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Source: Floriculture Magazine

As the curtain of the 4th edition of the International Floriculture Trade Expo (IFTEX) 2015 opens from 3rd to 5th June, there will be no room for any shortcoming that may hamper its success. All minds and hands that know what it entails have been up and down trying to put different pieces together to make what can be seen as the true spirit of the regional horticultural industry.

The event, since its inception in 2012 has continued to aggressively spread its tentacles world over, luring to its importance the most reputed and less comparable companies in various businesses of sorts.

The beginning of the event concept wasn’t such humble though the humidity and value that is endowed in the event itself reflects a totally different picture. Good institutional organization, positive projection and a solemn consideration of participants’ interests.

According to the organizers, the tussle process of liaising with potential exhibitors and buyers is becoming less hectic due to the consideration that people have absorbed the IFTEX concept and can no longer be enticed in order to participate in it. Instead they prepare in time and consider how best they can make the best out of the entire event. Most of the exhibitors have participated previously and know pretty well what is entailed in the process.

Thanks to HPP Exhibitions who have tirelessly worked all round to have the horticultural fraternity exhibit their products and highlight their best practices. They have expanded their scope by adding more space to accommodate more exhibitors. Good enough the small scale growers will not be left behind since they will have a chance to market their products. This show grows bigger and better every year making record as the fastest growing event in the history of international flower trade fairs, attracting flower growers from even other continents to exhibit. As HPP spokesman Jasper van Dijk put it It is like a tornado, the show has a fresh face at every turn, there is no telling where it is heading but what is clear, is its phenomenal growth towards a world class trade exhibition. One mission of bringing the world to source flowers in the country where they are grown have been achieved indeed.

But is it all that HPP Exhibitions’ vision encompasses? Not really. The organization’s President, Dick Van Raamsdonk takes this as a good of a prospective future for such events and firmly holds that IFTEX has grown and will stop at nothing to make sure it satisfy the exhibitors and the visitors.

Exploring the rapid growth of the horticultural industry reveals more than meets the eye. For example, in the next one year additional 200 ha of new roses are projected. This brings in an estimated 200 million dollars’ worth of investment within this vast area. If this is anything to go by then HPP Exhibitions is not yet done with its target.

The government, in this respect, has to swallow a bitter pill for its lassitude to expand with the new developments. The ministries of East Arican Community, Commerce and Tourism as well as foreign Affairs and International Trade haven’t looked beyond to tap this potential. Soon hordes and hordes of investors will be on a clear road to the regional destinations if they don’t act fast enough to develop infrastructures for international Exhibitions.

Fast growth

Notwithstanding a few hitches that have almost docked many investment sectors, the horticulture one of the fast lane included.

Exports have been fairly well with a corresponding number of new investors in the sector: Of course a few shortcomings such as insecurity, poor infrastructure, devolution and inappropriate Information Technology (IT) policies among others have been a hindrance to the vibrancy of the sector. Where insecurity has been rife, economic performance has forcefully gone down and this affects every other sector in the country, horticulture included.

At least 500,000 people derive their livelihood from the sector through employment. With this in consideration, everything possible has to be done to save the sector. The current challenge that niggles the minds of exporters to the European Union Market is the issue of renewed, stricter standards. The phytosanitary regulations set up may not be quite friendly to the exporters but fortunately, the inspection regimes set by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service may save the day.

IFTEX show is highly rated because of its uniqueness. No other event in the region is better organized and quite a practical trade tool to pull together horticultural sector stakeholders. Unlike other events conceived like the fair, IFTEX is an archetypical business platform that attracts business minded personalities and groups. It does not serve any other purpose other than developing formidable business axons between growers and buyers. No wonder there has been constant increase rather than decline in the number of participants.

Over 5,000 visitors are expected to visit the stands this year. Key among them are buyers from EU, Russia, USA, Middle and Far East, and China. In addition a entourage of dignitaries who are expected to explore newer business frontiers on which they can anchor some investment will attend. Expected are representatives from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and Tanzania which are fast developing their agricultural sectors to accede to some international rating are expected. They may with time, compliment Kenya in flower exports to the global market if their growth trend progresses stably.

The show is unique with contrast to other modes of advertising in the sense that it acts as a medium that allows participants to meet a full understanding of the products and services they interests on. In fact this is the bar-line for exhibitions. They are practical tools for trade where participants have time to exhibit and be able to negotiate at the same time. This isn’t the case for the common forms of the media where one only advertises and impatiently waits for feedback. One may not assess the true position of their clientele with reference to products and services. That is why IFTEX attracts many investors who come not just to explore what is there but also to garb new markets.

The timing is also convenient whereby one has enough time to design methods of presenting his or her products.


Organizing fairs like IFTEX has never been easy especially in the Kenya context. It demands for total understanding of the trends characterizing the industry that one targets and at the same time assessing the two-way benefits that can be hatched out for the exhibitors.

Exhibitors from different agricultural fields will be on show. Mainly will be growers and buyers. In addition, cooling systems, air-condition and refrigeration will be represented. Flower auction, cargo & freight and government institutions will also be represented.

Farming aid will be exhibited through fertilizers and Agrochemicals, green houses, breeders and propagators. Farming equipment will boast of irrigation technologies, machinery and equipment. Notably post-harvest treatment, packaging materials and machinery and weighing systems are on show. Others include financiers and security systems.

Why Attend

Past experience indicates that participation in international trade fairs has now, more than ever before, given the industry a boost with more private sector involvement. For the horticultural exporters the benefits of the trade fair are mainly exposure and challenges. The industry which is still growing fast gets exposed to new technologies from the world’s leading exporters and growers. It is a great challenge to the growers to try and measure up to their standards.















1AAA RosesKenyaD3.06
2Aberdare (Tegmak Blooms)KenyaG1.05
3Abu Zarara HortiexportKenyaG3.14
5Afriscan KenyaKenyaG2.17
6Agrichem AfricaKenyaG4.23
8Air ConnectionKenyaB1.17
9Alani GardensKenyaB3.01
10Amiran Kenya Ltd.KenyaD3.08
12Aquila FlowersKenyaC3.12
13Arysta Life ScienceKenyaG2.05
14Asthor AgricolaSpainD5.21
15Baraka RosesKenyaC3.04
16Batian Flowers Ltd.KenyaB3.17
17Beauty LineKenyaF3.08
18Benev FloraKenyaG3.19
19Big FlowersKenyaB3.17
20Bio Crop Care Ltd.KenyaB4.08
21Black Tulip GroupKenyaE3.01
22Bliss Flora LimitedKenyaD5.08
23Blooming Africa Ltd.KenyaD3.02
25Bosman Van ZaalHollandB1.01
26Branan Flowers Ltd.KenyaD1.18
27Buds & Blooms Ltd.KenyaD5.08
28Caly Flora Ltd.KenyaG2.13
29Carton Manufacturers Ltd.KenyaF2.03
30Celtic CoolingHollandC3.07
31Charly Fresh ProduceKenyaG1.15
32Chase BankKenyaC3.10
33Chrysal Africa Ltd.KenyaC2.05
35Continental BreedingSpainB5.02
36Credible BloomsKenyaB2.18
37Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd.KenyaF3.12
38Danziger “Dan” Flower FarmIsraelD5.12
39De Ruiter East Africa (DREA) Ltd.KenyaB4.12
40Dilpack Kenya Ltd.KenyaD2.18
41DLV PlantHollandF2.18
43Dümmen OrangeHollandB5.21, B4.18
44Dutch Flower GroupHollandD2.12
45East African GrowersKenyaA2.14
46Elgon Kenya Ltd.KenyaD4.12
47Elpis FarmsKenyaF2.01
48Esmeralda BreedingHollandB4.08
49Ethio Agri-CEFTEthiopiaF3.10
50Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters AssociationEthiopiaF3.09
51Exotic (Tegmak Blooms)KenyaG2.03
52Fairtrade AfricaGermanyD2.08
53Fairtrade InternationalGermanyD2.17
54Fantasy FloraKenyaG2.19
57Flora BeneKenyaG2.08
58Flora DelightKenyaF2.12
61Floriculture MagazineKenyaG2.14
63Flower Optimal-Connection B.VHollandB3.18
64Flower Vendors AssociationKenyaG1.18
67Food World MediaKenyaG3.23
68G. North & Son Ltd.KenyaD5.06
69Geerlofs RefrigerationHollandD1.08
70Geta (Tegmak Blooms)KenyaG1.01
71Greenlife Crop Protection Africa Ltd.KenyaB2.08
73Grupo MSCSpainF2.08
74Hansa FlowersKenyaD4.17
75Harvest FlowersKenyaD3.17
77Hermes OrchidsTaiwanF3.11
78Holland Business LoungeHollandB3.09
79Hoogendoorn Growth ManagementHollandB1.01
80Hortilink (K) Ltd.KenyaB2.17
82Hortipro LimitedKenyaF2.19
83Hortus Supplies International B.V.HollandB4.08
85Ileri Plastic San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.TurkeyF1.10
86Interplant RosesHollandB3.12
88Irrico InternationalKenyaE1.06
89Isinya RosesKenyaB4.02
90Jamafa Machinery BVHollandG4.14
91Javva GreenKenyaD2.06
92Jumbo ChemKenyaF1.06
93Kagongo (Tegmak Blooms)KenyaG1.07
94Karen RosesKenyaA2.18
95Kenya Flower CouncilKenyaC1.04
97Kilimo Faida GrowersKenyaG1.16
98Kimman Roses Ltd.KenyaD1.01
99Koenpack Manipal LimitedKenyaG3.02
100Koppert Biological Systems (K) Ltd.HollandB5.05
101Kordes RosesGermanyB2.02
102Kreative Roses Ltd.KenyaB2.02
103Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.KenyaD1.12
104Lakshmi GroupKenyaD2.01
105Land-Mark FloristsKenyaG2.15
106Leekem Holdings Ltd.KenyaD5.19
108Lufthansa CargoGermanyD2.17
109Magnate FlowersKenyaG3.20
110MeeGaa SubstratesHollandB5.04
111Meilland InternationalFranceD3.12
112Milele FlowersKenyaG2.23
113Mosi Flowers Ltd.KenyaD1.19
114Mount Kenya AlstroemeriaKenyaF2.20
116Mukungi (Tegmak Blooms)KenyaG1.03
117Munyu GrowersKenyaG3.24
118Mzurrie FlowersKenyaC1.12
120Naivasha HortifairKenyaG3.03
121New Day FlowersKenyaG2.21
122NIRP East Africa Ltd.KenyaB1.08
123Novixa International Ltd.KenyaG3.04
124Oasis FloralifeKenyaB5.12
125Oboya Africa Ltd.ChinaB2.16
126Ocean AgricultureKenyaC3.09
127Olij Breeding bvHollandB2.12
129Omni AgriculturalEthiopiaA2.22
130Oserian DevelopmentKenyaC1.07
131P.J. DaveKenyaB3.08
132Panda FlowersKenyaC1.10
133Panocal International Ltd.KenyaC2.02
134Pépinières et Roseraies Georges Delbard SASFranceB3.22
135Potveer bvHollandC1.02
136Preesman HBV Kenya Ltd.KenyaB4.01
137Primarosa FlowersKenyaD4.06
139Ramco PlexusKenyaA2.02
140Red Lands Roses Ltd.KenyaB1.18
141Richel GroupFranceE1.06
143Rosebunk InternationalKenyaG3.25
144Rosepath Petals Ltd. – Hortanzia Ltd.KenyaG3.17
145Roseto LimitedKenyaA2.08
146Roshanara Roses PLCEthiopiaA2.22
147SAFECSouth AfricaF1.14
148Sanpac Africa (FPS)KenyaB5.12
149Schreurs East Africa Ltd.KenyaB2.01
150Select Breeding B.V.HollandD3.01
151Sepas PlastikTurkeyF2.11
152SGS Kenya LimitedKenyaG1.22
153Sian RosesKenyaC3.05
155Simbi RosesKenyaD1.06
156Sineria Holland BVHollandD3.21
157Soleil Global KenyaKenyaG3.12
158Spek RozenHollandB1.12, B2.12
159Stokman Rozen Kenya Ltd.KenyaC1.05
160Subati FlowersKenyaD4.01
161Suera Flowers LimitedKenyaB1.21
162Sunbuds (K) Ltd.KenyaF3.01
163Sunland RosesKenyaB4.19
164The Flower HubKenyaD3.18
165Trinog-XS (Xiamen) Greenhouse Tech Co., Ltd.ChinaD1.03
166Tripple F. AgenciesKenyaG4.16
168Tulaga (Tegmak Blooms)KenyaG2.02
169Turkish Cargo / Air Sea Logistics Ltd.KenyaE1.16
170Twiga ChemicalsKenyaF1.16
171Twin RiversKenyaG3.12
172UFO Supplies B.V.HollandB3.21
173Uhuru Flowers Ltd.KenyaB3.17
175Valentine GrowersKenyaG2.18
176Van den Berg RosesHollandB3.06
177Van Kleef KenyaKenyaB3.01
178Vatan Plastik San. Tic. As.TurkeyE2.06
180Vifra Srl.ItalyE2.16
181VP FloricultureKenyaE2.10
182Vural PlastikTurkeyF3.14
183WAC InternationalKenyaD2.21
184WAFEXAustraliaMeeting Room
185Waridi CreationsKenyaG3.13
186Waridi FarmsKenyaC2.10
187Wildfire FlowersKenyaD1.21
188Zena Roses LimitedKenyaB5.01



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