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    Ryan Freeman – self proclaimed marketer of the biggest floral blog? Yea right. His site looks like a 4 year old designed it. He also doesn’t know anything about flowers. I’m claiming online beef with him right now. When we converse about the industry we’re here for an exchange of insight. That shouldn’t require a subscription model…
    We’re all here to learn from each other. FlowersandCents is an tool we use expand our knowledge through industry insiders.

    The infamous #GPSOSA.

    Willie tell about this merger thing with flowerchat and florist2.0. What does it mean:(copy and paste link in your browser if you can’t click on it)



    But if he is now allowing open dialog what is your beef with him?



    Now he’s opting for open dialogue after he’s reached an incredible amount of users. That was obviously his plan the whole time. I won’t deny his method, but his intentions aren’t sound. Also, he’s made OS platform. He’s not a digital marketer because of it.

    What does everyone else think of Florist2.0?



    I should I have posted this in Flowerchat…Just seeing it now. Anyway we can move this on that thread?

    With my experience with flowerchat, users are being deceived by the commercial end of the industry. I don’t like the culture on there. Period. You do it differently Williee and our community will stay local to F&C. I don’t think you should write on there from a marketing standpoint…but that’s ultimately your decision.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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