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An extra ‘long’ Christmas

Red and green are typical Christmas colors and are sure to be seen everywhere during the festive season: green Christmas trees, red napkins at the dinner table, red and white striped candy canes and green Christmas wreaths. Floral decorations form an integral part of Christmas and are the icing on the cake for that truly Christmassy atmosphere.

So why not brighten up the house with simple colorful floral arrangements? After all, a beautiful Christmas arrangement only requires a minimum in materials. Cut chrysanthemum Lollipop is the ultimate unique purple flower for creating a wonderful display that adds value for everyone.

You can easily create this lengthways assembled Christmas arrangement yourself. Simply stick a few green branches upright into an artistic vase filled with properly soaked floral foam. Next, you insert the chrysanthemums closely together into the Oasis® foam. After this, you can decorate your ‘long’ Christmas arrangement with seasonal decorations, making sure that it doesn’t become too much as less is more. Spraying some glitter spray over the flowers creates a lovely finishing touch.

Lollipop is unique because it isn’t just available in purple but also in pink/white and yellow. This decorative cut chrysanthemum with its pink/white blooms with dark purple centres lends itself very well for creating a Christmas wreath. It becomes a stand-up arrangement by placing the wreath on a sturdy V-shaped vase. You can give this an extra Christmassy look by inserting decorations amongst the flowers.

Happy Christmas!

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