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Are you talking to me?

You talking to me?

If you are like me you often find yourself taking to yourself out loud. Sometimes that voice is angry, “You idiot, I can’t believe you did that”. That was me in the morning after getting my coffee and preparing to sit down to enjoy it, and then proceeding  to spill it over all over me and the dog. Ouch!

But I digress -Yes I do talk to myself more often out loud when there is no one at home to hear me since there is less judgment.  Sometimes I talk out loud knowing that the person or object I am talking about will not hear me. “I can’t believe she is wearing that”, or “are you kidding me?” when the driver in front of you is on the phone and the light is Green. Or my favorite, “Oh no not again”, as I approach the train crossing and the bells start ringing.

But my focus here is more about how you talk to yourself, not to or about others. We all have that little voice inside our heads that rarely shuts up. I imagine most, like me, have more than one voice or at least more than one version of that demanding voice. As I mentioned earlier I have an angry voice when I am scolding myself for doing something I shouldn’t be doing or have done badly.  Sometimes these voices are silent and all in your head but other times they must be heard so you allow them to tumble out of your mouth.

I also have a parental voice that reminds me more gently that I need to pay more attention or start doing the right thing. That motherly voice comes in handy driving home late at night or when you just need some encouragement, “you can do it”.  Or perhaps when your wife asks you to walk the dogs but its 100 degrees outside and you want to scream but your inner voice blurts out “Just shut up and walk the dog, getting mad will only make you look silly”. (The wife did not hear that, but you did).

A friend was having a difficult time with a relationship and asked me for some advice. I told him to listen to the little voice in his head.  My experience has always been that the little voice never lies and always offers the truth.  The problem is that we second guess the message and try to rationalize why it must be ignored. We humans are really good at this diversionary tactic and use our large brains to justify are decisions, even when we know they are wrong. Our hearts and emotions have their own powerful voices as well and only if we listen closely can we hear the voice of reason.

My best out loud tantrums come from frustration and the inability to get something done.  As a person who enjoys making and fixing things I am often challenged by the simplest of tasks leading to many, often comical, statements. Yes there are times when tools go flying across the room as I struggle to put a tiny nut on hidden bolt I cannot see.  I realize that this behavior is childish and screaming at it will not make it better, however, screaming and cursing do provide some tension release.

Usually I end up laughing at myself and the silly behavior and turmoil caused over a silly nut and bolt or whatever was challenging me. I have discovered that part of my problem is getting older so my once perfect eyesight is now not so perfect making that nut and bolt marriage more difficult than in the past. And my fingers are not as limber or agile either so more voices will be heard but will they be the ones coming from inside my head or said out loud for me to hear?

I am just not sure which one will show up!

PS: If you are wondering what this article has to do with floral. Its about humans and as floral people we all qualify.


Thanks for reading.

Williee Armellini


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