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2016 Floral industry in review

So we near the ending of another year which makes it a good time to look back and see what happened.

  • The Delaware Valley Group, Kennicott, and Mayesh have all extended their territory by acquiring “certain” assets of their competitors.
  • RosaPrima’s Black Pearl rose wins awards at several industry events.
  • The show tour which included SAF in Maui, IFE in Chicago, Agriflor in Quito, Wffsa in Miami and IFTF in Holland were excellent shows with good attendance.
  •  More and more online companies enter the marketplace offering Bouquets, arrangements and all thing floral.
  • The Mass Markets continue to dominate the floral industry with more and more offerings.
  • Florist begin to use Uber to deliver flowers.
  • Amazon soon will drop packages at your door with a drone.
  • Colombians sign a peace deal with the FRAC, which will be good for that Country.
  • Peter Ulrich one of the industry pioneers of Esmeralda fame died suddenly and shortly after his farm in Ethiopia was damaged by local tribesmen angry over land disputes. Subsequently, Esmeralda closes its offices in Aalsmeer, Holland.
  • Greenleaf wholesale closes 4 stores.
  • Florist Review Magazine gets sold to Wildflower Media owned by Travis Rigby a floral personality who also owns Flowerbox.
  • Hurricane Mathew ponds the fern industry in Central Florida. The storm ripped up lots of the shade houses and there is little shade material to be found to repair them.
  • The farm to table and locally grown flower movement has been gaining ground all over and continues to develop.
  • Growers all over the Western world are eyeing cannabis as a potential alternative to growing flowers.
  • Women’s Day gets more attention in the US then ever before.
  • Boston Flower Market gets sold.
  • Colombian peso stays at or above 3000 to the Dollar for the whole year and that is life blood for growers.
  • The English decide to pull out of the EU leaving many questions about the affect on the floral industry.
  • Finally, Donald Trump, a most unlikely pick for a US President, gets elected.
  • And the Chicago CUBS win the World Series after 108 years.

Of course lots more happened in 2016 but we cannot change the past, only look back and hope that the lessons learned will be an asset in 2017.

From all of us here at we wish you Many Happy Holidays and look forward to supplying you with the latest industry Buzzz in 2017

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