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American Grown flowers showcased in The Knot Dream Wedding arrangements

Flower farmers from across the United States are proud to be providing the flowers for the couple being honored with The Knot Dream Wedding.

The beautiful blooms and greenery for The Knot Dream Wedding arrangements were donated by flower farmers nationwide, ensuring that the floral designs for the event are American Grown, gorgeous, fresh and sustainable.

Distinctly American Grown flowers were used by floral designer Holly Chapple who created the sample floral arrangements for the upcoming wedding. Once the final floral theme and designs are selected via online voting this week, all American Grown flowers will be used for the actual arrangements created by Holly Chapple at the April 4 wedding at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C.

The American flower farms providing the flowers for The Knot Dream Wedding are:

  • From California – California Floral Greens, Dramm & Echter, Eufloria Flowers, Green Valley Floral, KitayamaBrothers, Mellano & Company, Ocean View Flowers, Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers, Sun Valley Floral Farms and Westland Orchids.
  • From Florida – Continental Floral Greens and Roseville Farms.
  • From Oregon – Oregon Coastal.
  • From Texas – Cuts of Color.
  • From Washington – Seattle Wholesale Growers Market Cooperative.

“American-grown flowers are not only beautiful, they are sustainably grown and transported and support the economies of our local communities nationwide,” said Kasey Cronquist, CEO/Ambassador of the California Cut Flower Commission which arranged the donation and delivery of the flowers.

No matter which arrangement style is selected – whimsical woodland, rustic garden party, garden glamour or spring awakening – American flower farmers are proud to be providing their flowers for happy couple, Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino, survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

American Grown flowers were also featured at a recent State Dinner at the White House.

“From the White House to a special event for a worthy couple, we’re seeing growing momentum supporting the use of flowers grown in the U.S. Much like the restaurant industry’s ‘farm-to-table’ movement, the American flower industry’s ‘field-to-vase’ approach is becoming widely accepted and understood as equally important,” Cronquist noted.

About the California Cut Flower Commission

The CCFC is a state commission, created by the state legislature to promote California-grown cut flowers and foliage. The CCFC is overseen by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and is funded by assessments on flower farms with gross sales over $500,000. There are approximately 225 flower farmers throughout the state. They produce and market approximately $273 million worth of flowers and foliage each year and have an economic impact of $10.3 billion to the state’s economy. California’s cut flower farms employ approximately 14,000 people directly.



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