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Retailers January 17, 2014 posted by WillieeArmellini

A darker Valentine

While many of us are still languishing in the flabby aftermath of the festive season, convincing ourselves that simply by loudly talking about not drinking/smoking/ relentlessly eating chocolate shaped as…

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NEWS January 14, 2014 posted by WillieeArmellini

Green Flowers: A Real Bed of Roses

Who wants organic flowers? After all, nobody eats roses. True enough, but most roses are grown by workers toiling in dangerous, low-wage working conditions, require massive amounts of synthetic pesticides,…

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NEWS January 14, 2014 posted by WillieeArmellini

Bigger and better’ promises IFTEX Show 2014

NAIROBI, Kenya: The International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) now enters its third year in Nairobi, Kenya, with high expectations on both quality and quantity from the organisers, exhibitors and visitors….

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Wholesalers January 6, 2014 posted by WillieeArmellini

It’s Cold out there

Recording breaking cold hits Metro Chicago and the Midwest with sub zero temperatures ranging from -13 to -24 degrees and a wind chill factor down to -36 degrees. Many small…

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Uncategorized January 2, 2014 posted by WillieeArmellini

Reds are still Hot!

Snow in the West, snow in the East and Reds are still hot despite the heat. You can never out guess the market and while Reds are normally hot this…

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Logistics December 26, 2013 posted by WillieeArmellini

Centurion Cargo attracts new tenents

Centurion Cargo now has three major importers committed to moving into their new building. Who’s Next? 1. Sole Farms 2. Continental Farms 3. Connectaflor (formerly Esmeralda Miami) Centurion Cargo is…

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