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Colombian flowers reach Australia by ship

While the rest of flower growers were seeking how to increase their sales in the United States and capture other markets in the Far East, Carlos Manuel Uribe wanted to go farther than his colleagues and reach the Australian market.

Uribe is the manager of Flores El Capiro, a company that cultivates and produces Chrysanthemums. He says that he discovered this market in one of the Proflora fairs, which are organized by the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (Asocolflores). The flower shipments started in October 2010. 20 per cent of the cargo is sent by air and 80 per cent by sea.

With regard to the freight cost, Uribe says that the proportion is five times more expensive than to any destination of the United States. Shipments by sea allow to save on those costs, and although this type of transportation takes much more time, the delivery times can be met thanks to the experience and knowledge of Uribe’s company on the flower export business. The flowers arrive just in time, on the dates required by the clients.

There is competition for the Australian market with producers from Malaysia and China, but this market has a very interesting characteristic: it has a high purchasing power.

Uribe also points out that behind his company other Colombian companies have reached the Australian market, but not by sea, which eventually ‘undermines’ the profits of these competitors.

Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Australia, but it is less important than in the United States.

El Capiro has surpassed 1,000 shipments, which represents more than 100 million Chrysanthemums shipped to that market. Each container can transport up to 100,000 stems of that flower.


Author: Translated by Daltry Gárate for Hortibiz

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