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2011 Top 100 Floral Industry professionals

Several years ago I created and posted this list where I declared that these 100 folks had made a real difference in the Floral industry.

These were exclusively my selections based solely on my experience. (with a little help from a few friends with better memories).

The criteria that I used was that they still had to be alive and that made a difference in some way in the floral industry.

I think it is time to revise this list and I  seeking help from anyone who cares to give me suggestions. I prefer that we stick with those still on this earth otherwise the list cannot be limited to 100.

WFFSA and SAF do a good job of recognizing those current and past so I prefer to recognize the living since they are still doing it. I will gather suggestions and create new list if there are enough changes.

I welcome your  thoughts.

I will also post this in the forum since it is easier to post there.


Williee Armellni

Top 100av3

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