African Exporters/ Importers

Agriver SA

We won silver prize, for 2nd best exhibition stand at the hortifair 2008. There were 2000 companies exhibiting from 4 corners of the world. Over 50 000 visitors. Agriver SA WON SILVER AWARD – 2ND BEST STAND.
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BloomQuest is supplying roses directly into the United States and we are looking to expand our operations with our retail partners in the USA. BloomQuest has a special trading relationship with Kenya where it works very closely with a number of specially selected farms dedicated to producing a range of high quality flowers but especially roses and carnations. Our farms in Kenya offer the ideal growing environment for year round flower production with an ideal climate, altitude and level of expertise.
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Dire Highland flowers P.L.C.

Flower growers and exporter

Eagle-Link Flowers
The Largest online wholesaler of fresh cut flowers and a florist supplier of roses, chrysanthemum, carnation, perfumed roses, tropical flower, fillers and foliage

Eagle-Link Flowers Exports Flowers of Premium Quality to Our Clients Worldwide. Fresh cut flower like Roses, Spray Roses, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Lilies & Fillers; for Major Floral Outlets, Supermarkets, Wholesale Markets like Auctions, Florists and Flower Shops, weddings and Events Planners, Resorts and Individual Customers

Eagle-Link Flowers
Friendship Flowers

Growers some of the best export varieties of roses.

Mosi & Branan Flowers

Growers and exporters of high quality fresh cut roses.

Sun Kissed Flowers

SKF Import Inc. d/b/a Sun Kissed Flowers is specialized in importing flowers from Ethiopia directly into the U.S., we import on a weekly basis, farm-direct and on a direct flight from Addis Abeba to Washington D.C.. At the moment we are offering exclusively the Hypericum Coco Series?? Veronica Smart Aliens??and Rosa Plaza Roses from our partner farms in Ethiopia to your truck-line in Miami.