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    Dear Fellow Floral Professional,
    Thank you for requesting a sample of Eco Fresh Bouquet’s floral hydration stem sponge-wrap™ system, touted as an unequivocal “game changer” throughout the floral industry! For the first time, an ecologically sound solution for hydrating flower stems of Hand-Held Bouquets with a professional appearance and flawless performance exists. A cost-effective way to differentiate from the competition, build revenue, satisfaction, loyalty and confidence, while meeting the growing needs of customers that provides surety that each bouquet with arrive fresh and beautiful, every time!
    In Bloom,

    As Debbie Demarse former owner of NYC Farm Chic Flowers, crafted hand-held bouquets for delivery, there was a constant “there has to be a better way,” voice in her mind. A better way to hydrate flower stems of hand-held bouquets other than messy paper towel or chemically based foam wrap. After years of thought, extensive research and testing, Eco Fresh Bouquet floral hydration stem sponge-wrap™ came to fruition.

    Please Visit- to learn more. | Brooklyn, NY | 718-644-2446 |

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