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TPIE Convention 2015

All about Color

TPIE 2015

Once again I traveled to visit the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale. For me this is just a short road trip up the highway but for many it is a long journey and as well a great reason to be in Florida in January.  The Dutch and the Canadians, as always, are well represented, even if most of the Canadians are of Dutch origin.

Many people ask me as I wonder the halls what I see new. Last year I wrote that Orchids were the item that stood out. While there were many showing orchids this year as well, I declare that this show was about color. It is amazing to see the wide variety of colors that plants can be infused, dipped, sprayed or stem dyed into. I admit I just cannot warm up to blue orchids but, with that said, I think the use of color will continue to grow even if the end result resembles some mutant creature.

Of course mutants and variants of floral species are what have given us some of our most valued flowers but where nature predicts the outcome with some help from humans. This is always a well attended show and the fact that it is held here in Florida when the rest to the floral world is downright cold surely has something to do with it.

The show is unique since it is all about foliage and while it is far from the floral world that I know well, there is much in common between the two. Logistics, packaging and product care companies are all present here so there is a lot to see and I am told that the big buyers do show up and that keeps the vendors signing up year after year.

After attending this show for many years I can see that, like floral, some of the grand booths are not so grand anymore and some of those that used to be conservative are now grand. The mood was upbeat and the aisles were busy so I think all is well in the foliage world based on this show.

William “Williee” Armellini


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