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Welcome to Hosted by William “Williee” Armellini


Flowersandcents was created in 2001 and has become the place on the Internet where floral professionals go to learn the latest news and industry buzz. I have owned and hosted the site from the start and have been joined by a growing number of industry professional that have graciously followed me and the varied discussions that take place.

With the launch of this new version that went live in Jan of 2014, wants to be the place on the web that you turn to for Floral News. Please register today so you can enjoy all that F&C has to offer. You can remain anonymous if you choose.

If you were familiar with the original Flowersandcents, we trust that you will find the new floral magazine format user friendly and much more informative than before. There will be more news options and more ad opportunities for the larger audience we are planning to attract.

Please register and I will send you important floral updates via my email news alerts. Don’t worry I will not load up your inbox with useless information.

I encourage you to participate in any discussion and invite you to post your own floral happenings or send news to and I will post for you anonymously,if you choose .

Registered users can create and reply to posts in forum or the blog area. (So far it appear most members are more comfortable posting in the forum area.

I will post more helpful hints on the site so stay tuned and thank you for your support. Enjoy!


William “Williee” Armellini


  • Looks good

  • Feel like I just landed in OZ.

    • WillieeArmellini

      that maybe close to the truth. OZ was full of hope and wonder

  • Will be informative & fun!

  • its going to take some getting used to, like a new girlfriend

  • Maybe it’s me, but not as easy to see the most recent postsor comments as it was with the old site. Maybe I am getting too old to make changes!!!

    • WillieeArmellini

      You are correct and I am working on that. Since there are two discussions areas it make is a bit more challenging.

  • Congrats, Williee – looks to be much improved!

    • WillieeArmellini

      Thanks, at least it is a real website.

  • Williee Armellini

    Yeah you were the first to find us and post! Thanks and tell your floral friends.

  • Williee Armellini

    Somebody post something so I know you are out there

  • looks great, even got me to register finally:)

    • Looks very cool. I couldn’t get in using Safari, something about the cookies and wordpress. Works fine through google chrome.

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