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    As many of you may know, Memorial Day Flowers at Arlington National Cemetery  has turned into a very large “flower event” over the past 9 years.  This is the fourth year that CalFlowers has been a sponsor of this important project.  Holland America Flowers are again contributing bouquets this year so that all T.A.P.S. children will be able to honor their parents. West Coast cemeteries will be supplied with mostly Californian flowers. 

    Due to high Mother’s Day demand and significantly increased demand for flowers around Memorial Day around the country, the anticipated supply of more than 200,000 roses from Colombia and Ecuador for Arlington Nat’l Cemetery has fallen short. Another 150,000 stems have been committed to 45 other national cemeteries around the country, along with more than 120 “Memorial Day Kits” to florists, Sea Cadet, Young Marines groups around the country — Arlington National Cemetery is now looking at around 70,000 flowers for this coming weekend. Memorial Day Flowers is named for “flowers” not “roses”.

    While 70,000 might seem like a high number, it’s only one third what we had at Arlington last year; the number of volunteers this year to place those stems on headstones will grow to almost 2,000.

    The media coverage for the event is strong. Here’s an example from NBC Washington:

    Our Ask

    If you can send a quantity of any “sturdy-stemmed” flower (e.g., lilies, gerbs, sunflowers, noms, etc.) to the Armelini dock in Oxnard for this Wednesday May 22nd shipment, we have a commitment from Armelini to get them to Arlington National Cemetery by Saturday morning to be used for the Sunday flower placement.  See shipping instructions below!

    Also, if you send a quantity to Arlington for this purpose, please let Chris Johnson and Michael LoBue know what flowers you’re sending and the quantity.  We will make sure your farm receives recognition for your contributions.  This is a tremendous opportunity to positions flowers of all kinds and from multiple sources at a very visible demonstration of how flowers enhance what people care about.

    We understand this is last minute and if you don’t have anything in stock — well, you don’t have it.    Remember our theme:

    More Americans, enjoying more flowers, more often!

    Also, if you’d like, you can receive a letter from the Memorial Day Flower Foundation recognizing the value of your flower donation as a tax deductible contribution.  Let  Michael LoBue know, and he’ll connect you with the Foundation to receive that letter.

    Shipping Instructions

    If you are a “Out-of California-State” member of CalFlowers and would like to participate please contact Perhaps there is a local cemetery where the ceremony attendees would appreciate receiving your flowers in order to honor those who have served our country.

    First off, we’d like to thank and recognize Armelini shipping for donating the shipment of flowers (from Miami and California) to Arlington National Cemetery!  

    Carrier:        Armellini Express Lines

    Ship Day:    Wednesday, May 22nd  (Tuesday May 21st for Northern CA)

    Labeling:     Memorial Day Flowers  

    Account:      #F012230

                       Memorial Day Flowers Donations

    Containers:  Water packs if possible                     

    If possible, try to separate them from your normal load to make it easier for Armellini.

    Thank you,

    CalFlowers Staff

    Ramiro Peñaherrera
    The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation

    Office                    202 341.7482



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