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Mothers Day in America 2015

Mothers Day in America 2015


On Mother’s Day in America many Mothers will be receiving flowers from some loved one or maybe even buying them for themselves.

The process to get them there alive and beautiful is work of hundreds or even thousands of workers from many parts of the world. To get here the flowers must first be:

selected, grown, harvested, processed, sold, packed, shipped, reshipped, likely reshipped a few more times, bought and sold a few more times, unpacked, reprocessed, arranged and finally delivered to Mother.

As I compose this message this floral process is well underway so I reached out to a few friends in the business to find out how Mothers Day 2015 was shaping up.

One of my first calls was to TIm Dewey of the Delaware Valley Floral Group of Sewell N.J. The DVFG is one of the largest floral wholesalers in the US and their operations include many of the steps I listed above. Tim had this to say about MD;

“Mothers Day over the past 15 years has been an interesting journey.   For years Mothers Day was strong for Wholesalers and Retailers.    We all knew that demand would be incredible and that Mothers Day was mostly busy, fun and profitable.    The holiday did not have the same pressure as Valentine’s Day with one crop ( ROSES) defining success or failure for the holiday.

 At Mothers Day, we could sell many types of product in high volumes and all was good.  About 8 years ago we experienced a shock to our systems where supply exceeded demand and for the first time in recent history, Importers and Wholesalers PRE-BOOKS were undermined, because oversupply, caused the product prices to collapse towards the ends of the holiday.  I remember two years where our Mother Day costs and selling prices did not spike over normal Spring conditions and customers started to stop pre-booking for the holiday. 

Was this the end of a critical holiday for Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers?  No, thank goodness that over the past years, majorly driven by increased demand by the mass markets and overnight boxed fulfillment orders at a massive level, we have once again found market conditions where demand exceeds supply on many items. 

We know that every wire/web service features PINK. Is there enough PINK for Mothers Day?   You know the answer of course NOT, so some varietal colors become very tough to get with a very high price for acquisition.   Add to all of this are the crops that are ending right around Mothers Day shipping.  You know the two favorites, Waxflower and Tulips and this year both will be in very short supply for the holiday since the Dutch supply of tulips will end soon. 

In the production centers we hears rumors of early crops base on early shipment volumes and then what about Ecuador?   


Bottom line is that the holiday is shaping up to be a good one for all in our supply chain.  We need customers to understand that there is no certainty of oversupply and that prices crashing over an Importers and Wholesalers Prebook prices occurs a lot less than its once did.  The stem volume for the holiday is driven by Supermarkets, Big Box Stores, Overnight box flowers supplied by huge internet companies with massive advertising funds, unknown and unavailable to independent retailers and of course the traditional retail floral outlets that are fighting for market share.”


Tim Dewey – DVFLORA

I could not have said this any better so I used his whole quote and I thank Tim for putting this into perspective.

Some of my sources are a bit shy and prefer not to be quoted directly so I will just quote them anonymously: One such importer friend had this to say:

“We are very optimistic with this Mother’s Day.    Pre-orders were above previous year’s numbers, as of today, inventory in Miami getting emptied out, and next week will be very strong.

Once again, weather is playing a huge role, many crops such as Lilies, Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemum are running late.     Draught and extreme dry conditions in California caused the crops to peak early, many California products will not be around for Mother’s day.

Bouquet companies are absorbing huge quantities of product at their facilities, as orders from Supermarkets came in much higher than anticipated.   This always happens after a long harsh winter.”

Here is another Miami Importer perspective:

“We seem to be going into a typical Mother’s Day as it relates to production.  There are quite a few colors that are currently available right now that will not make it to the shipping window for the holiday.  The market will run out of flowers towards the end of the holiday.  In addition, to Mother’s Day the activity for weddings is also picking up.  I’m looking forward to a good season all the way through the 3rd week of June.”

Based on these and other comments I received it appears that beautiful flowers will be;

selected, grown, harvested, processed, sold, packed, shipped, reshipped, likely reshipped a few more times, bought and sold a few more times, unpacked, reprocessed, arranged and finally delivered in time for Mother’s Day.


Williee Armellini
Editor and CEO; Flowersandcents.com





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