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    Since no one seems to be reading the blog I am posting this here seeking some response.

    Valentine’s update for Monday 2-10

    I polled some importers and below is what they had to say. I am hoping to get some wholesaler reaction to report on as we count down the hours.


    *Prebooks and Open Market orders were going out in such large volume that most trucking companies couldn’t handle the volume.
    We worked very hard over the weekend, and make some significant improvement in our inventory. Most of our sales staff, even accounting staff were in the cooler, putting labels, scanning boxes and making sure boxes go out.

    So, the typical flower holiday pattern remains same. It is all about 3-5 days of main shipping period, unlike it used to be stretched out longer over 10-14 days. If you have what the market demands during those 3-5 days, and your operations can handle the logistics, then, you can make some good money. If you speculated and paid big money for the flowers and the airlines are 3 days behind and you miss that shipping window, then you are left with money out of your pockets.

    Also, as I firmly expected, Premium Ecuadorian roses held it’s value, even if we had to upcharge them by 0.06-0.10 due to the import duty and high import freight. Customers will pay the money to get those high-end varieties, rather than settle for less desirable Colombian colors. I also believe this was the first main flower holiday where all airlines charged the importers based on dimensional weight, and for those who import mega size Russian boxes now realize they don’t necessarily have to pack 400 stem in a box.

    *Today is difficult, most customers are still just getting their flowers. Now is the time we should be re-loading them and due to delays out of Colombia many of them are just getting their flowers for the first time. It is hard to sell flowers to someone that cannot fit another box in the cooler.


    *Today is a fill in day for our customers. They have sent out the bulk of their orders and hopefully looking to generate new orders whereas they will need to purchase additional product. Prices have dropped because at this point everyone wants to rid themselves of holiday product/price. I am happy to report we have been extremely efficient this holiday with zero shipping problems. It has been active here this morning which is always a good sign.

    *Very sloppy market


    *Over all this has been an “up” holiday.

    Concerns over weather and snow are up
    Problems with lift out of Colombia are up
    Stress levels for customers has been up
    Sales are up
    Prebooks were up
    The number of customers we had to sell to get to our goal is up
    The morale of our people has been up


    I must say that this Valentines season has been as difficult of a challenge logistically due to the weather nationwide as any I can recall – there have been years with worse conditions in a specific area of the country, I remember a blizzard in the Northeast maybe 6-7 years ago where delivery trucks were parked for days, guys taking gas cans and carrying them to the station to get more fuel – but country-wide this year has really been a tough one.
    We’ve had trucks sit in the Rockies waiting for passable conditions – 1 sat for 2 days last weekend, delivery trouble in GA-SC the last few days, now it’s in the Northeast. Terrible cold and snow in the Midwest for a long time now.
    It sure ain’t been easy.
    I just wish it would get nice everywhere today so people will get out and buy flowers.


    Yes I am really holding back on reporting what I am afraid is the reality of Valentines 2014. This will be a disaster for many in the NE as they are simple out of time to make this all happen. I was laying in bed this am thinking that they only hope for some is the make the best of this situation and make Monday V-day instead. You have the flowers and I imagine there is a demand if you can get the flowers there……

    Please feel free to vent here.

    Good luck.


    I truly feel for my florist brothers and sisters dealing with the rough weather. I’m thankful to be in a warm-weather state. Our holiday has been good, with walk-in business today really humming. I feel a bit guilty because we probably benefited from the bad weather in other areas, in the form of ample availability and lower prices.


    My wife and I owned a flower market in St Louis many years ago when a similar storm hit on Valentines Day. Deliveries could not be made and customers could not drive on the icy roads. Very few customers on the 15th. Total disaster! I feel for the florists in the storm areas! The good news is that spring is coming. Hang in there!


    Just plain sad…

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