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NEWS January 25, 2018 posted by WillieeArmellini

Valentine’s Day 2018

Here is your Valentine’s Day reality check.  Speaking with Importers it seems that pre-books are down slightly from years past signaling that wholesale buyers assume there will be ample product…

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NEWS January 22, 2018 posted by WillieeArmellini

TPIE 2018 Fort Lauderdale review

I took a trip to the TPIE show, Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition, on Wednesday and it looks to me like the Plant business is doing just fine. I did not…

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NEWS January 21, 2018 posted by WillieeArmellini

A Prince & Prince Market Report

    Release Date: January 18th, 2018   PRINCE & PRINCE FORECAST 44 MILLION U.S. HOUSEHOLDS TO MAKE FLORAL PURCHASES FOR VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 Note: This P&P consumer floral research…

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California Floral News January 9, 2018 posted by WillieeArmellini

Flower Farm Champion

Our Flowers Our Farmers About CCFC Industry Field Notes Field Notes CCFC Names ‘2017 Flower Farm Champion’ Wednesday, November 29, 2017 | by Christina Litchfield 46 Safeway’s Crystal Hedgpeth Honored for Blue Bucket…

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COLD January 4, 2018 posted by WillieeArmellini

Cold out there!

The cold weather has affected floral transport but the wheels keep on moving. Speaking with some of the carriers it seems the biggest issue is the unusual cold and icy…

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AFE video contest December 27, 2017 posted by WillieeArmellini

Video Contest

This link will take you to the AFE 10 video finalist.   These are really well done and hard to pick just one. Check it out! http://contest.endowment.org/

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NEWS March 30, 2017 posted by WillieeArmellini


HELP US SPREAD THE MESSAGE!   Did you know that studies show flowers have health benefits, including improving emotional health and boosting seniors’ well-being?   The team at the International…

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