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Big Changes at Greenleaf Wholesale

September 21, 2015
Brighton, CO & Watsonville, CA

Change at Greenleaf Inc.

Greenleaf Wholesale Florist is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Kitayama as president. Robert succeeds Scott Kitayama who has led Greenleaf for the past13 years. Scott is stepping down to pursue other interests inside and outside of Greenleaf. Robert is also the president of Kitayama Brothers in Watsonville, CA and previously spent 14 years at Greenleaf in various management positions. Robert states, “The floral industry is undergoing great change and Greenleaf is committed to keeping pace with the needs of our customers.”

In aligning with the needs of its customers, Greenleaf will deepen the relationship with its sister company, Kitayama Brothers, a 2 million sq. ft. greenhouse flower farm located in Northern California. Robert believes, “Flower buyers want to get as close to the farm as possible, we plan to provide online visibility into our farm coolers and online ordering and pickup at a local Greenleaf.” This will be possible with the installation of the new P21 ERP order and inventory system which will go live on October 12. These are just a few of the changes expected from Greenleaf over the next 12 months.

Another important announcement at Greenleaf is the recent hiring of Rob Spikol as the COO. Rob has over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of the floral industry. Rob has already implemented many improvements in store operations and Greenleaf is very pleased with his addition.

The Kitayama Group companies have been growing and distributing flowers in the USA for over 67 years. Our success has been possible through adapting to the needs of our customer and industry. Greenleaf is evolving and planning to prosper for another 67 years.

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