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Importers in Miami Area

Choice Farms is the first call for many of America?? top wholesale florists and that?? because we have the planet?? best daily availability of fresh-cut roses from Ecuador and Colombia. Our customers are able to purchase most or all of the colored or red rose varieties they need with just one time and money-saving phone call! Choice Farms carries over 100+ red and colored varieties on a daily basis and we feature the newest and most popular roses that your retail customers demand. 2003 NW 70th Ave Miami Fla 33122.

N.W.89th Place Miami Fla.33172


With over 30 years in the industry, we are a premiere grower and distributor of fresh cut flowers. We grow and import over 100 varieties of flowers from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Brazil. We are proud to always be among the first flower growers to introduce the newest floral varieties.8175 NW 31 Street Miami, FL 33122
Bringing the farm to your doorstep

We are your “total solution”! We eliminate the daily hassles of direct farm purchasing. We place the order, get it en-route to Miami, track it, and make final connections for you! If there is a problem….we correct it so you don’t have to. This way you get back to what is important….managing your business!

Why we are different and why we are way more tuned with your needs than you imagine??Afraid you will not get exactly what you ordered for that important wedding order? Traditional Importers don?? know how to handle pre books on off-holiday season. Talk to us, our business is 100% pre books. We specialize in orders no traditional importer can commit to.
(866) 276 7710
(305) 233 4756

Our companies have been producing fresh cut flowers since 1984 and importing and distributing in Miami since 2000. We care about the well being of our employees, we are environmentally friendly and we care about the total satisfaction of our costumers.

Floral Company that sells to Supermarkets throughout the United States.

Flowers Importer/ Distributor of Handmade Specialty Bouquets throughout the United States.
3260 Corporate View Drive
Vista Ca. 92081

Very cool Company

About Us Founded in 1986, Equiflor Corporation is a U.S. privately owned and managed fresh flower grower, importer, distributor and marketer of Roses, Carnations and Specialty Flowers from the major growing regions of the world. From our state-of-the-art distribution center close to the Miami International Airport, we distribute our nationally branded fresh cut flowers via a network of wholesale flower distributors across the U.S. and Canada.

About Us Founded in 1986, Equiflor Corporation is a U.S. privately owned and managed fresh flower grower, importer, distributor and marketer of Roses, Carnations and Specialty Flowers from the major growing regions of the world. From our state-of-the-art distribution center close to the Miami International Airport, we distribute our nationally branded fresh cut flowers via a network of wholesale flower distributors across the U.S. and Canada.

Fantasy Farms LLC is grower, importer and distributer of fresh cut flowers. We offer a wide variety of products from over 50 farms in countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Our company provides high quality products and a diversified portfolio that will allow your company to fill your needs in just one place.


Welcome to Fiore Farms, an importer and distributor of fresh cut flowers with a Sales, Marketing and Procurement operation established to support our customers as well as our farms. Our team of seasoned Managers, Account Managers, Marketing and Procurement professionals will strive to provide you with superb customer service and satisfaction. 7270 NW 12 Street Suite 330 Miami, FL 33126
866-465-9926 ext: 101

FLORECO, INC is an importer of fresh cut flowers, specializing in roses from Ecuador , with over 170 varieties available to you. Founded in 1996, we are a growing company tied closely to our farms and completely dedicated to customer satisfaction

Fresca Farms is a flexible company which can create custom consumer bunches and bouquets that meet your specific needs. The following are the advantages of working with Fresca Farms: We offer full service to our customers ??Fresca Farms will be your one stop shop for your floral needs. We have standing orders available with extremely competitive pricing. We offer our partners custom packs as well as wet packs to meet the needs of your clients. We are farm-related. We pride ourselves in supplying a large selection of novelty flowers. We employ an in-house agronomist in our Miami distribution warehouse to ensure you receive only the highest quality flowers. We are strategically located near most truck lines, offering you later cut-off times and accommodating last minute orders. Here are just a few examples of unique product available through Fresca Farms: Moon Series Carnations, 120cm Roses, vast variety of Hydrangeas. 3095 NW 77th Ave Miami Fla. 22133
Galleria Farms

Established in 2000, Galleria Farms is a leading grower, importer and distributor of premium, fresh-cut flowers.
We are a solution and service provider for innovative floral products that can be found nationwide in major supermarkets,
mass market retailers, bouquet manufacturers and wholesale florists.

2601 Nw 104th Ct
Miami, Fl 33172

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305 -591 -0177
(305) 591-0045
(305) 591-0177

Gardens America is a family owned business with family values that extend to all of our exceptional staff. Since we started in the floral industry in 1969 with one farm, we have grown exponentially because of our uncompromising eye for detail and our commitment to the success of our floral partners. We partner only with growers whose products are exceptional and whose personnel work with us to ensure our clients get the quality and consistency they deserve. The excellent product we acquire combined with our skills and service in sales and marketing has made us an industry leader in the world of cut flowers. We currently work with and manage over 30 growers world-wide who produce over 50 product lines in our portfolio.

Our products can be viewed on our website, and in 2014 clients will be able to order directly from our website via our very popular E-Commerce ordering system. Clients can order directly from our Miami inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will soon be able to pre-book directly with the farms, making our clients’ jobs even easier.

We constantly re-evaluate and explore better ways to make working with Gardens America an easy experience with tangible benefits that can be seen in the beauty and longevity of our blooms and the happiness of our clients.

Throughout our thirty years of experience in the flower industry, the HOSA Group has focused on nourishing the flowers we grow, caring for the people we work with, and protecting the natural resources that sustain us. 1617 N.W. 84th Ave. Miami, Florida 3312.
305 470 9991
305 397-2734

Hyperactive Farms has the largest selection of mini and open cut Callas, Hydrangea, Raunculus, Peony, Anemone and Cybidiums on the market today! 3400 NW 74th Ave Miami Fla. 33122

International Flower Exchange, Inc. (IFE) was established in 1982 for the purpose of importing flowers for distribution in the United States, Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. The growth of the flower market over the past years has been explosive. Fueled by over 4,500 wholesalers, the flower market has grown from $153 million in 1983 to close to $1 billion dollars in 1999.
(305) 594-4954
(305) 477-9131

Jet Fresh Flowers was established by the Black family in January ??8 with the idea of creating long-lasting relationships, and going above and beyond to make our customers happy. We are one of the few remaining family-owned and operated businesses with four generations of floral industry knowledge and experience. President Mike Black has nearly 34 years of experience as a retailer, wholesaler, importer, bouquet maker, floral buyer and floral logistics coordinator.

Liberty Blooms, Inc. is a single farm consolidator and the exclusive American importer of Uniflor?? flowers from Colombia. Our alliance provides a powerful logistics approach system that allows you to buy directly from our farm and saves you the air transportation and importing hassle as we deliver your flowers directly to your trucks departing Miami.
305 228 0443
305 227 4711

Mayesh Wholesale Florist is a direct shipper and wholesale supplier of high quality cut flowers from around the world including the United States.. From mixed boxes packed to your specifications to custom made bouquets, hand made wreaths and garland, Mayesh Wholesale Florist offers a unique array of services to floral designs and event companies..

Melody Farms was founded in 1999 by The Vegaflor Group, a group of dedicated Colombian growers who wanted to provide the North American flower market with superb alternative in fresh-cut flowers. Our farms are located in Medellin and Bogota, Colombia growing premium quality pompoms, chrysanthemums, aster, sunflowers, and roses. Our farm network consists of 180 acres of planted land with the industry?? highest standards in regards of greenhouses, irrigation, product and variety selection and overall production techniques.

Misty Flowers is a full line distribution center specializing in novelty product from all over the world. Misty?? knowledgeable and experienced staff will ensure the accurate and timely handling of your requests. With our focus on helping each person to succeed, our goal is to develop relationships based on value, trust and quality. Address: 2605 NW 75th Ave Miami Fl 33122.

Multiflora has been a leader in the floral industry since 1969. We pride ourselves on being the best source for unsurpassed farm fresh quality flowers, great customer service and dedicated sales support in every market across North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean.

Natuflora represents an excellent new breed of Colombian growers focusing on state of the art growing techniques and the most technically advanced systems in the industry. As a proud member of Flor Verde, Natuflora understands the delicate balance between corporate goals, social, and ecological responsibilities.

Pioneers in the floral industry, Nature’s Flowers has perfected the art of delivering the freshest flowers available anywhere, from field to market. We strive for the highest standards of quality and consistency in every stem. We believe the key ingredients in our quality recipe are exceptional people, uncompromising quality standards, and a vigilant commitment to sustainable growing practices.


2605 NW 77 AVE

Miami FL, 33122

The beginning of something great often starts as a simple idea, a lot of luck, and a passion that is always present when you love what you do. This is how our company began. In 2001, Cheryl and Sam, the original founders of Passion Growers, conceived the idea for what would become our company. The idea was to create a small company, a hobby, to do what they loved (therefore the name Passion Growers) and do it as best as they possibly could. The idea was simple: first, provide the best roses available anywhere and NEVER waiver on the highest possible standards. Second, build a company that is based on the highest ethical standards, consequently resulting in a positive impact on its customers, associates, suppliers and community. This is how Passion Growers was born.

Premium Flowers has been providing fresh cut flowers throughout the United States and Canada since 1985. Our corporate name reflects our philosophy: Only top quality flowers should make their way into our customers’ hands. Based on this principle, we have built strong and mutually rewarding relationships and partnerships with the most distinguished wholesale buyers in the industry.

Rainbow Flowers has been providing exceptional fresh flowers to our customers for nearly a generation. We offer a variety of cut flowers and roses that have been carefully inspected and flown in directly from the highest quality farms in Ecuador and Colombia. The owner of Rainbow Flowers, Jamie Cannon has been farming in Florida since the ’70s. His son Grymes Cannon joined the family business in 2002 and now is currently the acting President of Rainbow Flowers Imports, Inc. Their years of walking the fields and cultivating flowers have given them the expert knowledge needed to select the finest flowers for their customers.

Located?in Miami we’ve been distributing and importing greens and floral foliage since 1990 through the leadership of our founder, Clemente A. Quinones. In the past few years we’ve added flowers to our inventory allowing our customers a one stop shop for all their needs. Only a stone’s throw from the cargo section of Miami International Airport, the Port of Miami, U.S. Customs and Department of Agriculture, our products are always fresh when our customers receive them. And we’re perfectly positioned in the middle of most of the premier carriers in the floral industry ensuring our ability to deliver to your specific logistics company.
(305) 471-0321
(305) 471-0335

SKF Import Inc. d/b/a Sun Kissed Flowers is specialized in importing flowers from Ethiopia directly into the U.S., we import on a weekly basis, farm-direct and on a direct flight from Addis Abeba to Washington D.C.. At the moment we are offering exclusively the Hypericum Coco Series?? Veronica Smart Aliens??and Rosa Plaza Roses from our partner farms in Ethiopia to your truck-line in Miami.

The goal of Sunburst Farms is simple-to enhance your life and world through the beauty, design and style of our fresh-cut flowers. Of course, no two customers have precisely the same needs or desires, so our company offers an unprecedented variety of outstanding products.
(800) 333-1223

The goal of Sunburst Farms is simple-to enhance your life and world through the beauty, design and style of our fresh-cut flowers. Of course, no two customers have precisely the same needs or desires, so our company offers an unprecedented variety of outstanding products.
(800) 333-1223

We are a leading importer and distributor of a wide variety of fresh cut flowers of consistent quality. Our goal is to keep in step with the industry?? trends by updating our portfolio to include the most innovative developments in the business.

The USA Bouquet Company welcomes you to its corporate website. Here you will find important information about our company, services, distribution points, products as well as useful industry news. The USA Bouquet Company is national manufacturer and distributor of fresh cut flower bouquets and arrangements as well as other floral related products and services. With manufacturing and distribution facilities in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Dallas and Toronto, The USA Bouquet Company is able to service many market segments across the country and Canada.

We scout the world in search of the right farm and products to meet your floral needs and expectations. We source our flowers from more than 95 of the best farms around the world, selected for their quality and their social and environmental responsibility. Mail: Transflora 1480 NW 94th Avenue Miami, FL 33172

Established in 2012, Trilogy Floral is one of the leading growers, importers and distributors of fresh cut flowers in North America. Trilogy Floral produces and sells fresh cut flowers at competitive and distribution prices, assuring excellent quality, consistency of our products and a superior service to all our clients. Feel free to browse our web site, as long as you like. Don’t forget to visit frequently as we are constantly updating information about new varieties, and flower industry news.
(877) 696-0831

Call Gail she will take good care of your floral needs


Welcome to Virgin Farms, your direct supplier of premium roses from Ecuador and a full line of floral products from around the world. Our proven system for growing, harvesting, packing and shipping only premium flowers is the reason you can trust your order will always be ??irst Class for Flowers????even before you open the box! From your very first order, you??l discover the joys of our First Class quality in every aspect of our company.
305 – 436 – 8703
305 – 436 – 8711