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Agriflor 2016 “Cozy in Quito”

I don’t believe I have ever described a floral exhibition as “Cozy” but it was the best word I would use to describe this event and the consensus of my informal show floor poll.

Welcome to Quito Ecuador where there are beautiful mountains, lovely people and lots and lots of flowers. Roses to be specific, in sizes, shapes and colors that continue to stretch the imagination and the limits of mother nature.



Agriflor 2016 was held in a new facility within the city and while it was a much smaller venue the proximity to the hotels and the city center was well worth the change.

In past years the venue was well outside the city and inevitably a two hour bus ride from anywhere. South American cities were designed and built for horses not automobiles and certainly not for the huge buses that zip around like motorbikes.

The event went off with the normal pomp and circumstance that are a staple at these events. However, the speeches were short and the ribbon cutting commenced.


The first thing one noticed upon entering the building was the birds eye view from the second level balcony where you could survey the whole show from one vantage point. This came in handy when you wanted to locate a particular stand or person (or perhaps hide from someone.) A wonderful advantage of the smaller space since the main mission of most attending is to find something or someone.



There was a separate hall that contained the grower and breeder competitions. See results at the end:


There were many grower tours where one can get up close and personal with the farms and the farmers. I hesitate to call them simply farmers since I have found them to be more businessmen and women with a passion for growing flowers.(maybe that describes most growers of things) However, some are so advanced they are really in the science of growing and improving how and what they nurture up from the earth. Many herbal concoctions can be seen brewing in clean rooms as they tinker with their recipes to be as organic as possible.

As expected this show is always an avalanche of roses varieties old and new and one more beautiful than the next. I do not envy buyers who must gaze over the pinks, reds, green, yellows and nearly every combination in between and decide which to buy. With that said there were many other beautiful flowers on display and more and more preserved roses that I have ever seen.


Cargo, airline and logistics companies lined the upstairs and there was even a complete pallet vacuum cooler in the building.

I have the honor and  privilege to walk around the show with my camera and take images that I hope to reflect the feeling and mood of a show. As I do I get to talk to many people and many ask me what I think of the show and the word Cozy kept popping up as the halls filled with people for three long days.  As with any good flower show there were any number of stands where one could get an adult beverage starting early in the day. As well the sushi was rolling in many stands and one could nibble their way through the show.  But one highlight for me was the Cappuccino barista who made these beautiful foamy afternoon delights.


Due to size of the hall the booths/stands were less grand then in years past yet still beautiful and effective and from the reactions I heard everyone was very pleased with the turnout and the quality of the show. The hall floor was crowded and cozy by every afternoon as visitors returned from farm visits and or a late night with friends.

I report to you that Agriflor 2016 was a success with 20% more visitors compared to last year and sure to be considered one of the best shows of the decade. I hope they invite me back in two years where Dick van Raamsdonk of HPP Exhibitions tells that there will be more exhibit space next time, in the same convenient location.


While the Russian market is not the gold mine it was at one time, not so long ago the Russians are indeed still buying roses but there is an emphasis on smaller stem lengths since the prices are less and more can be packed in a box. Ecuadorean based farms continue to diversify and the North American is obvious choice.

Finally I can certainly recommend attending one of these shows and then take a day and see the sights in the beautiful old city of Quito. My personal favorite is the permanent flea market style market they have in the city center called the “Mercado Artesanal” where you can find great deals on beautiful handmade goods at a bargain price and where they expect you to haggle. And you get to use your US currency since the Ecuadorean’s do as well.

I am preparing my video picture review with many more images as you read this so stay tuned , I will be sharing it soon.

See you at wffsa in Miami. Thanks  for reading!


William “Williee” Armellini






Bronze:         Grupo Pontetresa with the variety Coral Reef – 9,25

Silver:            Rose Connection with the variety Hermosa  – 9,27

Gold:              Rosaprima with the variety Black Pearl – 9,28

Platinum:     Grupo Pontetresa with the variety Caraluna – 9,48



Bronze:         Flores del Valle / Valleflor  with Green wicky – 9,34

Silver:            Muchflowers – Flodecol with Callas, variety Pink Godess – 9,35

Gold:              Flores del Valle / Valleflor with Kalanchoe – 9,36

Platinum:     Florisol with Kalanchoe – 9,50




Bronze:         Hilsea Investments with the variety Playa Blanca – 9,37

Silver:            Hilsea Investments with the variety Brilliant Stars Hot Pink – 9,38

Gold:              Continental Breeding with the variety Mayra’s Rose Red – 9,39

Platinum:     Conectiflor with the variety Kathy –  9,40



Bronze:         Florist Holland with Gerbera Goldstrike – 9,35

Silver:            Danziger-Ecuador S.A. with Kalanchoe variety Warm Orange Meadow – 9,36

Gold:              Konst Alstroemeria with Alstroemeria variety Mermaid – 9,38

Platinum:     Konst Alstroemeria with Alstroemeria variety Dubai – 9,41







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