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See the World In Flowers

What’s not to love about flowers? They’re beautiful, fragrant, colourful and varied, and gifting them as tokens of love, friendship, sympathy or gratitude is a time-honoured tradition in many cultures. 

Legend has it that the ancient Egyptians were the first to arrange flowers in bouquets and place them in vases as decorations more than 4,500 years ago. Today, the practice is as popular as ever, with people around the world sending more flowers to friends abroad than any other gift! And with the advent of the internet, international flower delivery companies like FloraQueen are busy shipping the beautiful buds across national borders.

 So what can inter-country flower spending and sending habits tell us about the state of international relations? According to the research below, people in the UK send more flowers than anyone else in Europe, with the priciest bouquets going to their Swiss and Australian counterparts. But they receive the most from the U.S. – and while no one is gifted more flowers than the Spanish, they don’t seem to be returning the favour.

 FloraQueen - See The World In Flowers - FINAL - 22.01.2015 - v1But perhaps Britons are just especially crazy about flowers! They can’t deny having a penchant for expensive and exclusive designer creations, such as the £3 million Juliet Rose, which took 15 long years to create before being unveiled in the UK at the 2010 Chelsea Flower Show. And just have a look at the jaw-dropping budget for Will and Kate’s wedding florals! 

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