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Mothers Day Update

Mothers Day Update

Speaking with growers from Colombia, Ecuador and California it appears that much like Valentine’s Day the crop is not early, but not late either.  Demand is strong in Miami and at wholesale level due to the scarcity of “in demand” products like high end color roses. This is a perfect start for a good looking holiday. No rotated products and no glut to put pressure on prices.

Of course everyone would love to have a better inventory right now to take advantage of the good prices but as we know if you have ample products most others do as well. The only product not in high demand are red roses.

Mothers Day is not much more forgiving than Valentines since the focus is not solely on Roses.

The weather has been a big challenge in North and South America so production has been challenging to predict. Africa and Mexico have been filling some orders as they have not had some of the same extreme weather issues and are eager to serve the North American market.

Mass Markets and online vendors are in full swing as you read this and their demand also helps to keep the inventories clean and prices steady.

A quick check on logistics and we find that the flowers are growing,  planes are flying, trucks are trucking, and all we need are customers to start buying.

In summary this will be a great holiday for the companies that pay their bills and are well positioned with their suppliers. The in demand flowers will end up in the hands of those willing to pay the price. I think this will be a good one. Good luck.

Williee Armellini





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    It appears that the crop has come in and your assessment is likely correct. Let’s hope the frenzy will resume

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    This is good news but also confusing. The past few weeks had been very strong price wise. After Labor Day, all seemed to have stalled a little. Even though there aren’t too many Roses around (Except Red), the price level and the demand for colors is not behaving accordingly. Is it possible last week holiday too much volume reached the market and it is being cleared as we speak and demand will go back to “Frenzy” from here to the 8th?


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