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Packaging Companies

A-Roo Company LLC

Founded by Robert Gilbert in 1965, A-ROO Company is the floral industry?? largest supplier of conical shaped packaging in North America.

Decowraps was founded in February 1999 in Miami, Florida, home of our global headquarters. Decowraps’ objective has been to supply the floral industry with the most innovative packaging products. As a result of global sourcing, vertical integration, and superior personalized customer service Decowraps has become a leading supplier of distinctive packaging options for all levels of fresh flowers and potted plans.
Dependable Packaging Solutions

Dependable Packaging Solutions (DPS) is Florida’s largest privately owned distributor of corrugated products and packaging supplies including stretch wrap, tape, bubble wrap, poly bags, edge board, strapping and labels. Dependable Packaging also offers a wide array of janitorial and office and warehouse safety products as well as a full catalog of nearly 100,000 office products and furnishings, storage racks, bins and systems, making DPS the total solution for everything you need for your workplace.
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(305) 624-8929

Almost 75 years we supply packaging for flower and plants. Every day, almost 200 of our colleagues are here for you to help you sell your products packed in the most efficient way. Adding value with packaging and decorations to your flowers and plants. Custom made to your needs. Offering you ethics, quality and flexibility and not to forget: the best packaging solution possible at best price.
RMP (Robert Mann Packaging)

RMP is the largest supplier to the floral industry in California with a complete product line of stock and custom packaging with second-to-none expertise developed over the last 37 years.
Temkin International

Temkin International manufactures premium stock and custom flexible film packaging for a variety of industries. With four strategic locations and with the capacity to process over 2,000,000 feet of material per day, Temkin delivers versatile and effective packaging solutions in industry leading turnaround times. We are excited to show you how Temkin can help you to grow your business.
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