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FloraHolland to open virtual trading centre

FloraHolland to open virtual trading centre

From clock-evolution to platform-revolution. In a nutshell, this is the direction for  The New Auctioning of Royal FloraHolland. In order to establish such a trading centre of the future, according to Director Ronald Tjeerds, three large changes are necessary.
Ronald Teerds

Ronald Teerds: “The first change on which we have to work on is to realize a 24/7 transaction platform. This results in optimal transaction possibilities and maximum support in price-setting. Besides that, there will be a national virtual morning clock in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. Then the tribunes at these locations are not necessary anymore. At the other locations some clocks will remain and can be used for a fee. We are going to a world where digitization is the standard. And of course, we are taking care of the preconditions; quality of information is more important than ever.”

Small-scale purchases continues 
“We will facilitate the growers and clients regarding the small orders. In the industry, we notice an increase in small orders and therefore a more expensive and complex logistical process for the goods that are supplied trough the clock as well as the goods that are being supplied directly. We envisage that these small-scale purchases will continue in the future. And by robotizing this process we will organize this flow more efficiently.Trading centre in virtual world 
We strive to spread the volumes in order to keep the costs low. These three steps will support us to become a trading centre in the virtual world. A place where many members and clients can join to supply their flowers to even more countries in the world. And that’s what it’s all about.


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