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Flower Power just the thing to turn your brown thumb green

Flower Power by Parrot ($59.99, various retailers)

Is your spring harvest already suffering from the erratic weather?

There are a number of little devices that can help with that. One of them is the Parrot Flower Power, a twig-shaped sensor that sits in your soil and provides real-time measurements via a Bluetooth-enabled app.

The good: This easy-to-use device keeps an eye out for soil moisture, light intensity, fertilizer and measurements of other factors needed to grow a healthy plant.

A six-month battery life and a well-designed app round out this offering, which is available for Android and iOS.

The bad: The price is steep for something that monitors one plant. If it came with a set of three, I’d feel like this was more fair.

The bottom line: Flower Power is helpful if your green thumb is nonexistent and there’s a particular plant you’d really like to keep alive and well.


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