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Weakening Peso is Valentine’s Gift for Colombian Flower Growers


1 USD = 2032.52 Colombian Peso

Roses are in bloom … and this Valentine’s Day growers in Colombia are feeling the boon.

Thanks to ideal weather and economic conditions, this may be the best February the industry has seen in years.

Alvaro Camacho of Elite Flowers credits the weakening Colombian peso with a 10 percent jump in sales.

Alvaro Camacho, Logistics Manager at Elite Flowers, saying:
“Expectations this year starting with Valentine’s Day are very good. As we know Valentine’s Day generates 30 percent of sales for a flower growing company in only two weeks and all the conditions, both economic and climatic are in place.”

Camacho runs a farm in Facatativa that exports about 100 million stems to the United States each year.

And while it can be hard work, plantation workers say being around the blooms every day is uplifting.

Plantation worker, Mayerli Figueroa, saying:
“People (workers) arrive with their problems but they relax here. The flowers give many sensations of something, something nice, love.”

Plantation worker, Luz Miriam Lisarazo, saying:
“You see over there (abroad) how they appreciate it. You see a nice bunch here that one sees as simple , for them it has important value.”

Colombia is the second-largest exporter of flowers in the world.

Last year it exported 200,000 tonnes worth approximately $1.3 billion dollars (USD).

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