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    1. Job Description:
    a. Position Sales Representative
    b. Motivated and with plenty of initiative
    c. Focus on Wholesales / Retailers, Event Planners and Bouquet Business.
    d. This position offers a Based Salary + Sales Commission + Monthly Incentives.
    e. Based Salary of $65,000 + Sales Commission + Monthly Incentives + Health Insurance
    f. This person needs to be active working in the flower industry at least for the past three years.
    2. This is what Legacy Flowers can offer to these new candidate:
    a. Three Partners who are active and have long experience in the industry.
    i. Legacy Flowers – Elite Group – Ecoplants
    b. Through our partnerships we have access to 800 Hectares in production as follows:
    i. Elite Group – 750 Hectares
    ii. Flores Prisma – 20 Hectares
    iii. Gutimilko – 30 Hectares
    c. You will be working close to the General Manager of Legacy Flowers who is Julian Jaramillo with this experience:
    i. 15 Years of Experience in Procurement
    ii. Handling relationship with more than 60 Third Party Vendors in addition of our Partnership production
    iii. Developing Mass Market Program
    d. Legacy Flowers offers you that most of your customers are not taken by any other sales rep considering that the company has a small sales department.
    e. We are partners of Elite Flower Group and Legacy operates in their facility using their consolidation, have access to their distribution center in California, Chicago, New Jersey and Dallas.
    f. Visit Our New Web Page – I invite you to look our renew Web Page where you can observe our different portfolio of products, company vision and news. Please visit us at http://www.legacyflowers.net
    g. Online Purchases – I invite you to get into our Web Page and use our Shopping Cart in order purchase flowers On Line from our real inventory in Miami at any time. Please either click here http://www.legacyflowers.net/index.php/shopping-cartin or Visit our Web Page and go to the Shopping Cart Section and have access to our live inventory.
    h. Enjoy Our New Partnership with Elite Group which is a company with more than 750 hectares in production in South America of several flowers as follows: Roses, Spray Roses, Garden Roses, Mixed Bouquets, Rose Bouquets, Carnation, Alstroemeria, Gerbers, Pompons, Matsumoto, Dianthus, Stock & other Fillers.

    I’m looking to hire this person ASAP so if you are interested please contact me at: 786-412-4440 or e-mail at jjaramillo@legacyflowers.net



    I can tell you one thing about Legacy, I know this for a fact, Legacy is famous for hiring you for an agreed salary and then when you start, the owner will say , “you know, I’m so sorry but I am not in a position to pay you what I told you, but I promise, in 3 months, I will bring you up to the agreed salary and make everything retroactive.” 3 months passed and the same song and dance. the agreed salary was never paid. I wouldn’t work there for a hundred grand a year and 50% of the room.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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