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Esmeralda Farms – Connectaflor News

The personal note from Mr. Ullrich:

Dear Valued Customer and Friend,
The time has come to play more golf and we all know what that means, less work and more fun.
I have decided to prioritize my time and work on my many hobbies, growing and breeding flowers and a number of other interesting activities.  As of December 31st 2013, Esmeralda Farms Inc. will close its sales and marketing operation in Miami and I confidently pass on the baton to Connectaflor.
I look at this not as the end but rather a new chapter in what has been a very exciting journey.  I am sure you will be hearing about new and innovative developments when I come up for air.
I am pleased to announce that Jose Concepcion, who has been with Esmeralda for over 25 years in various management positions, is opening Connectaflor to carry out the sales and marketing of Esmeralda products in North America.  Along with our current staff of long time employees, Connectaflor will continue to provide you our valued customers with excellent service you have become accustomed to.
I am confident the Connectaflor team will accomplish all its ambitious goals and I am convinced that it will be a resounding success.
I would like to thank our longtime Esmeralda team for their excellent contributions over the many years and to continue to give their full support to this new endeavor.

Peter Ullrich


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