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9th International Flora Expo, Chandigarh(India)

Recently there was a floral show in India where there is a budding floral industry. We were lucky to have a representative there to cover the show for our readers.

Rahul Vij happens to live in Chandigarh India and was able to attend the show and file this report.

Rahul interviewed the show organizers and the results are below.

How much opportunity does floral industry has in India?

India is one of the fastest emerging markets in the floral industry. Indian market that was worth 20 crores 20 years back is now of more than 18000 corers and still rising. The floral industry in India is growing at more than 30% and with the new investors interested in jumping in this business, Indian flower market is bound to increase.

The 9th International Flora Expo was organized to give the Indian Flower Industry a boost and also provide a single platform for wholesalers, exporters, buyers and other gardening professionals to discuss new technologies, and have better networking opportunities which could help them grow their businesses and help the overall floral industry. Delegates from more than 19 countries are participating that gives Indian growers, wholesalers and importers a huge trading opportunity.



Who all are participating in this year’s Flora Expo

This year we have got the participation from different fields. We have manufacturers showcasing the new green houses, glass houses, others showcasing new types of seeding and planting machines. There are gardening professionals showcasing different sorts of gardening techniques and equipments. There are companies showcasing packaging, decoration accessories.  There are seed suppliers, breeders, wholesalers and importers and exporters. There is something to offer for everyone.

How this is different from last year’s expo ?

Last year, our venue was Delhi; Delhi has the biggest flora market of the country so our aim was to bring retailers under one roof. This year, our venue is Chandigarh, most of the flower growers of our country belong to nearby areas of Chandigarh and we hosted this year’s expo here with the aim to give these growers a chance to get directly in touch with the exporters and wholesalers and get right price for their flowers.

How is the response?

Response is very good; this year’s participation is more than what it was last year. Not only the people who are in this industry but the people who are interested in starting new businesses in this field have also shown interest this year. That is a very positive sign for Indian Flower Industry.

Since Rahul is very new to this industry I asked him the following questions regarding his experience

You are new to this business so how did you find the displays?

Displays were great, there were displays from different fields, displays from nurseries, and companies selling products like green houses for the growers; there were displays from magazines that bring the floral news from all over the world.

Everything was very organized. People sitting at the displays were very friendly and were ready to explain their products patiently even to novices like me. Apart from beautiful flowers that were there, I saw some amazing display of technology being used in this field. Then there were displays that concentrated on normal public having beautiful flower pots, vases and even hanging gardens ike stuff.

Did you find the energy in the hall positive?

Yes, it was really positive, when I entered the hall, i felt a buzz around everywhere, there were people who have come to the expo just to look at what is there for them and I don’t think any one of them would have gone disappointed. There was something for everyone and overall the hall had lots of people around enquiring about different products

What was your favorite memory from the show?

My favorite memory of the show: I loved the displays, the creativity that people had shown in their stalls with flowers, fruits, bamboos etc.  Hearts made of flowers, animals and the way organic foods were displayed, it was great.

Was the show as busy as the promoters predicted?

Yes the show was as busy as promoters predicted,  promoters did a great job advertising the event and making passes availabillity reasonaby easy for the people and as expected the show was buys, although when it started there were very few people in the first day morning but people started coming in the evening and there were lots of people on day 2.

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