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Petal it forward California style

CalFlowers and members including Dramm & Echter, San Francisco Flower Mart, Kitayama Brothers, Sun Valley Floral and more supported the SAF’s October 7 Petal It Forward campaign in more than a dozen cities across the U.S. The campaign offered free bouquets to passersby with encouragement to share a bouquet to spread the joy of flowers. Retailers and florists also participated and #PetalItForward was a hit on Instagram and Facebook.

On Oct. 7, the floral industry collaborated on the Petal It Forward campaign spearheaded by SAF. Florists, wholesalers, retailers and growers, including CalFlowers and its members, handed out thousands of free bouquets on streets and transit stations in more than a dozen cities. Recipients were asked to “Petal It Forward” by giving one of two bouquets to someone special or even a stranger who could use a smile.

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