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I am delighted to report that I will be travelling to Kenya, Africa to attend the IFTEX 2017 floral exhibition hosted by HPP. 

I have never been to that part of the world so I am excited to be able to see first hand, the state of the floral industry around the beautiful Lake Naivasha. The Kenyans have been building this industry up for fifteen plus years and they have managed to become a very important supplier to the European markets. Europe is the logical trading partner for African roses, hypericum and other products based on geography. However, the quality of the products and improved logistics make Africa now more able to compete here in the US against South America.

While there is little chance the African floral industry will become a big player here in the US anytime soon they are on the map and showing up in more shops and bouquets than ever before.

I hope to be able to add a lot more information when I return  from this excursion  and supply you with pictures and tales of my adventure.. and yes I will take a day to go on Safari!! Yeah for me!

Stay tuned and as always thanks for reading.


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