within Natuflor, people with specialized knowledge in each one of the strategic areas. Nowadays we produce 10 million of stems per year in 15 hectares of land. They are distributed in sixty-two varieties and exported throughout our subsidiary ECOFARMS Corp. with no extra cost. Our open production during the whole year allows us to guarantee stable volumes in order to establish Standing Orders.
Natural Flowers, Inc

Natuflora represents an excellent new breed of Colombian growers focusing on state of the art growing techniques and the most technically advanced systems in the industry. As a proud member of Flor Verde, Natuflora understands the delicate balance between corporate goals, social, and ecological responsibilities.

Natures Finest Floral

Nature's Finest Floral offers many years of experience in sourcing and shipping "All the Finest Nature has to offer"....Whether it's domestic flowers and greens grown here in beautiful California, or imported from Australia, Equador, Holland, Italy, Thailand or New Zealand....If it's in season and fabulous we'll make sure you have it!! Our products are shipped direct from the finest farms to your door.
Natures Flowers

Pioneers in the floral industry, Nature's Flowers has perfected the art of delivering the freshest flowers available anywhere, from field to market. We strive for the highest standards of quality and consistency in every stem. We believe the key ingredients in our quality recipe are exceptional people, uncompromising quality standards, and a vigilant commitment to sustainable growing practices.


2605 NW 77 AVE

Miami FL, 33122

Nazcaflor is committed to helping build the floral business with the people who have dedicated themselves to the proper care and handling, and best service of distribution in the flower industry for over 100 years.

Newport Floral

BLUEBIRD RANCH dba NEWPORT FLORAL is an Southern California fresh cut flower grower and shipper company founded in 1985, in Fallbrook California. Our objective is to provide flower wholesalers throughout the USA and Canada with a wide range of fresh cut flower species and varieties. The products we grow in over 300 acres - mainly in Southern CA., and Northern Mexico which are located in areas enjoying optimum climatic conditions that result in unsurpassable quality and highly efficient and consistent production.
Nintanga S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

NIRP International

NIRP International has a wide range of cut rose varieties for each typology today requested by the market: Large flower - HT, Intermediate, Sweetheart and Spray. NIRP International cut rose varieties are highly appreciated on all the markets for their agronomical, aesthetical and commercial performances.
+33 (0)4 93 28 75 90
+33 (0)4 93 28 75 99
O&J Growers

O&J Growers entered the business world in the summer 1992 In 2005 O&J Growers decided to not only sell their flowers locally in southern California but to become a competitor in the shipping industry as well. After careful research and studies they decided to bring in a sales team to meet their goals. Shipping now to every state and 3 countries they are right on target. O&J GROWERS range of packaging has been developed to meet both the handling and marketing requirements of all flower trading markets throughout the world. In conjunction with our box suppliers, O&J has developed a range of functional flower shipping units made from 100% recycled paper which are suitable to accommodate O&J's large fresh product mix. O& J Growers has a second location located inside The Los Angeles Flower District.
(760) 943-8100
(760) 943-0185
Obies Floral

Obies Floral?is a family owned and operated Cut Flower Grower and Shipper founded in 1944. We specialize in our Gold Label Hydroponic Roses. We have over 45 Hydroponic Rose varieties and many miscellaneous field flowers. We offer customized packing to get you the flowers that you need in the quantity and combination that you want.
Ocean Breeze Flowers

Ocean Breeze Flowers proudly serves the Oceanside area. We are family owned and operated. We are committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Because all of our customers are important, our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. That is why we always go the extra mile to make your floral gift perfect.


For almost a century, Olij rozen int founded as a family company ??has been participating in the production of cut-roses and the propagation of plant material. From 1980, the breeding of roses has become an important third activity of the company and meanwhile is Olij under the name of Olij Breeding one of the most innovating rose-breedingcompanies, which is growing very quick. For Olij Breeding vase-life and production/m? are the main selection-criteria.


Now a part of Dummen Orange
+31 (0)297 382 929
+31 (0)297 341 340
Olive Hill Greenhouses

Olive Hill Greenhouses began in 1973 as a part-time venture with 3,000 square feet of greenhouse space on two rented acres. Setting quality standards high, Olive Hill grew rapidly into one of the largest foliage producers in California. In 1988 bromeliads were added to the all foliage product line and in 1999 orchids were added. Our two production facilities total 760,000 square feet. The modern structures utilize computer control of environment, irrigation and mist propagation. More than half of the tables are rolling in order to reduce aisle space.
(760) 728-4596
(760) 728-1420
Orchid Florist
Surabaya-based florist with branch in Jakarta, delivering florist across the country and overseas for more than a decade.

Orchid Florist provides various choices of flowers for any occasions like wedding, funeral, graduation, anniversary, valentine, christmas, mothers day, and more. Tulips, lily, roses, orchid, are just a few of our best-selected flowers, beautifully decorated in various arrangement.

Florist Jakarta
Pacha Sisay

We are a privately owned company dedicated to growing the best roses on offer. We currently have 4 hectares of production which gives us the advantage of offering products of high quality. Pacha Sisay is a new, dynamic and proactive company that has been created to offer the highest customer service in today's market. Our Work Team has years of experience in the flower sector, we are in process of constant renewal of our varieties in order to satisfy the demand to the different markets that we project. Our product is aimed basically at the American and European markets and our product meets the quality standards demanded by customers.
+593 2 2790-352 / 2790-354
Pacific Tradeworks
Cut Floral Greens

A direct source for all floral greens from the Pacific NW, United States. Our main products are; Salal, beargrass, and well as flowering branches etc. etc. We are as direct a source as there can be for "western greens". We lease our own ground for picking this regions best salal...
Pagter Innovations
Procona the unique packaging system that keeps your cut flowers in perfect condition.

The Procona system consists of a plastic container, a cardboard collar and a lid. The Procona system is designed to transport fresh cut flowers in water.
Passion Growers

The beginning of something great often starts as a simple idea, a lot of luck, and a passion that is always present when you love what you do. This is how our company began. In 2001, Cheryl and Sam, the original founders of Passion Growers, conceived the idea for what would become our company. The idea was to create a small company, a hobby, to do what they loved (therefore the name Passion Growers) and do it as best as they possibly could. The idea was simple: first, provide the best roses available anywhere and NEVER waiver on the highest possible standards. Second, build a company that is based on the highest ethical standards, consequently resulting in a positive impact on its customers, associates, suppliers and community. This is how Passion Growers was born.
Pencaflor-Celebrity Flowers

We are a company that commercializes and produces lilies to satisfy the high demand of the international market.
(593-2) 2547 370
(593-2) 2231 946
Petalos Y Rosas Petyros S.A.

PETYROS was founded in 1988. We are the pioneering farm in rose production in the second largest flower growing area in Ecuador, the province of Cotopaxi. PETYROS grows premium quality roses and exports them to international markets to cover the needs of consumers through personalized and efficient service. PETYROS grows roses under environmentally and socially safe conditions. We have earned the certification of the Flower Label Program from Germany and we are certified since 1998. PETYROS also hold the certification from the Business Anti-Sumuggling Coalition or BASC. All of these features contribute to the consistency and quality of our fresh cut roses and the assurance of your success in marketing and selling our products.

Plantec S.A.

Plantec was created as a response to the needs of a modern grower. At Plantec, we always pride ourselves on qualities that have characterized us from the beginning. Among them: Quality, Cleanliness, Punctuality in Delivery, a vast collection of Varieties, and an incredible post-sale customer service. We have managed to sustain these qualities for more than fifteen years by adopting and implementing some of the most advanced global technology.
Por La Mar Nursery

Our Marketing and Production team are traveling the globe in search of new crop varieties and enhanced growing methods. With our potted crops we have recently added Anthurium, Kangaroo Paw, Curcuma Ginger, Rosemary Topiaries and cones to our line up. Most of our potted plant varieties are in a decorative wrap or clay. We may also accommodate potted upgrades upon request.
PQR Perfect Quality Roses

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Premier Floral Corporation

Premier Floral Corp is a grower, importer of fresh cut flowers. We specialize in bringing to the wholesalers in the United States and Canada the finest, freshest and most beautiful cut flowers available from around the world. Founded in 1997, we are a growing company tied closely to our farms and completely dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Premium Flowers Corporation

Premium Flowers has been providing fresh cut flowers throughout the United States and Canada since 1985. Our corporate name reflects our philosophy: Only top quality flowers should make their way into our customers' hands. Based on this principle, we have built strong and mutually rewarding relationships and partnerships with the most distinguished wholesale buyers in the industry.
Quality Logistics Group

Miami, Fla.

Quality Service S.A. Qualisa

QualisA?? first rose production farm was built on 1992 with 15,7 hectares. At 1998 the second production farm of QualisA was created with 12 hectares and finally the third farm on 2005 with 13 hectares. All three farms with over 40 hectares of cultivated greenhouse area are located at Ecuador, South America. QualisA?? most extreme-care cultivation practices, infrastructure and motivated human resource brings to the market the roses clearly recognized by their bright colors, outstanding vase life and cleanest foliage our demanding clients may find.
+593 2236 3490 / 1
+593 2236 3493
Rainbow Flowers

Rainbow Flowers has been providing exceptional fresh flowers to our customers for nearly a generation. We offer a variety of cut flowers and roses that have been carefully inspected and flown in directly from the highest quality farms in Ecuador and Colombia. The owner of Rainbow Flowers, Jamie Cannon has been farming in Florida since the '70s. His son Grymes Cannon joined the family business in 2002 and now is currently the acting President of Rainbow Flowers Imports, Inc. Their years of walking the fields and cultivating flowers have given them the expert knowledge needed to select the finest flowers for their customers.
Rainforest Farms and Bouquets

Rainforest Farms and Bouquets is a grower, exporter and importer of top of the line roses, carnations, minicarnations and bouquets. We specialize in programs for supermarkets directly from our farms in Colombia. We offer a full line of Russian cut and Premium roses in over 50 different varieties. We know how to service supermarkets directly from our farms. Check out our farms today!
Richard Hagstrom Ferneries

Growers Alliance member

Rijnplant Breeding BV

Welcome at the commercial nurseries of RijnPlant. RijnPlant has two different branches. RijnPlant Breeding at nursery Hofzicht which is situated at our nursery in De Lier. Nursery Berckenrode which produces finished plant, is based in Naaldwijk.
RMP (Robert Mann Packaging)

RMP is the largest supplier to the floral industry in California with a complete product line of stock and custom packaging with second-to-none expertise developed over the last 37 years.
Ronald Jones Ferneries

Growers Alliance member: Since 1958, Ronald Jones Ferneries has supplied our customers with the most superior cut foliage available anywhere in the world, because we understand that your reputation depends on our commitment to the highest quality and standards.
386-749-2083 Toll Free: 800-874-6095
Rosas Tesalia

Bogota D.C., Colombia

Rose Success

ROSE SUCCESS is focused in the production and export of the most beautiful ECUADORIAN ROSES. Our 11 hectares farm is located in the Cotopaxi region where the quality of our soil, luminosity and Andean climate provide us of the ideal conditions to grow HIGH QUALITY ROSES, with large bud size, great length and strong vibrant colours.

Rosen Pavillion CIA LTDA

Pichincha, Ecuador

Rosen Tantau

For more than 100 years the garden rose breeding has been the core business of Rosen Tantau. During all that time the company has specialized on different types of roses. 20 years ago, however, Rosen Tantau started to intensively diversifying his breeding lines to different types of rose classes
00 49 (0) 41 22 - 70 84
00 49 (0) 41 22 - 70 87
Royal Flowers S.A.

Our farms put great emphasis on proper care of the environment. We take careful measures to ensure that our flowers are grown responsibly and with a minimal impact on our natural resources. This involves minimizing our use of pesticides, fungicides and other materials. Other environmental efforts include conservation of soil and water, recycling of organic materials, and the use of organic fertilizers. In recognition of this effort we were awarded the certification MPS-A in 2003. In addition Royal Flowers? farms were awarded the Flower Label Program (FLP) certification in 2007.
Royal Van Zanten Plants BV

In terms of bulb history, Royal Van Zanten has become a completely different business in the last few decades: an international ??reeding ground' for plants and flowers. It is a business with an appealing range of basic materials and our business' structure ensures focus is fixed on the market.
+31 (0)297 38 70 00
+31 (0)297 38 70 70
S.B. Talee de Colombia S.A.

S.B. Talee was established in Italy in 1962, and has been dedicated to the research and development of new varieties of Carnations and Spray carnations, cuttings production and sales, and the growing and sales of cut flowers. SB Talee has its own breeding program in Colombia since 1998, working jointly with the best carnation breeders in the world enlarging the variety collection. Our company guarantees varieties with high standards of quality, constantly running quality, productivity, disease resistance, vase life, shipping behaviors and market acceptance tests (MAT).
(57) -1-257-9617
Sacha Rose CIA LTDA

Pifo, Ecuador

Sachaflor CIA LTDA

Quito, Ecuador


SAF is the only national trade association that represents all segments of the U.S. floral industry. Our 15,000 members are the industry's top retailers, growers, wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, suppliers, educators, students and allied organizations. SAF is the face and voice of a strong, unified floral industry.
(703) 836-8700, Toll-free: (800) 336-4743
(703) 836-8705
San Agustin Flowers

Quito, Ecuador


Schreurs is a breeder of roses and gerberas. This means that we develop new varieties in roses and gerberas. With our breeding experience of more than 40 years we are one of the leading companies in rose and gerbera varieties
+31 (0)297 383444
Sikking Brothers

Vineland N.J.

Simpson Greens

Located?in Miami we've been distributing and importing greens and floral foliage since 1990 through the leadership of our founder, Clemente A. Quinones. In the past few years we've added flowers to our inventory allowing our customers a one stop shop for all their needs. Only a stone's throw from the cargo section of Miami International Airport, the Port of Miami, U.S. Customs and Department of Agriculture, our products are always fresh when our customers receive them. And we're perfectly positioned in the middle of most of the premier carriers in the floral industry ensuring our ability to deliver to your specific logistics company.
(305) 471-0321
(305) 471-0335
Sisapamba Rosa y Rosas

We are working to bring your loved ones outstanding roses that open and last in a perfect state. We are internationally recognized as a high quality grower of export standard Ecuadorian roses because we managed to keep a balance between the resources that our soil and our people offer us. Sisapamba, an indigenous word for ??ose garden??translate the warmth and confidence our family business has been transmitting to our customers and employees. We care about our people, environment and roses like our own family. Experience the beauty of our country, people and roses today with Sisapamba.
(593-2) 2119-084, (593-2) 2119-004
Sole Farms

Solé Farms was founded in 2001 by six principals with over 100 years of combined experience in the flower industry. As of today, our organization has 30 employees in USA, most of them in our Miami head quarters representing more than 1000 workers of our partner growers who are the one responsible for the exceptional quality fresh cut flowers you benefit of. 2600 NW 79th Ave Miami Fla. 33122.

Success Flowers C.I. LTDA

We are a young company in the means, dedicated to the cultivation and production of export roses from the year 2004 and to the recent commercialization, of other products like carnation, miniclavel, Alstroemeria, green and tropical.

Sun Kissed Flowers

SKF Import Inc. d/b/a Sun Kissed Flowers is specialized in importing flowers from Ethiopia directly into the U.S., we import on a weekly basis, farm-direct and on a direct flight from Addis Abeba to Washington D.C.. At the moment we are offering exclusively the Hypericum Coco Series?? Veronica Smart Aliens??and Rosa Plaza Roses from our partner farms in Ethiopia to your truck-line in Miami.
Sunburst Farms

The goal of Sunburst Farms is simple-to enhance your life and world through the beauty, design and style of our fresh-cut flowers. Of course, no two customers have precisely the same needs or desires, so our company offers an unprecedented variety of outstanding products.
(800) 333-1223
Sunburst Farms

The goal of Sunburst Farms is simple-to enhance your life and world through the beauty, design and style of our fresh-cut flowers. Of course, no two customers have precisely the same needs or desires, so our company offers an unprecedented variety of outstanding products.
(800) 333-1223
Sunset Valley Flowers

Founded in April 1996, Sunset Valley Flowers has been producing and exporting quality roses throughout the world to countries such as The United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, Portugal and Ukraine. We are located in the Cayambe area, roughly 50 miles northeast of Ecuador's capital. Nestled within the valleys of the country's volcanic mountains and just minutes from the Ecuator, Sunset Valley Flowers is positioned to produce some of the finest roses in the world. With approximately 21 acres of greenhouses planted, we have over 40 varieties in production and are continuously adding new ones. Our company has invested heavily in new technology, providing us with the tools necessary for producing superior quality roses.
593-9-536-8461 / 593-9-536-8462
Sunshine Bouquet Company



At Sunshine Bouquet, our mission is to be the leader in the supermarket floral industry. Through a determined focus on the freshest flowers, innovative designs and great value, we pledge to give each and every one of our partners unsurpassed service. Our goal is to build an extraordinary organization that is accountable to our customers, employees and to the communities we serve. We achieve this goal on a daily basis through a relentless focus on Quality, Service, Value and Design
Syndicate Sales

Syndicate Sales is a family owned and operated company that manufactures and distributes products for the floral industry. The company began in 1946 when Del Demaree Sr. introduced a water tube made of translucent plastic with a rubber cap that allowed easy insertion of flower stems. He named it the Aquapic. In 1952, Del Demaree Sr. and his wife, Fern, founded Syndicate Sales and the manufacturing company Demaree Molded Plastics, in the city of Kokomo, Indiana, and began manufacturing Aquapics and other assorted floral plastic products for distribution to wholesale florists. In 1955 Syndicate Sales and Demaree Molded Plastics were incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana. In 1963, the companies were reorganized under the sole name of Syndicate Sales, Inc. Del Demaree Jr. was named President of Syndicate Sales, Inc. in 1967 and became its Chairman in 1995. Kokomo, IN.
Toll Free: (800) 428-0515 Local: (765) 457-7277
Tahami & Cultifores S.A. C.I.

Tahami & Cultiflores is a family owned and operated 87 hectares company in Colombia. We are a leading team in the ornamental industry serving our customers, associates, employees, and suppliers by adopting best practices in management, marketing, production, environmental and social areas. We assure a wide range of excellent quality products, with professional service.

Tampa Cargo S.A.

Supply our clients with quality, reliable, safe and profitable transportation logistics solutions, thus optimizing our production capacity.

Temkin International

Temkin International manufactures premium stock and custom flexible film packaging for a variety of industries. With four strategic locations and with the capacity to process over 2,000,000 feet of material per day, Temkin delivers versatile and effective packaging solutions in industry leading turnaround times. We are excited to show you how Temkin can help you to grow your business.
1 800 235 5263
Terra Nigra

Terra Nigra is a dynamic company specialized in breeding, marketing and propagating roses and gerberas. We strive to develop products that give the highest possible return to the grower, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer.
+31 (0)297 56 41 16
+31 (0)297 36 88 53
The Queens Flowers Corp

We are a leading importer and distributor of a wide variety of fresh cut flowers of consistent quality. Our goal is to keep in step with the industry?? trends by updating our portfolio to include the most innovative developments in the business.
The USA Bouquet

The USA Bouquet Company welcomes you to its corporate website. Here you will find important information about our company, services, distribution points, products as well as useful industry news. The USA Bouquet Company is national manufacturer and distributor of fresh cut flower bouquets and arrangements as well as other floral related products and services. With manufacturing and distribution facilities in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Dallas and Toronto, The USA Bouquet Company is able to service many market segments across the country and Canada.
Toto Flowers

Toto Flowers is a company dedicated to the commercialization of roses of high quality,becoming a company leader in the market.
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We scout the world in search of the right farm and products to meet your floral needs and expectations. We source our flowers from more than 95 of the best farms around the world, selected for their quality and their social and environmental responsibility. Mail: Transflora 1480 NW 94th Avenue Miami, FL 33172

Transinternacional Cargo has over 12 years of experience within the freight forwarding industry. The fresher the flowers the btter they sell, and the answer is in the cool chain. That is why all products entrusted to the care of Transinternacional Cargo are checked for temperature, first upon reception, second during storage and finally when delivered by our refrigerated trucks to the carrier

Trilogy Floral

Established in 2012, Trilogy Floral is one of the leading growers, importers and distributors of fresh cut flowers in North America. Trilogy Floral produces and sells fresh cut flowers at competitive and distribution prices, assuring excellent quality, consistency of our products and a superior service to all our clients. Feel free to browse our web site, as long as you like. Don't forget to visit frequently as we are constantly updating information about new varieties, and flower industry news.
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Tropical LTDA C.I.

Formed by a group of eight Heliconia producing farms located in the valley of the Cauca River in Southwest Colombia. The farms with an extension of more than 2000 hectares, have dedicated large areas to the production of heliconias, gingers, musas, foliage and related tropical plants.

Tuflor S.A.

We have been producing top quality carnations and spray carnations for the last 15 years. We grow carefully selected varieties, assuring our customers the freshest premium product anywhere they need it around the world.


Liberty Blooms, Inc. is a single farm consolidator and the exclusive American importer of Uniflor's flowers from Colombia. Uniflor is the name of our operation in Colombia. Our two farms neighbor the JMC International Airport in Rionegro (MDE) from where all cargo airlines fly regularly to Miami. Our product is therefore the freshest you can get out of Rionegro.

United Floral Farms

Call Gail she will take good care of your floral needs

US Greens Corp.

U.S. Greens Corp. Established in 1988 has positioned itself as the premier grower and distributor of decorative cut greens and specialty flowers. With a fully trained staff, state of the art coolers and a modern fleet of refrigerated trucks we help maintain the quality and freshness of our products from our fields to your doors. Our distribution center is located within close proximity to Miami International Airport, The Port of Miami and the Major Floral Trucking Lines. We offer a selection of products exceeding 100 different varieties with farms in 5 different states and 7 different countries which include Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, Columbia, Italy, Israel and Australia. Whatever your needs may be in floral cut greens consider us your one stop shop.

Valle Verde produces first-class quality roses, providing our clients with a rose that they can feel confident with. Our roses exceed all quality standards, with a minimum bud size of 6.5cm, a thick sturdy stem and a guarantee of at least 10 days of vase life.
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Van Dyk Bros

Millville N.J.

Veraflowers Farms

Veraflowers Farms is an Ecuadorian company that produces, commercializes and exports flowers. At the moment we specialize in Hypericum of the recognized Flair Series?. We have been in the market for 4 years and our farm is well-recognized for an excellent quality and a customized service.
Vida 18

We have become the leading development company in the ever growing florist business, providing our customers with a flexible, comprehensive solution that encompasses all the processes of the florist business... From control of the farm production to the sales and dispatch of the product, we enable our customers to expand and thrive in a cut-throat, competitive business.
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Virgin Farms

Welcome to Virgin Farms, your direct supplier of premium roses from Ecuador and a full line of floral products from around the world. Our proven system for growing, harvesting, packing and shipping only premium flowers is the reason you can trust your order will always be ??irst Class for Flowers????even before you open the box! From your very first order, you??l discover the joys of our First Class quality in every aspect of our company.
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Vivero Marinela

VIVERO MARINELA is company established since 1956, located in Palmira, Valle de Cauca. It started cultivating roses and later began the propagation of ornamental plants. It was the pioneer of the colombian cut roses and ornamental plants locally. Marinela wholesales plants to other nurseries all over the country, also is the provider of homecenter (homedepot like-two stores in Cali and one store in Pereira At the same time we have a retail stores. Twenty years ago started the production of tropical flowers and foliages.
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In the last few years, no one in the floral industry has changed more than the wholesale florist. Today, wholesalers are in a new position in the distribution channel, serving a vital and expanding role in floral distribution. And no organization is as uniquely positioned to meet the needs of floral distribution today as WF&FSA. We understand the logistical, operational and marketing challenges that both wholesalers and suppliers face in a changing market.
White River Roses


William Puckett Ferneries

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