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Hurricane Harvey News

Hurricane Harvey News

This storm will affect us all in someway so I will try to post florist related news as I can find it and I invite others to post here or send me news



  • WillieeArmellini

    Dear CalFlowers Members,
    I will remember Friday, September 1st, for years to come as one of my proudest days as your CEO – indeed one the my most satisfying days as a professional association manager. On Friday at 11:22 a.m. Pacific Time a motion was sent to the CalFlowers board requesting approval to donate $10,000 to the special florist relief fund set up by the Texas State Florists Association (TSFA). Just before 5:00 p.m. Pacific the final ballot was received, unanimously approve this donation.
    It wasn’t a knee-jerk vote. The board had been debating what to do since Tuesday morning. A variety of suggestions were put forth. I forget who suggested contacting TFSA to learn if they had any ideas. Indeed, they did – they were feverishly working with the AIFD Foundation to provide the charitable mechanism to take donations. The AIFD Foundation is providing technical assistance to TSFA to not only receive donations, but accept grant applications from our floral industry colleagues in southeastern Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.
    In my view, the CalFlowers board responded promptly with their support because the very structure of the AIFD Fund is consistent with the Association’s strategy to collaborate and build bridges to help more Americans enjoy more flowers more often. Let’s face it – everyone in the Houston area has more basic needs to meet right now than fresh flowers. However, can you think of a more suitable symbol that life is back to normal than having an abundance of fresh flowers in homes, shelters, work places, schools, etc? Since “flowers is what we all do”, what better way to support those impacted by this disaster than to help rebuild the floral industry in the affected area?
    So, if you’re feeling a sense of helplessness, and can’t take time to join rescue efforts, consider making a donation to the Hurricane Harvey Florist Fund, or Red Cross, or Houston Food Bank…make a donation – you’ll be helping those in need and you’ll feel better too!
    Warm regards,
    Michael LoBue, CAE
    Chief Executive Officer

  • For those without Facebook:

    Texas State Florists’ Association
    9 hrs ·
    The AIFD Foundation, working in concert with Texas State Florists’ Association, has established the Hurricane Harvey Florist Fund. 100% of your tax deductible donation will help rebuild the floral industry in Texas.

  • WillieeArmellini

    rosaprima jumps into action

    International Headquarters
    175 SW 7th Street, Suite 2301
    Miami, FL 33130
    t: 1 (305) 644 – 8459
    t: 1 (866) 97-PRIMA
    f: 1 (786) 409 – 6330

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