Ecuadorean Growers

AAASA Corporation S.A.

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Abax Roses

Quito, Ecuador

Absolute Roses

Cayambe, Ecuador

agricola santa rosa de amboasi s.a


Agrifeg – Anne Flowers

Since 1992, our company has dedicated itself to the production and export of fresh cut roses on the best quality. Our variety assortment and profound care of the growing, selection and shipping processes guarantee customers of receiving some of the best roses the market has to offer. Located in the town of Cayambe-Ecuador, and with the beautiful snow capped volcano of the same name as background, our 17 ha farm is blessed with the perfect weather conditions for production of cut roses.

Agrirose CIA LTDA

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Agrocoex S.A.

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Agroefecto / Alpa Roses

Alpa Roses has been in business since Oct. 2007. The owners have a combined experience of more then 30 yrs in the floral industry. We export to over ten different countries including USA, Germany, Russia, Italy, Canada, Holland amongst others. We have experience catering to mass marketers, supermarkets, high-end retail shops as well as the traditional wholesale florist.
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Agroflora / Queen Roses

Select Group, with its farms Agroflora and Queenroses, is the pioneer of the flower industry in Ecuador. Having begun production of Ecuadorian roses is not only an honor, but a commitment to stay as market leaders and produce flowers of the highest quality. Our organization has a clear understanding of the current market, the ability to present solutions for each customer and to offer options for pre-sales volume for all floral festivities.


Agroganadera Espinosa Chiriboga S.A. is an Ecuadorian flower plantation specializing in roses that was established in 1999 as a means to enter the Fair Trade market and thus improve the quality of life of its stakeholders, the employees. The farm is situated at 10,000 feet in the Andean region of Ecuador in the Cotopaxi province which is known as the home of one of the world?? tallest active volcanoes.
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Agrorab CIA LTDA

A few kilometers from the city of Pujil?, on the slopes of Cotopaxi volcano, coinciding with one of the best resorts in the world, is the production plant AgroRAB Cia. Ltda. This company started with the production of flowers and the goal of becoming a competitive business that offers the best quality products and keep its commitment to excellence with their customers. Our mission is to develop the highest quality of flowers through the use of technology and variety selection, achieving a balance between productivity and agro-industry, environmental respect and social development, all driven by a highly qualified team.
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Agrosanalfonso S.A. Dba Glamour Roses

see Glamour Roses

Alkavat CIA LTDA

Valle Verde produces first-class quality roses, providing our clients with a rose that they can feel confident with. Our roses exceed all quality standards, with a minimum bud size of 6.5cm, a thick sturdy stem and a guarantee of at least 10 days of vase life.

Alma Roses


ALTAFLOR Plantaciones Cia. Ltda.

To produce and export high quality ROSES with intense coloration, abundant foliage, large bud size, long stems and longer shelf life, in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, while offering competitive prices. Promote the development of the company, its team members and our society. Efficient management of our natural resources. Caring for our environment and human kind as a whole.
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Arbusta Cia.Ltda

After being more than twenty years in business we are proud to present an organization focused in growing high quality flowers. With more than 50 production hectares, we place our products all over the world. We supply rose, carnation and lily varieties that will fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers.

Art Roses – Florifrut S.A.

In Art Roses , we have a total of 27 hectares of roses among both of our farms which are located in the surroundings of the Cayambe volcano, where the altitude, luminosity, temperature and other climatic conditions, along with our experience, allow us to produce and export consistent top quality roses. All our production processes are executed under strict principles of respect for our employees as well as our environment.
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Azaya Gardens

Azaya Gardens Limited Company; is dedicated to the production and export of roses, emphasizing on social and environmental responsibility. We base our policy of quality on the permanent search for the satisfaction of the customer. In order to obtain it, we give special importance to the qualification, development, motivation and respect for our staff. Besides, we have the necessary infrastructure and technology which allows us to fulfill the quality standards and to improve our processes continuously.
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Bellaflor Group

Owned by a Swiss-American family, BELLAFLOR – GROUP consists of several plantations located, near Quito in the Ecuadorian Andes. In state of the art facilities we grow the largest selection of high-end cut-flowers. In our trial areas we search continuously for new improved varieties.
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BellaRosa is a business dedicated to producing and selling natural, fresh-cut Premium roses at an international level. Our processes are designed to guarantee a high level of quality for our product while at the same time implementing production methods respectful of our people and the environment.
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