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Corazon vs My wife

I have threatened to test this Corazon rose for a long time and finally I drove my pick up truck on over to Equiflor to get myself some.

Equiflor, aka Home of the Rio Rose, has touted this variety for a few years now. I have told them that my beautiful German wife was really hard on roses so we should let her test them. She is great at arranging them but not so tolerant with those that don’t last or drop leaves on her table.  Roses generally do not make 7 days in our home before they are out the door.  She will not change water but will add if needed and I imagine she is not unlike most people caring for flowers at home.


So come with us on this journey and let’s see how well these do. I admit that this is a very unscientific test at best but as close to a real life floral experience as they get. Already she has challenged me by relocating them three times. She is very ADD about where things are in the house.

We did use a packet of flower food and cut them. They were all in tack and healthy when we unwrapped them and we are on day three now and they have all opened and looking good. They have a really nice fragrance and are velvety red which is very appealing.

I want to thank Equiflor for trusting me enough to do this publicly. Stay tuned.




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