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    I could write a book. Most of all of you know I’ve been in the flower business for about 30 years- correct? I won’t steer you wrong and I won’t make any money from this.
    A. Valentines is NOT a hallmark Holiday.
    B. Yes flowers die. But you eat food and drink beer/wine too.
    C. The internet will NOT save you money on flowers, period.
    D. Call your local florist directly, for flowers sent anywhere. The one in the town you live in.
    E. If you need a local florist, I can help. I will find you a great, high quality florist anywhere you need to send flowers. Just message me.
    F. (Costco/Meijer/Citgo/7-11) are not acceptable florists.
    That is all, carry on.
    Valentine’s Day is 11 days away!


    I recognize that……

    Good luck the next 10 days everyone.


    it was too good not to post! Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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