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Colombian Growers

Agricola Circasia LTDA C.I.

Bogota D.C.. Colombia

Agricola El Cactus S.A.

Agricola el Cactus is a family-owned company that produces and exports top-quality flowers. It is a hands-on business managed by its owners, one of whom has been involved in the flower business for over thirty five years. Founded in 1987, Cactus has at present two production farms: one in the Savannah of Bogota, just few miles west of the capital and another one in a beautiful valley in Boyaca. Cactus leading products are Carnations. Other products include Roses and Limonium. The company also produces smaller quantities of Asiatic Lilies, which are destined for special customers??orders.

Agricola La Montana E Inversiones Montenael

Bogota D.C., Colombia


Bogota D.C., Colombia

Agromonte S.A.

Agromonte has been in the flower industry since 1984, producing top quality carnations and mini carnations. Combining expertise with top of the line technology and a privileged location, we are able to provide our customers with the best service and quality flowers . Our carnations are well known for their long stems, big flowers and durability. Our operation allows us to offer different packing possibilities and more than 60 varieties.
(57 1) 592 2080
Agrosuba C.I. LTDA.

Bogota D.C., Colombia

Andean Fields

Colombia Farm representatives.

C. I. Agrícola de Las Mercedes S. A.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C. I. Flores Santa Fe LTDA

C.I. Flores Santa Fe counts with 24 hectares of standard carnations; planted with the most select color varieties and a wide range of novelties to complete our fashionable pallet. Because of our size we can always offer our clients fresh products and a person to person service.
(571) 522 36 31
(571) 522 36 12
C.I. Agricola El Redil LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia


Alexandra Farms is a small, cozy, nostalgic garden rose farm located in the incredibly fertile savannah of Bogota, high in the Andes mountains of Colombia, where the weather is perfect for rose growing: warm days and cool nights. We only grow Garden Roses and color hydrangeas. They are all hand cut, graded and packed. Perhaps a better name for our roses however is Nostalgic Roses because they have an old world feeling to them either by their cup and quartered shapes or their fruity or flowery fragrance.

C.I. Colibri Flowers S.A.

Located in the savannah of Bogot? and with a total cultivated area of 37 hectares, COLIBRI FLOWERS has been offering the highest quality carnations, spray carnations and roses since 1987.
(57) 1 891 1980
(57) 1 891 1970
C.I. Discovery Farms

Bogota, Colombia


Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Fantasy Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Fillers Colombianos LTDA

We grow a bunch of fresh roses varieties of different colors with the best quality standards so you can have the opportunity of choose according to your needs.

C.I. Florandina S.A.

FlorAndina exotic flowers are grown under unique conditions on cooperative farms in Western Colombia . They are the highest-quality flowers on the market today.
(574) 448 45 55
(574) 448 45 55 Ext.108
C.I. Flores Carmel S.A.

FLORES CARMEL was established in 1988. The Company?s facilities are located at 2.100 meters (6.900 feet) above sea level in Rionegro, Antioquia. We have an average temperature of 17? C (63? F), ideal for growing flowers. The farm is ten (10) minutes away from the Jose Mar?a Cordoba International Airport, an excellent location for handling and delivering cut flowers, keeping the cold chain intact.
(574) 537 1800 ext 117
(574) 537 1970
C.I. Flores Colon LTDA

Our companies have been producing fresh cut flowers since 1984 and importing and distributing in Miami since 2000. For the last 23 years, Colon Farms has been producing Carnations. Minicarnations and Roses on the Sabana de Bogot?. Our farms have more than 55 hectares of greenhouses and more than 100 varieties of Carnations, Minicarnations and Roses. More than 600 employees work, cultivate, harvest and classify fresh flowers following social, organic and green guidelines.

C.I. Flores Condor De Colombia

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Flores De Aposentos LTDA.

Aposentos Farms is a premier grower situated in the lush Savannah on the outskirts of Bogot? , Colombia . For over 20 years, Aposentos has been producing and exporting the finest carnations, spray carnations and roses available in South America and the world. Aposentos Farms counts on the production from over 60 hectares of fresh cut carnation, spray carnation and rose. As one of the top growers of cut flowers in Colombia , we are constantly leading the industry in terms of new varieties, availability, social advancement, environmental responsibility and service.
(571) 6129811
(571) 6129388
C.I. Flores De La Campina S.A.

C.I. FLores de la Campi?a S.A. is located in El Carmen de Viboral, a small town near Medellin, in Colombia, South America, at 40 minutes far to Jose Maria Cordoba Airport In Rionegro. We are 300 people who work for the sustenance of 300 families. We have been in the floral market for seventeen years and today we export our products to companies in: Puerto Rico, United States, Rusia and Europe. In Colombia we are considered as one of the most important Oriental Lilium growers. We carry dazzling Gerberas, big red Roses, Very nice green spider and the most astonishing Mini callas.
57 310 895 4716
C.I. Flores de La Vega S.A. (Vegaflor S.A.)

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Flores De Oriente S.A. C.I.

Flores de Oriente S.A. C.I. was founded in 1979, since then, we have been committed with the production of the best quality flowers. A wide assortment of spray chrysantemums, lisianthus, aster hanna, sunflower, aster matsumoto, asiatic lillies, molucella, tinted chrysantemums and bouquets are produced year round.
(574) 539 04 44
(574) 539 10 65
C.I. Flores De Suesca S.A.

Flores de Suesca has specialized in the production and exporting of high quality fresh cut roses. More than 25 years of continuous dedication with our clients have greatly contributed to our success over the time. We feel proud to offer you beautiful roses with large firm buds, exuberant green foliage, bright colors, and unbelievable vase life. The agility, quality and kindness are our daily goals.

C.I. Flores El Colmenerr S.A.

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Flores El Pandero LTDA.

Flores El Pandero is the leading producer of Gypsophilia in Colombia. Founded in 2002 In Zipaquira, Colombia as a family business with social consciousness working along the lines of sustainable development. Our expertise, commitment, quality and service mark the difference in the market.
Mb.: (57) 313 816 75 25 – 310 244 88 99
C.I. Flores La Conejera

Flores La Conejera Ltda., is a company that produces and commercializes a top quality standard carnation, founded more than 20 years ago, that has over 18 hectares of constant production. We are members of Asocolflores ??Colombian Flower Exporters Association ?? which compromises everyday with the well-being of our workers, their families and their needs. We are at the vanguard of the market, and that is how every year we try to obtain the best varieties at your disposal in the degree and quality that the final consumer demands, always thinking in the satisfaction of whom buys our product.
571 8572390 – 571 8574041
C.I. Flores Las Palmas LTDA

Bogota, Colombia

C.I. Flores Los Sauces S.A.

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Flores Prisma S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

C.I. Flores Tairona LTDA

We are C.I. Flores Tairona, founded in 1984. Actually, our principal economical activity is the production, trade and exportation of fresh and cut flowers. Our Company uses different designs in the commercialization of our flowers and in this line of production we have been recognized for the elaboration of bouquets, Consumer Bunch, proconas and branches in bulk with more high standards of quality that the worldwide market demands.

C.I. Florimex Colombia LTDA

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Greenex

Greenex was founded in February 2005. We are a leading Colombian foliage grower, committed with the highest industry standards and consistent quality. Our variety of cut greens and innovative pre-made products together with our unsurpassed expertise in growing, harvesting, and post harvest techniques has made us successful in today’s highly competitive greens market. We gladly invite you to experience our diverse line of products, and our premises of fairness, consistency, and respect.
(574) 5628759 EXT 113
C.I. Hydrangeas Grower


C.I. Inverpalmas LTDA

Inverpalmas has been growing and exporting high quality flowers since its establishment in 1983. Our primary goal is to produce and export the newest varieties of flowers at the highest possible quality while providing its customers with excellent service.

C.I. Inversiones Almer LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Invesiones La Montana S.A.

Our farm, INVERSIONES LA MONTA?A is located 1 hour north of Bogot? in the small town of Gachancip?. Having grown ROSES for the past 7 years we have gained plenty of experience and are well positioned and well known for our sustainability and reliability.
(57 1) 6102082 ??6102224
(57 1) 6102082
C.I. Jardines Bacata S.A.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Jardines Del Chaparral

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Matina Flowers LTDA

At Matina Flowers, we are the rose specialists. We grow high quality roses for the most demanding markets in Russia, Europe, and the USA. Matina Flowers has become well known for its bright and sharp color, outstanding foliage, large-head, and long-stem roses.
PBX (571) 6103161 ( 571) 6360929 ??(571) 6360939
(571) 2563008
C.I. Mega Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Montecarlo Gardens

Montecarlo Gardens was created in 2004, looking forward to be an excellent service option in the Flower Industry around the world. We aim to support our clients with their Marketing Needs and High Quality Standards, being the top one-stop option for them.
(57) 4 562-7874
C.I. Plantaciones Delta- Delta Group

Bogota D.C., Colombia

C.I. Rosas Colombianas S.A.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

C.I. Rosas de La Vega S.A.

Antioquia, Colombia

C.I. Santini Flowers LTDA

Our company started in the year 2007 in Marinilla ??Antioquia, (a small town located 25 miles from Medellin, with a year round temp of 62?F) . We specialize in the production of Hydrangeas, Ruscus and Minicallas in different varieties and colors including hydrangeas white, blue, baby green, white jumbo, jumbo pink, and green antique also tinted hydrangea

C.I. Teucali Flowers LTDA

We are a team of 320 people dedicating our lives to grow, harvest and export the best quality roses and carnations to the world. Our flowers must be grown inside greenhouses, irrigated constantly by the fresh waters of the nearly River, provided with abundant sunlight, and constantly cared for in order to accomplish full production meeting world class standards.

C.I. Vuelven S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

C.I.Agropecuaria Cuernavaca S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

Continental Farms

N.W.89th Place Miami Fla.33172

Cultivos Sayonara LTDA

Antioquia, Colombia

Excellence Flowers LTDA

Our premium roses, grown near Bogota, Colombia have long been admired for their unequaled beauty, petal size and colors. We are devoted to producing beautiful, long-lasting roses that reflect the advanced technology we employ as well as our commitment to our clients, our staff, and the community. We believe that at the heart of an Excellence Rose lay the enterprising spirit of the Colombian people.
(571)315648 6590/91
Flores Aurora LTDA C.I.

26 years of experience in the production and exportation of fresh cut flowers….. Our farm is located in the Sabana of Bogota where the climate provides the perfect growing conditions with long hours of sunlight. We have 33 plated hectares of roses( 12), carnations (14), and mini carnations (7).
(571) 634 7014
Flores Colombianas C.I. LTDA

Founded in 1967, Flores Colombianas, which in English means Colombian Flowers, is Colombia?? first and oldest fresh cut flower growing and exporting company. Located in the northeastern-most corner of South America, in the heart of the Colombian savannah, the Flores Colombianas farms are located just outside of Bogota. The company produces over 70 kinds of flowers in more than 130 hectares of greenhouses.

Flores De Bojaca LTDA

Bogota D.C., Colombia

Flores de la Campina

C.I. FLores de la Campi?a S.A. is located in El Carmen de Viboral, a small town near Medellin, in Colombia, South America, at 40 minutes far to Jose Maria Cordoba Airport In Rionegro. We are 300 people who work for the sustenance of 300 families. We have been in the floral market for eighteen years and today we export our products to companies in: Puerto Rico, United States, Rusia and Europe.
574 566 6115
Flores De Los Andes LTDA C.I.

Grupo Andes Farms is a privately owned organization that has been working in the cut flower business for over thirty five years. We have developed a line of products that include a large assortment of Premium Roses, Premium Alstroemeria and Premium Rose Bouquets.

Flores De Tenjo LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Flores El Caprio (Grupo Capiro)

FLORES CAPIRO was founded, in March 1982, by a group of people who dreamed of conquering world markets with flowers. Today, the group exports top quality fresh-cut flowers grown on its six farms Capiro Palmas, Capiro Tablazo, Capiro Gualanday, Capiro Llanogrande, Capiro La Ceja and Calla, located on the most productive regions of Colombia, close to the city of Medell?n.
57 4 4489310
Flores El Cipres LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Flores El Pino LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Flores Esmeralda LTDA

Antioquia, Colombia

Flores La Conchita S. EN. C.

Bogota, Colombia

Flores Rionegro

Antioquia, Colombia

Flores Sagaro S.A. – Las Flores S.A.

As a leading company in the flower industry in Colombia, FLORES SAGARO S.A. has been committed for more than 30 years in producing the best quality flowers in the region. A wide assortment of roses, carnations, mini carnations and alstroemeria are grown year round.
(571) 676 6300
(571)676 1269
Gutimilko C.I.

 The Guadalusa Farm

Guadalupana farm is the production facility, located at La Union, a town 20 Km. from the Jose Maria Cordoba International airport in Rionegro, at an altitude of (8.530 feet) (2.600 meters) above sea level and with a medium temperature of 15 degrees centigrade (59 F) that combined with the relative humidity, quality of soils, rain cycles and light intensity, give us the ideal place to grow our flowers with highest quality standards and most impressive colors.

The farm is located in the east part of Antioquia, zone that has became, in a very short time, the second flower producer in Colombia.

Guadalusa is the main supplier and associate of C.I Gutimilko, the farm grows, flowers such as Hydrangeas (white, green, antique, blue, blue Holland, purple, minigreen and tinted), Callas Lilies (White, yellow, green), Minicallas, Ruscus, Birds of Paradise, among others that are grow programmed by season.

Inversiones Bellaflor LTDA

Since 2004 Inversiones Bella Flor is a Colombian company dedicated to the production of roses for exportation. We count on an excellent team that is highly qualified infrastructure and the best technological resources. This permits us to guarantee our quality in the selection of the rose, excellent classification, temperature, packaging an the transportation managing.
(57) 3204495570 – 3204495571
Inversiones Montanel E.U.

Ideal weather and climatic conditions allow us to produce very high quality fresh cut lilies at all times of year since we have no seasons. Our lilies are cut as buds. They are carefully packed in cardboard boxes. Sent to our local international airport, on a 20 minute drive from our farm. They may be handled and preserved in cold rooms, so by the time the final consumer gets them, the lilies are open and fresh.
(571) 5313831
Inversiones Napy S.A.

Producers of tropical flowers and foliage’s.

Jardines Del Rosal LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Jaroma LTDA

On 22 company-owned hectares strategically located north of Bogota, Colombia. Jaroma cultivates world class varieties of roses. A favorable climate allow Jaroma to harvest brightly colored cultivars with large heads, healthy foliage and sturdy stems that satisfy the most demanding international markets delivering beauty, freshness and romance to the final customer.
571 616 8795
La Gaitana Farms S.A. C.I.

Since 1984, La Gaitana Farms has been growing top quality carnations and mini carnations. The quality of the products allowed expansion in the European and American markets. The company has developed a trademark with demanding customers in Holland, the U.K, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia, the United States, and Canada. The name became a symbol for a product with high value and freshness. La Gaitana Farms has introduced exclusive species and varieties. At our farm you will find products which are not to be found elsewhere.
La Plazoleta LTDA C.I.

Bogota D.C., Colombia

Liberty Blooms Inc.

Liberty Blooms, Inc. is a single farm consolidator and the exclusive American importer of Uniflor?? flowers from Colombia. Our alliance provides a powerful logistics approach system that allows you to buy directly from our farm and saves you the air transportation and importing hassle as we deliver your flowers directly to your trucks departing Miami.
305 228 0443
305 227 4711
Mega Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Melody Flowers LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Mountain Roses LTDA

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Passion Growers

The beginning of something great often starts as a simple idea, a lot of luck, and a passion that is always present when you love what you do. This is how our company began. In 2001, Cheryl and Sam, the original founders of Passion Growers, conceived the idea for what would become our company. The idea was to create a small company, a hobby, to do what they loved (therefore the name Passion Growers) and do it as best as they possibly could. The idea was simple: first, provide the best roses available anywhere and NEVER waiver on the highest possible standards. Second, build a company that is based on the highest ethical standards, consequently resulting in a positive impact on its customers, associates, suppliers and community. This is how Passion Growers was born.
PQR Perfect Quality Roses

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Rosas Tesalia

Bogota D.C., Colombia

S.B. Talee de Colombia S.A.

S.B. Talee was established in Italy in 1962, and has been dedicated to the research and development of new varieties of Carnations and Spray carnations, cuttings production and sales, and the growing and sales of cut flowers. SB Talee has its own breeding program in Colombia since 1998, working jointly with the best carnation breeders in the world enlarging the variety collection. Our company guarantees varieties with high standards of quality, constantly running quality, productivity, disease resistance, vase life, shipping behaviors and market acceptance tests (MAT).
(57) -1-257-9617
Success Flowers C.I. LTDA

We are a young company in the means, dedicated to the cultivation and production of export roses from the year 2004 and to the recent commercialization, of other products like carnation, miniclavel, Alstroemeria, green and tropical.

Tahami & Cultifores S.A. C.I.

Tahami & Cultiflores is a family owned and operated 87 hectares company in Colombia. We are a leading team in the ornamental industry serving our customers, associates, employees, and suppliers by adopting best practices in management, marketing, production, environmental and social areas. We assure a wide range of excellent quality products, with professional service.

The Queens Flowers Corp

We are a leading importer and distributor of a wide variety of fresh cut flowers of consistent quality. Our goal is to keep in step with the industry?? trends by updating our portfolio to include the most innovative developments in the business.
Toto Flowers

Toto Flowers is a company dedicated to the commercialization of roses of high quality,becoming a company leader in the market.
(571) 323 07 45
Tropical LTDA C.I.

Formed by a group of eight Heliconia producing farms located in the valley of the Cauca River in Southwest Colombia. The farms with an extension of more than 2000 hectares, have dedicated large areas to the production of heliconias, gingers, musas, foliage and related tropical plants.

Tuflor S.A.

We have been producing top quality carnations and spray carnations for the last 15 years. We grow carefully selected varieties, assuring our customers the freshest premium product anywhere they need it around the world.


Liberty Blooms, Inc. is a single farm consolidator and the exclusive American importer of Uniflor’s flowers from Colombia. Uniflor is the name of our operation in Colombia. Our two farms neighbor the JMC International Airport in Rionegro (MDE) from where all cargo airlines fly regularly to Miami. Our product is therefore the freshest you can get out of Rionegro.

Vivero Marinela

VIVERO MARINELA is company established since 1956, located in Palmira, Valle de Cauca. It started cultivating roses and later began the propagation of ornamental plants. It was the pioneer of the colombian cut roses and ornamental plants locally. Marinela wholesales plants to other nurseries all over the country, also is the provider of homecenter (homedepot like-two stores in Cali and one store in Pereira At the same time we have a retail stores. Twenty years ago started the production of tropical flowers and foliages.
(57) (2) 272 4010
(57) (2) 275 9334