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Prince and Prince tackle Valentines trends.


Prince & Prince Reveal Consumer Floral Purchasing Trends for Valentine’s Day

January 30, 2014 (Columbus, OH). With the recent compilation of the new Prince & Prince U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey, 2014 Edition, P&P is again able to update the floral industry on consumer floral-purchasing trends for various holidays & occasions, including Valentine’s Day, an important “floral holiday” for the industry.

Almost half of U.S. floral-buying households (49%) made at least one floral purchase for Valentine’s Day in 2013, which fell on a Thursday (P&P estimates 39 million U.S. households purchased floral). However, this level of floral purchasing was down slightly from the 52% registered in the 2010 P&P survey (and in prior P&P surveys back to year 2000; see prior 2012 P&P report on Valentine’s Day at the P&P web site).

Notwithstanding, Valentine’s Day still represents the third highest incidence of consumer floral purchasing across the 24 holidays, events, and occasions measured in the P&P research. Although the number of cupids buying flowers may have been off a bit for 2013, the average dollars spent per household for Valentine’s Day 2013 increased about 9% from 2010 levels. Also on a positive note, floral purchasing for Valentine’s Day 2013 was up for younger-aged consumer segments (households under the age of 35, and those aged 35-44).

Yet, on the downside, purchasing was somewhat lower for those aged 45 and older, reversing a long-term, upward, floral-purchasing trend for “elderly romantics” registered over the past decade (see P&P’s 2012 report). On a regional basis, floral purchasing for Valentine’s Day was up in the Northeast region (compared to 2010), steady in the North Central (Midwest) and South Atlantic regions, and down in the South Central and West regions. Rural/country markets and central cities of metro areas witnessed significant declines in incidence of floral purchase for Valentine’s Day in 2013, but city/town markets (pop. of 50,000 or less) and suburbs of metro areas either maintained, or were up slightly in the incidence of floral purchase for this holiday. More salient Valentine’s Day purchasing trends are identified in the updated P&P consumer floral seminar.

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