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PMA Town Hall Meeting

Last week a team from PMA,  The Produce Marketing Association, came to Miami to address a full room of floral industry pros. The agenda was to remind folks what PMA is doing in Floral, encourage new membership for their Floral Council and to invite them to participate in their upcoming convention.

PMA Fresh Summit event held OCTOBER 17-19, 2014
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, California USA .

PMA Floral Council Members Present:

Joe Don Zetzsche, HEB, Chair of Floral Council

Kathleen Martin, Sam’s Club, Vice-chair of Floral Council

Steve Daum, Smithers-Oasis

Sam Ferrara, Passion Growers

Cindy Hanauer, Grand Central Floral

Scott Hill, USA Bouquet

PMA Staff

Tony Parassio, COO

Becky Roberts

A little history is in order. PMA has been on and off again with floral. Back in the late 80’s PMA started to get more and more request for floral vendors to participate in their large well attended conventions. The newer companies that were popping up to serve the Mass Market recognized that PMA conventions is where the big buyers were going and wanted in. As a result PMA started a Floral division that grew throughout t the 90’s until a few of the PMA employees that ran this division spun off and formed the Super Floral show. This new competing show managed to take most of the thunder out of PMA floral and the SuperFloral became the show to attend in Mass Market.

SuperFloral also ran its course and eventually was sold off to Divcom who has continued the show. However, it appears that there is still demand to attend the PMA shows where the buyers continue to show up and as a result PMA has turned up the heat and is once again actively seeking floral participation at its events.

The fact that Floral still falls under Produce at most Supermarkets makes finding that Produce manager very important and while they may not attend all floral events they tend to show up in mass at this one.

(if I have any of my facts wrong please feel free to correct me.)

Williee Armellini


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