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Farmer/grower Calvin Chadwick from Minnesota dies on Easter Eve

BLOOMINGTON, USA: Calvin Roy Chadwick (or just Cal as he liked to be called), born February 22, 1943, was one of those people who had a positive influence on those around him and who brought out the best in people.

Farming in and around Bloomington, Minnesota (USA), he became famous for his sweet-corn as well as for his upbeat attitude. At the young age of nine he started selling strawberries and sweet corn from a card table in front of the family home. In time he opened and run two ‘Cal’s Market’ stores and flower greenhouses with the help of wife Beverly. Customers flocked in not only to buy his flowers and vegetables but also because of the friendly service they got, often directly from him. Cal truly enjoyed interacting with people, kidding around with youngsters and reminiscing with older folk.

Cal became a successful businessman who remained a farmer at heart, ploughing the fields himself whenever his commitments allowed. He inspired by example, with undeviating ethics – “straight as an arrow”, people referred to him. A man of God, Cal would drop an eventual Bible quote, as often as he would crack a joke.

The Chadwicks have been blessed with three beautiful daughters, but countless other young men around the world are proud to be called ‘their kids’. For years, Cal and Bev hosted University of MN agriculture exchange students from dozens of countries. Always interested in people and how life was in other countries, this Minnesotan farmer inspired many around the world.

Cal passed away at home surrounded but family and the grandkids he was so fond of. His example of a lifetime of hard work and friendliness will continue on with those of us who were lucky enough to have worked for him.


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