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Sun Valley Celebrates International Women’s Day with a Flower Giveaway

Outside some of the highest traffic spots in Manhattan, such as Penn Station, Grand Central Station and Union Square teams of people are giving out free tulips this morning. This is leading to a much more festive rush hour than usual in New York City.

10,000 tulips are being given away by 1-800 in honor of International Women’s Day which is celebrated tomorrow Saturday, March 8th. 1-800 has partnered with The Sun Valley Floral Farm based in Arcata, California to give away the flowers to help spread awareness ofInternational Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is about inspiring change and building on the advances woman have made toward equal rights and equal opportunities in our society. Traditionally celebrated on March 8th, Women’s Day was started in the United States in 1909; it soon traveled around the globe and became International Women’s Day. According to the International Women’s Day website, this year’s theme is “Inspiring Change”.

Julie McCann, Senior Vice President of Product Development at 1-800 says,

“As an organization we are thrilled to honor all women on this great day, and what better place to celebrate than New York City? International Women’s Day really resonates with me, as just in my lifetime I have seen amazing advancements for women in our society. There’s still work to do, but I really believe taking a moment to look back at our accomplishments and forward to our goals is very important.”

California grown tulips were selected as the flower of choice since they are the classic spring flower, and although the east coast has been battered with winter storms this year, spring is just around the corner.

Reached for comment, Lane DeVries the CEO of the Sun Valley Floral Farm said,

“Since Women’s Day was started in the United States over a century ago, we thought giving away flowers grown on American soil was a perfect match. For me, giving flowers to the women in my life on Women’s Day is a very special way to show that I respect and honor all women.”


International Women’s Day is celebrated around the globe on Saturday, March 8th.



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    I think this is fabulous and my hat is off to Mr McCann and Lane DeVries for pulling this off.

    Sure there is business twist to the give away but why not they are in business and hope to get more from it. Woman’s Day is one that has yet to take off in the US. But this might help!

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