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    (received this today and thought I would pass it on)

    September 30, 2014

    Dear CUSTOMER,

    I am proud to announce that Continental Floral Greens assets have been acquired by Great Day Group of Sun Valley, Idaho. Great Day Group will assumed ownership of the company on October 1, 2014 and changed the name to Continental Floral LLC™. With this move, I will continue with the company as an advisor and am also proud to announce the appointment of the company’s new CEO, John Bowser. John comes to the company with vast experience in the wood products industry, has a long history of managing successful companies and is dedicated and committed to making and growing and enhancing the new Continental Floral.

    As our valued customer, we wanted to inform you directly and ask for your continued business. The new Continental Floral is committed to a number of business principles and practices that will:

    * Enhance our customer service

    * Provide you with the finest quality products available

    * Improve on-time delivery with enhanced transportation methods

    * Bring you innovative new products to increase your sales

    We are confident they can deliver on this promise because Great Day Group is not new to the flora culture products industry. The company’s owner Jim Milgard founded Pacific Mountain Products in Bremerton, Washington, which has grown to become a global force in the Pacific Northwest greens industry in just a few short years. The company manages over 750,000 acres of forest land and owns a 5.500 acre farm called Mount St. Helens Tree Farm, which produces premium grade high mountain Noble Fir.

    Continue to work with your in-house representative at Continental Floral as you have in the past and we will keep you informed as upgrades and enhancements are implemented.

    Again, we thank you for your business; ask for your support during this transition; and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship now and for decades to come.


    Jim Everett
    President/CEO (retired)
    Continental Floral Greens



    Hope the new owners will not keep that horrible GM they have Steve B.



    I don’t know, so have no opinion regarding, Steve B – but am a fan of CFG – consistent quality product and delivery at a good price. Hope nothing changes on that.


    Thanks for posting this and while I knew it was coming I am in Quito and not so connected.

    It will be interesting to see what this new does with CFG which is bigger than most know. The have their hands in many pies and now even more.

    Good luck to Jim and to all employees.


    A bit more information this time from the buyer:

    Subject: Continental Floral Greens Acquired by Great Day Group Owners of Pacific NW Greenery Company to Create Continental Floral LLC
    Message: BREMERTON, Wash. (Oct. 1, 2014) Great Day Group LLC of Sun Valley, Idaho today announced the asset acquisition of one of the country oldest and largest suppliers of decorative greenery, flowers and hard goods, Continental Floral Greens headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. With the completion of the acquisition, the current company will make a subtle, but significant name change to Continental Floral LLC.

    The new name represents a strategic shift in philosophy and approach to its employees, its customers and its product, says the company’s new CEO John Bowser. This 60 year old family run company set the standard for greenery importation from its farms in Mexico and around the U.S. but we believe that we can help pool our combined resources, energy and modern approach to business to catapult the new Continental Floral into an even stronger leadership position for the next generation.

    According to Jim Milgard, owner of Great Day Group and Pacific Mountain Products, the two greenery and floral companies will operate separately with some potential shared resources. Pacific Mountain Products is a much younger company in years, but more progressive in its approach to business,” says Milgard. We believe in redefining our industry through the power of our people, products and performance, particularly as it relates to bringing innovative new products and services to our customers. Both companies are global suppliers to floral wholesalers, floral departments of national grocery chains to big box retailers, with the greenery and flowers used in floriculture such as bouquets, holiday wreaths and in the case of Continental Floral, select hard goods like glass bowls, baskets and pottery.

    Continental Floral grows or harvests most of its greenery and floral products on company owned and operated farm locations in California, Florida, Texas, Washington State and Mexico. Pacific Mountain Products manages large tracts of land allowing the company to selectively harvest only the highest quality products using earth-friendly, sustainable practices.

    This acquisition comes at a perfect time for our family business,” says Jim Everett, CEO/President and second generation Everett family member. The company was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1954 by Larson and Nuria Everett, who selected the location as the gateway to the U.S. floral markets for Latin American greenery (Comador). Jim has continued the family legacy. We are ready to see the company our family founded continue to grow and we believe that John (Bowser) and Jim (Milgard) have the vision to make that happen.

    Over the course of the next several months, Bowser will implement a number of upgrades and changes to the company to improve its operations. Our approach will be to introduce the philosophies of Pacific Mountain Products to Continental Florals associates; business practices that have made our company so successful, says Bowser. The future is green for both of our companies as long as we stay focused and committed to each other, our customers and our products.

    About Great Day Group LLC:

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