Cotopaxi Keeps Rumbling as Ecuador Prepares for Eruption

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    otopaxi in Ecuador continues to rumble after its first eruption in 70 years earlier this month. Over the last week, the volcano has been emitting almost constant steam-and-ash plumes punctuated by small explosions—all signs that magma is rising into the volcano. The steam-and-ash plumes have mostly been 1-2 kilometers in height and rangers in the National Park surrounding the volcano have reported a few millimeters of fine ash fall. You can check out some pictures of how this ash is impacting the local communities, where farmers have said that their livestock is beginning feel the effects. Ash from Cotopaxi has reached as far as the Pacific Ocean (see below) during this week of unrest. Dozens of earthquakes along with constant harmonic tremor were recorded at Cotopaxi over the last day as well.

    The Ecuadoran government has been preparing for evacuations if the activity intensifies and has earmarked ~$500 million for potential damage and displacement due to an eruption.



    I’ve heard from a reputed vulcanologist it’s most likely that Cotopaxi will continue to erupt ash for about a year and then intensify. He’s studied the ash and says it contains no lava, so it’s not likely the volcano will violently erupt up until a year from now… if it does at that time.



    I have been getting images of the smoke rising but the video is too large to post.

    Thanks for posting and the info

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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