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disease October 19, 2018 posted by

Impatiens Downy Mildew

The more we learn about Impatiens downy mildew (IDM), the more intriguing and cunning this disease seems. IDM came to light in 2004 after widespread infections were reported in several states throughout the US but then receded from the spotlight for several years. Since 2011, IDM has been more consistently visible and frustratingly present in […]

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bedding plants October 19, 2018 posted by


This year’s FlowerTrials® took place June 12-15 in the Westland and Aalsmeer regions in the Netherlands and the Rheinland Westfalen region in Germany. A record 60 breeding companies launched thousands of novelty pot and bedding plants and merchandising programmes and concepts. In attendance were growers (37% of total visitors) followed by import/export specialists (21%), breeders/young […]

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Cut Flowers October 19, 2018 posted by

Jet Fresh Cracking a Well-Guarded Market

When I was tasked with writing an article about a Miami based import company I started to think of all the great companies I know of that have an interesting story to tell. There are many, but one company stuck out to me mostly because they have entered a well-established business and have succeeded in […]

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Cut Flowers October 19, 2018 posted by

Mayesh Takes the Extra Step

When a floral wholesale company has been around for 80 years and is thriving, you can be certain there’s a reason. In the case of Mayesh Wholesale Florist, there are actually many reasons. The family-owned, Los Angeles-based company employees 360 full-time staff, many of them second and third generation members of the Dahlson family. Back […]

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