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Ecuadorian flower export to recover in March

The sales of Ecuadorian flowers are expected to improve their figures during the third month of the year, after the reduction in the commercialization with the United States reported in St Valentine’s Day.

The sales forecasts to Russia are positive, according to Alejandro Martínez, president of Expoflores, who pointed out that a growth of 10% in the volume was expected in relation to the last year and that that figure is currently being surpassed.

The International Women’s Day is celebrated in March and during this month Russia boosts the flower growing sector importing 65% of the flowers from Ecuador.

Ukraine is another country that is expected to give a good reception to Ecuadorian flowers during this season in spite of its current political situation.

The United States is the main market for Ecuadorian flowers. However, the sales dropped by 14% during last St Valentine’s Day, a season in which Ecuadorian farms sell around 30% of their annual production. The flowers that did not reach the United States were eventually sold in other markets of the region, such as Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. The problem is that prices are lower in those countries.

Martínez explained that the drop was due to factors such as climate, which generated logistic problems, tariffs and competition. The loss of the ATPDEA caused that Ecuadorian flowers have to pay a 6.8% tariff compared to other countries that export on a zero tariff basis because of their trade agreements with the United States.

Last year, there was an increase in the exported volume of Ecuadorian flowers (33.7%), while the income received on account of the sales increased in 17.3% compared to 2012.

According to Proecuador, the United States is the main destination of Ecuadorian flowers with 40% by 2012, followed by Russia (25%) and Holland (9%).

12:53 – Mon 17/03/2014
Bron: La Hora / Periódico Jardinero

Author: Translated by Daltry Gárate for Hortibiz

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