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Agriflor 2016 video review

There were a few more things I learned at the show in Quito that I will share with you.  First I wanted to congratulate Komet Sales for being mentioned by Peter Moran CEO of SAF as the data platform to watch during his, state of the industry, speech at SAF’s recent convention in Maui.

” a noteworthy trend to watch currently pertains to the supply chain management which is the Komet platform developed for the floral industry by people who worked in the industry. The platform supports sales, procurement, inventory management and e-commerce is beginning to gain critical mass. It began with importers, then added farms and recently some very large wholesale chains. This technology brings tremendous time management efficiency as well as streamlined communications to the entire supply chain distribution. Some people feel this may  become the standard operating platform of the future.”

I have followed this company from one person “Alex Perez” to a room full of programmers based in Medellin Colombia. For more information.

Secondly, there was some news back in May that I missed regarding Amazon buying a 20 -30% stake in Altas Air. However, as of this writing I cannot find any verification that the deal went through. If it did or does then in some way this gets Amazon one step closer to the floral industry. Atlas already flies flowers around the world as a charter airline and we know Amazon is looking at everything including floral distribution. Stay tuned.


Finally, I am happy to share my picture review from the show. Enjoy.

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