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Ecuadorean Growers

AAASA Corporation S.A.

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Abax Roses

Quito, Ecuador

Absolute Roses

Cayambe, Ecuador

agricola santa rosa de amboasi s.a


Agrifeg – Anne Flowers

Since 1992, our company has dedicated itself to the production and export of fresh cut roses on the best quality. Our variety assortment and profound care of the growing, selection and shipping processes guarantee customers of receiving some of the best roses the market has to offer. Located in the town of Cayambe-Ecuador, and with the beautiful snow capped volcano of the same name as background, our 17 ha farm is blessed with the perfect weather conditions for production of cut roses.

Agrirose CIA LTDA

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Agrocoex S.A.

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Agroefecto / Alpa Roses

Alpa Roses has been in business since Oct. 2007. The owners have a combined experience of more then 30 yrs in the floral industry. We export to over ten different countries including USA, Germany, Russia, Italy, Canada, Holland amongst others. We have experience catering to mass marketers, supermarkets, high-end retail shops as well as the traditional wholesale florist.
(593) 9 99718496
Agroflora / Queen Roses

Select Group, with its farms Agroflora and Queenroses, is the pioneer of the flower industry in Ecuador. Having begun production of Ecuadorian roses is not only an honor, but a commitment to stay as market leaders and produce flowers of the highest quality. Our organization has a clear understanding of the current market, the ability to present solutions for each customer and to offer options for pre-sales volume for all floral festivities.


Agroganadera Espinosa Chiriboga S.A. is an Ecuadorian flower plantation specializing in roses that was established in 1999 as a means to enter the Fair Trade market and thus improve the quality of life of its stakeholders, the employees. The farm is situated at 10,000 feet in the Andean region of Ecuador in the Cotopaxi province which is known as the home of one of the world?? tallest active volcanoes.
593 3 2 719879
Agrorab CIA LTDA

A few kilometers from the city of Pujil?, on the slopes of Cotopaxi volcano, coinciding with one of the best resorts in the world, is the production plant AgroRAB Cia. Ltda. This company started with the production of flowers and the goal of becoming a competitive business that offers the best quality products and keep its commitment to excellence with their customers. Our mission is to develop the highest quality of flowers through the use of technology and variety selection, achieving a balance between productivity and agro-industry, environmental respect and social development, all driven by a highly qualified team.
(593-2) 2527726
Agrosanalfonso S.A. Dba Glamour Roses

see Glamour Roses

Alkavat CIA LTDA

Valle Verde produces first-class quality roses, providing our clients with a rose that they can feel confident with. Our roses exceed all quality standards, with a minimum bud size of 6.5cm, a thick sturdy stem and a guarantee of at least 10 days of vase life.

Alma Roses


Arbusta Cia.Ltda

After being more than twenty years in business we are proud to present an organization focused in growing high quality flowers. With more than 50 production hectares, we place our products all over the world. We supply rose, carnation and lily varieties that will fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers.

Bellaflor Group

Owned by a Swiss-American family, BELLAFLOR – GROUP consists of several plantations located, near Quito in the Ecuadorian Andes. In state of the art facilities we grow the largest selection of high-end cut-flowers. In our trial areas we search continuously for new improved varieties.
305-677-3814 | (593 2) 2-393-253 | (593 2) 2-390-541
(593 2) 2-390-528

BellaRosa is a business dedicated to producing and selling natural, fresh-cut Premium roses at an international level. Our processes are designed to guarantee a high level of quality for our product while at the same time implementing production methods respectful of our people and the environment.
(593- 2) 243 9985
Conectiflor S.A.

“Listen to your customer”……..That is what Jan Spek Rozen always keeps in mind. On request of our wholesale customers as well as our retail customers we have restored order in the in transparency of the many rose varieties offered. Even the professionals in the rose trade were confused which varieties to grow and advice their customers. That is why Jan Spek Rozen has introduced the new quality label Spelarosa?

Coop Farms

With over 50 years of combined growing experience, CoOp Farms offers you sustainable, fresh flowers at great prices directly from Ecuador.

CULVAR S.A.-San Agustin Flowers

Quito, Ecuador

Denmar S.A.

Throughout our thirty years of experience in the flower industry, the HOSA Group has focused on nourishing the flowers we grow, caring for the people we work with, and protecting the natural resources that sustain us. We are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable, personalized care and offering a wide variety of exquisite fresh-cut flowers that range from classic roses to innovative bouquets.

Dream Farms Corp


Ecuadorian Spirit / Rosas Del Ecuador / Colors from Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

El Rosedal

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Eternal Flower

Quito, Ecuador

Exotic Farms

Distributors for farms.

Fiorella Roses

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Fiorentina Flowers

Cayambe, Ecuador

Florana Farms S.A.

We are a flower company with clear objectives and non-questionable quality. Leading in the production with an efficient and stable distribution, makes as a profitable and trustable group always providing excellent service. With the idea of diversifying our production and providing a wide range of alternatives to our clients, Florana Farms S.A. decided in 2007 to start with the production of tropical flowers and foliages. Currently, we offer 50 super premium varieties of roses; although, we are expanding and will have soon another 20 extraordinary varieties thanks to the constant surveys made to our customers helping us deciding in what varieties to grow. Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of tropical flowers and foliages.


Florecot SA


Floreloy S.A.

Cayambe, Ecuador

Flores Del Cotopaxi S.A.

Cayambe, Ecuador

Florespa CIA. LTDA

Pifo, Ecuador

Floricola Las Marias FLORMARE

Cayambe, Ecuador



Flower Village CIA LTDA

Quito, Ecuador

Freya Roses

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Galapagos Flores S.A.

Galapagos Flores is a world class pioneer company with 14 years of experience producing and exporting first quality cut-roses with more than 80 varieties. Our flowers are distributed to more than 15 countries worldwide. ??We make the most beautiful and creative bouquets, with roses, gypsophila, summer flowers, and greens. ??Success in commercialization has been achieved by flower quality, service, and an excellent record of meeting our sale agreements on time and with the specified quantities.
(593 2) 236 5993
(593 2) 236 5992
Gardaexport S.A.

Cayambe Ecuador

Golden Land

Golden Land is a company established in 2000, produces, processes and exports high quality roses. The Floriculture is located in Tabacundo – Ecuador, a region blessed with perfect weather for growing roses. Golden Land has 75 acres of greenhouses that produce over 60 varieties of roses black and premium quality. We have a special care of the plants and roses during the growing, harvesting, post-harvest and packaging, to ensure beautiful and fresh flowers. Roses are cut, processed and packaged according to customer requirements. cares Golden Land Environment and constantly produces roses quality using the best technology.
+593 2 279-2101
+593 2 279-2097
Grupo Vegaflor

Tabacundo Ecuador

Gypso S.A.

Gypso S.A. is an independent grower of summer flowers from Ecuador. We have been exporting our product for the last ten years under labels of international wholesalers.
5932300647 / 648 / 649 /650
Hacienda Santa Fe-Flowerlandfarms

Located in a strategic site in the Andes Mountains, Hacienda Santa Fe has been growing exceptional flowers for worldwide markets since 1993. Our 120-hectare farm has 15 hectares currently in production, providing first-class, export-quality roses. At 2.830 meters above sea level, the farm takes advantage of its high altitude, which provides high levels of luminosity, warm days and cool nights for growing long steams and large headed roses, so much desired in today?? marketplace.
(5932) 2380-128 |(5932) 2380-590
(5932) 2380-589
Heraplant S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

Highland Profarm

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Hoja Verde S.A.

HOJA VERDE S.A. is a family owned business that supplies to selected clients roses of very high quality, since 1997. At the moment we have over 60 varieties of roses in production. The special attention given to the enviroment and the development of our human resources are the backbone of our solid and social responsible organization.
+(593 2) 212 7085 / 212 7056 / 212 7081
+(593 2) 212 7105
Inflowers Farms

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Ingueza Roses

Ing?eza Roses was established in 1997. Since then we have provided our select customers with only the best fresh cut roses produced in the Ecuadorian highlands. We are constantly testing new varieties from the best breeders, this allows us to always offer what the market demands. All of our varieties have 100% paid royalties. Every rose harvested in our farm is organically grown, with the well being of our appreciated workers and the preservation of our beautiful natural surroundings as top priorities. It is our commitment to satisfy each and every one of our customers with efficient service and top quality product.
+593 2 604 0708 – 603 7011
Jardines de Cayambe / Cayambe Premium

Quito, Ecuador

Jaroma Roses

JAROMA ROSES is a company of 30 hectares strategically located north of Bogot?, Colombia?s capital city. JAROMA ROSES cultivates world class variety of roses in a favorable climate of excellent luminosity, in a clean environment, building a top quality rose where more than 450 friendly working colombians labor. JAROMA ROSES grows roses of excellent quality taking care of each detail in order to satisfy the demanding international markets, delivering fresh flowers to the final customer.


Cayambe, Ecudor

Joygardens S.A.

Tabacundo, Ecuador

Magic Flowers

Since MAGIC LOWERS appeared on the market in 1992, each of our products has been recognized as the standard quality and presentation.
+5934 2640086
Marlenroses Eduador S.A.

Marlen Roses is a young company which started its activities in July, 2004. This farm previously operated for 7 years with approximately 450,000 pants and with little commercial varieties. These varieties have been renewed based on a detailed market’s survery.
(593)32 712 510 / (593)32 712 433
Merinoroses CIA LTDA

In 1988, the Merino family decided to make its dream of becoming Ecuador?? first international biological flower farm a reality. The founders implemented their vision: offer an upscale product and personalized service to each and every customer and a warm working environment to all of our employees. This vision, combined with hard work and ample experience, represents the company?? greatest strength
(593-2) 279.2134 / (593-2) 279.2374

Mosflor Group is an Ecuadorian company devoted to both growing high quality roses and exporting fresh cut flowers from select farms, mostly towards Eastern Europe. Mosflor makes it possible to obtain the latest rose and carnation varieties, and a wide range of other type of flowers such as chrysantemum, alstroemeria, gypsohila, calla, lily, protea, tropical flowers, exotic bouquets too. All from the best farms in Ecuador and Colombia!
+593(2)395-75-84 / +593(2)395-75-63
Mystic Flowers S.A.

Since ?March, 1997, our fields have produced only premium quality roses in the grounds of Guachala, within the Cayambe zone, near to the equatorial line and surrounded with luxuriant vegetation and breathtaking landscapes, like the snow-covered Cayambe Mountain and the Andean Highlands. You will always find roses of Mystic Flowers to be rich in color, beautiful in shape and of long lasting freshness, in all of our vibrant new varieties as well as in the classic beauty of all time favorites.
(593-2) 380 1200 / (593-2) 380 1201
Naraanjo Roses Ecuador S.A.

From a place in the Ecuadorian Andes, we welcome to our customers and friends.?Naraanjo Roses own 19.5 hectares covered with 45 varieties of roses; we also hold a program of annual renewal, continued growth and a production capacity of 26 hectares.
(593 32) 266-100/101/102
Natuflor S.A.

Natuflor S.A. is a company dedicated to the flower production in Machachi – Ecuador, and has been in the market for ten years. Our experience has developed within Natuflor, people with specialized knowledge in each one of the strategic areas. Nowadays we produce 10 million of stems per year in 15 hectares of land. They are distributed in sixty-two varieties and exported throughout our subsidiary ECOFARMS Corp. with no extra cost. Our open production during the whole year allows us to guarantee stable volumes in order to establish Standing Orders.
Nintanga S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

Pacha Sisay

We are a privately owned company dedicated to growing the best roses on offer. We currently have 4 hectares of production which gives us the advantage of offering products of high quality. Pacha Sisay is a new, dynamic and proactive company that has been created to offer the highest customer service in today’s market. Our Work Team has years of experience in the flower sector, we are in process of constant renewal of our varieties in order to satisfy the demand to the different markets that we project. Our product is aimed basically at the American and European markets and our product meets the quality standards demanded by customers.
+593 2 2790-352 / 2790-354
Pencaflor-Celebrity Flowers

We are a company that commercializes and produces lilies to satisfy the high demand of the international market.
(593-2) 2547 370
(593-2) 2231 946
Petalos Y Rosas Petyros S.A.

PETYROS was founded in 1988. We are the pioneering farm in rose production in the second largest flower growing area in Ecuador, the province of Cotopaxi. PETYROS grows premium quality roses and exports them to international markets to cover the needs of consumers through personalized and efficient service. PETYROS grows roses under environmentally and socially safe conditions. We have earned the certification of the Flower Label Program from Germany and we are certified since 1998. PETYROS also hold the certification from the Business Anti-Sumuggling Coalition or BASC. All of these features contribute to the consistency and quality of our fresh cut roses and the assurance of your success in marketing and selling our products.

Quality Service S.A. Qualisa

QualisA?? first rose production farm was built on 1992 with 15,7 hectares. At 1998 the second production farm of QualisA was created with 12 hectares and finally the third farm on 2005 with 13 hectares. All three farms with over 40 hectares of cultivated greenhouse area are located at Ecuador, South America. QualisA?? most extreme-care cultivation practices, infrastructure and motivated human resource brings to the market the roses clearly recognized by their bright colors, outstanding vase life and cleanest foliage our demanding clients may find.
+593 2236 3490 / 1
+593 2236 3493
Rose Success

ROSE SUCCESS is focused in the production and export of the most beautiful ECUADORIAN ROSES. Our 11 hectares farm is located in the Cotopaxi region where the quality of our soil, luminosity and Andean climate provide us of the ideal conditions to grow HIGH QUALITY ROSES, with large bud size, great length and strong vibrant colours.

Rosen Pavillion CIA LTDA

Pichincha, Ecuador

Royal Flowers S.A.

Our farms put great emphasis on proper care of the environment. We take careful measures to ensure that our flowers are grown responsibly and with a minimal impact on our natural resources. This involves minimizing our use of pesticides, fungicides and other materials. Other environmental efforts include conservation of soil and water, recycling of organic materials, and the use of organic fertilizers. In recognition of this effort we were awarded the certification MPS-A in 2003. In addition Royal Flowers? farms were awarded the Flower Label Program (FLP) certification in 2007.
Sacha Rose CIA LTDA

Pifo, Ecuador

Sachaflor CIA LTDA

Quito, Ecuador

San Agustin Flowers

Quito, Ecuador

Sisapamba Rosa y Rosas

We are working to bring your loved ones outstanding roses that open and last in a perfect state. We are internationally recognized as a high quality grower of export standard Ecuadorian roses because we managed to keep a balance between the resources that our soil and our people offer us. Sisapamba, an indigenous word for ??ose garden??translate the warmth and confidence our family business has been transmitting to our customers and employees. We care about our people, environment and roses like our own family. Experience the beauty of our country, people and roses today with Sisapamba.
(593-2) 2119-084, (593-2) 2119-004
Sunset Valley Flowers

Founded in April 1996, Sunset Valley Flowers has been producing and exporting quality roses throughout the world to countries such as The United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, Portugal and Ukraine. We are located in the Cayambe area, roughly 50 miles northeast of Ecuador’s capital. Nestled within the valleys of the country’s volcanic mountains and just minutes from the Ecuator, Sunset Valley Flowers is positioned to produce some of the finest roses in the world. With approximately 21 acres of greenhouses planted, we have over 40 varieties in production and are continuously adding new ones. Our company has invested heavily in new technology, providing us with the tools necessary for producing superior quality roses.
593-9-536-8461 / 593-9-536-8462
Veraflowers Farms

Veraflowers Farms is an Ecuadorian company that produces, commercializes and exports flowers. At the moment we specialize in Hypericum of the recognized Flair Series?. We have been in the market for 4 years and our farm is well-recognized for an excellent quality and a customized service.
White River Roses