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Bobbi Blatchford Ecker Leaves this world.

Bobbi Blatchford Ecker Leaves this world.

If you ever met Bobbi you would never forget her. Vibrant was the best word to describe her and yet somehow that does not say enough. Always with a flower in her hair or somewhere on her body she would stand out in any room. Funny, happy, talented and witty all wrapped up in a comfortable lady many called a friend. I am indeed happy to be included in that circle.

Bobbi was a free spirit for sure and to hear her tell the tale of how she met and married her husband was clear evidence of that.

“A gentleman flew his small plane into my town and Bobbi was nearby so the man asked if she knew a girl named Mary Sweeny, and she said why do you want to see her? She is no fun, but I am”

He took her for a ride instead and they married years later.

That is the short version as I recall it. RIP my friend.


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