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Breeders of New Varieties and Products

Bartels Roses / Bartels Stek

Bartels Stek is a family business located in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, since 1934. Innovation is vital, especially for a breeding and propagation company. It is our continual product innovation, offering added value for professional flower growing that has made us what we are today. Bartels Stek specialises in a range of vegetatively propagated products intended for use in (summer) bouquets.
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Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange represents a legacy of floricultural excellence more than a century in the making, providing the largest selection of superior flowers and plants …

Jan Spek Rozen B.V.

Jan Spec Rozen was founded in 1890 in Boskoop, The Netherlands. This rose breeder’s varieties include: Amber, Myrthe, Nectarine, Orchestra, N-Tertain, Ceci, and Hearts, the new rose with a heart in the middle of the flower.
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Konst Alstromeria B.V.

Konst Alstromeria B.V. is a company specializing in the selection, breeding and propagation of Alstromeria plants for the professional grower.
Kordes International

As one of the worlds??largest rose breeders W. Kordes??S?hne remains unique as the only breeder currently competing across the complete range of rose types. Over the years this ability has allowed the company to create a diverse pool of proprietary genetic material that now forms the foundation of the Kordes crossing program. The primary focus of the company is the creation of new Cutrose variety types, where the characteristics of robust technical abilities combined with superb flowering are targeted. Kordes now benefits from the advantage over 120 years of breeding brings in a history highlighted by the landmark introductions of extended vase-life and increased yield potential to the cutrose world.
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Rose breeder of varieties like: Avalanche+, Bella Vista+, Talea+. Kachita+, Kerio+, Amani+, Amsterdam

Meilland International

Meilland is distributing worldwide under licence new patented cut rose varieties but also varieties for other uses (garden, landscaping, pot)
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NIRP International

NIRP International has a wide range of cut rose varieties for each typology today requested by the market: Large flower – HT, Intermediate, Sweetheart and Spray. NIRP International cut rose varieties are highly appreciated on all the markets for their agronomical, aesthetical and commercial performances.
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For almost a century, Olij rozen int founded as a family company ??has been participating in the production of cut-roses and the propagation of plant material. From 1980, the breeding of roses has become an important third activity of the company and meanwhile is Olij under the name of Olij Breeding one of the most innovating rose-breedingcompanies, which is growing very quick. For Olij Breeding vase-life and production/m? are the main selection-criteria.


Now a part of Dummen Orange
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Plantec S.A.

Plantec was created as a response to the needs of a modern grower. At Plantec, we always pride ourselves on qualities that have characterized us from the beginning. Among them: Quality, Cleanliness, Punctuality in Delivery, a vast collection of Varieties, and an incredible post-sale customer service. We have managed to sustain these qualities for more than fifteen years by adopting and implementing some of the most advanced global technology.
Rijnplant Breeding BV

Welcome at the commercial nurseries of RijnPlant. RijnPlant has two different branches. RijnPlant Breeding at nursery Hofzicht which is situated at our nursery in De Lier. Nursery Berckenrode which produces finished plant, is based in Naaldwijk.
Rosen Tantau

For more than 100 years the garden rose breeding has been the core business of Rosen Tantau. During all that time the company has specialized on different types of roses. 20 years ago, however, Rosen Tantau started to intensively diversifying his breeding lines to different types of rose classes
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Royal Van Zanten Plants BV

In terms of bulb history, Royal Van Zanten has become a completely different business in the last few decades: an international ??reeding ground’ for plants and flowers. It is a business with an appealing range of basic materials and our business’ structure ensures focus is fixed on the market.
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Schreurs is a breeder of roses and gerberas. This means that we develop new varieties in roses and gerberas. With our breeding experience of more than 40 years we are one of the leading companies in rose and gerbera varieties
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Terra Nigra

Terra Nigra is a dynamic company specialized in breeding, marketing and propagating roses and gerberas. We strive to develop products that give the highest possible return to the grower, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer.
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