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Estelle Solidago

Estelle Solidago


  • WillieeArmellini

    This topic got a crazy amount of views over 3,000 and it makes me wonder if I should follow up and find all of the sources of this cool flower?

  • WillieeArmellini

    I also believe I saw some at Valleflor in Quito


    • thnx

  • Does anyone know who is growing this?

    • Mellano & Co in California has a building program.

    • Yes, we at Plazoleta in Colombia have this beautiful flower. We have production 52 weeks a year, and we have it available natural or dyed. just call us 1-866-607-1460

  • RC- I thought the same. Not sure about how it grows or travels but maybe something different to use in designs.

  • Very cool! haven’t seen it before.

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