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FloraHolland average prices decreased in May

The FloraHolland average price of flowers and plants decreased five cents to €0.384 in May.

According to the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute), May 2014 was a relatively warm, wet month with a normal amount of sunshine. In comparison, May of 2013 was a gloomy month with little sunshine and lower temperatures. The Western-European Mother’s Day celebration (11 May) produced a lower turnover than in 2013, primarily due to the lower average prices achieved by most products.

Despite the favourable weather conditions in May, garden plants failed to profit. Their average price did not reach the level of 2013. Prices for house plants were somewhat higher, a fact in which the smaller supply certainly played a role. This year, the month of May had 21 auction days, as had May of 2013. The month of May closed with a drop in sales of 17.3%, with 7.2% fewer units sold than in 2013. The average price amounted to €0.384; a decrease of almost €0.05.

For most cut flowers, prices developed more negatively in comparison to May 2013, with peonies even achieving a price €0.30 lower than last year. It should be mentioned, however, that supply was up by almost 100%. Roses were practically unable to profit from the Mother’s Day sales. With 5.7% less supply, the average price dropped by €0.04. Spray Chrysanthemums, Gerberas and tulips retained their average prices and there was on average 10% less supply for these three products. The Hydrangea supply rose by 22.9%, prompting a reduction in price by almost €0.15. Cut Cymbidiums performed somewhat better than last year; an increase in stems of nearly 16% for this exclusive product ensured that the average price rose by €0.08 in comparison to 2013 to reach €1.53/branch. The cut flowers turnover for May shrunk by 15% with 4.9% fewer stems. The average price was €0.23, i.e. €0.027 less than in 2013.

FloraHolland’s supply of all the major house plants was smaller. In most cases, this resulted in a high average price. However, the most significant source of sales, Phalaenopsis, saw its price drop by €0.13 with 5% less supply. This trend was also broadly observed with Flamingo Flowers and Hydrangeas, both of which had lower volumes and prices. Potted roses, however, performed well. The average price increased by €0.14 with 15% less supply. Kalanchoes performed similarly: average price +€0.08 and supply -21%. The price of the exotic house plant Bromelia rose by €0.08 with 14% less supply. May’s house plant of the month, Calla, did not profit from the extra attention; its price dropped by €0.07 and its supply shrank by 8.6%. The house plants group closed the month with 14.8% less turnover and 16.3% fewer units sold than in May 2013. The average price was €1.929 – an increase of €0.033.

Thanks to the warm spring weather, the garden plant season has been underway for weeks now. This month’s volumes are much lower than those of May 2013. According to the pressure on prices, repeat purchases seem to be stagnating. In May, 27% fewer Geraniums were supplied and the average price dropped by €0.15. Cape Marguerites showed the largest decline, with their price dropping by €0.02. Garden Hydrangeas also performed poorly, with their average price dropping by €0.60 and their supply increasing by 9.2%. In total, garden plants sold 1.3% more with 25.3% less volume than in May of 2013. The average price was almost €1.00 – a decrease of €0.05.



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